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  1. yeah i just found a website that said the McIntosh MC2102 100w x 2 vacuum tube amp is $6200 not sure if thats the msrp or real street price, but that amp has been marked off my list
  2. as stated above they will be used only for music, not home theater application, it will be a while til i do a full on home theater upgrade, and maybe when i do i will use the K-Horns or Scalas depending on what i get, i still havent decided i'm leaning towards the khorns though i dont listen to rap, or basshead music, i listen to classic rock, alternative, newwave, rock, and some punk rock (the real punk rock, not this new fake stuff) also i want the power in an amp to be there if i need it, so i'm gonna stay away from the low powered stuff i've never had any experience with vacuum tube amps but i hear lots of people use them for the Heritage Series, i would like a McIntosh Amp but i cant find prices on any of their models
  3. http://www.forum-3dcenter.org/vbulletin/showthread.php?s=&postid=1845416#post1845416
  4. I've seen more MAXTOR/QUANTUM hard drives fail than most people have even seen hard drives period. and as for SEAGATE, they are the best Hitachi Deskstar aka IBM Deskstar thoes are just as bad as the Maxtor/Quantum crap
  5. what do you guys think of running a transistor powered 70w 2 x Rotel stereo amp with the Scalas or K-Horns? edit: The 2A3s - will be an astounding 3.5 watts per channel! really? only 7 watts is enough for the k horns? how much are thoes? i want to beable to when i can crank thoes babies and let them fill the house, so i went enough power to do that
  6. i want to either get the Scalas or K-Horns for a 2 channel setup for music (not rap or basshead music), no subwoofer, what would you recommend a good 75w x 2 amplifier would be enough to power either? or should i look for something 95-100w
  7. How does the La Scala rate up against a Klipschorn when placed in a good corner?
  8. how do the La Scala's compare to the Klipschorns?
  9. looks good edit: sounds good.. no pictures
  10. amen neo amen RAP is evil evil
  11. there is a heritage dealer 34 miles from me, i'm gonna go check it out next weekend
  12. ok this is a noob question lol... but where is a place that sells Klipschorns?
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