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  1. Just a quick note - even digital connections are in some way being converted. No two TV engines do this the same way (yet). That means (to me) that you should consider side by side testing. On most all newer TVs this is becoming a non issue - most folks will have a hard time telling any difference. On some of the older sets the digital to digital was interestingly, and obviously, worse (don't ask me why...).
  2. My 2 cents - It will work. How will it sound? I would not like it. There is a 'huge' amount of center channel stuff below 700hz (Don't yell at me - I know the stated bottom of the FR for the midrange - I am talking about where the crossover starts 'melding' the LF with the HF). Until you get to a much lower frequency some of this bass is directional. That means you would be missing quite a bit of intended effect and if you did a side by side you would probably think the wooferless solution was weak and probably 'tinny'. While a subwoofer would give you some relief it would not, usually, help you on the higher LF. Again - IMHO - I have listened to similar set ups in the midst of building a speaker (usually when testing crossover work) and it just isn't a complete sound.
  3. Yo Dave - as Marvel said - Mr. Widget is a great resource (and a heck of a nice person). He will answer quickly if you visit the forum. Also - You can see if Bill Martinelli of Martinelli Sound knows the answer. He is a manufacturer of wood horns and has a good knowledge of Smith (if i remember correctly...). He can be contacted here: http://www.woodhorn.com/contact.htm It looks very much like a classic Smith. Off to ski Aspen/Snowmass for a long weekend. I owe you a call regarding tube testing - see you when I get back.
  4. Same here - I used my spamable Email addy just in case. No answers to Email.....
  5. Thats funny Hwatkins. There is a new DVD that just came out in the last year, would that be better than one of the older ones to try another for her ? What would be a good one to get her past this ? I do also listen when she is not around, so if she don't like the next one I will listen when she is not around. Well - I will be disagreeing with Meagain here - the SACD 5.1 remaster of DSOM is an amazing feat. It is meticulously structured and manages to do the unthinkable - improve on the original. On my 5 heresy setup (with SVS) I was reminded last night of why I remain enamored with this little speaker. I will listen to DSOM vinyl downstairs this evening and I am pretty sure I will come away amazed at what was done with groove and needle - it is different, not really worse. My preference will probably remain the SACD.
  6. Now that is flat out funny - thanks for the early morning giggle....
  7. What Bob said -- I chased one of these for a couple of weeks off and on. It ended up being a connection in the back of the Amp - I finally resorted to a one connection at a time deep clean. I was prepared to open the back of the Heresy (mine was from 1980) if the issue had followed the speaker on multiple connections. When I put these older speakers in my ceiling for sides I did open up the back and reworked every connection remembering the 'tail chasing' of the past problem.
  8. If the yarn is real I would agree with Bob - get this baby into the museum.
  9. Ouch - not a fan of Pink Floyd - I will be listening to the SACD of DSOM this evening just to be sure I am not influenced by this thread....
  10. Dtel, Ms. Dtel and Daughter Dtel - We were quite entertained while worrying about friend Dtel (not that I was too terribly enamored with the medical specifics that made me a bit uncomfortable - although one of my voices claims to be a doctor, but I think he picked up his degree somewhere in the Caribbean). You folks are one heck of a nice bunch and clearly a close family. Nothing but admiration, concern and giggles from this old man. Dtel - listen to the missus. She seems to have her noggin well aligned. If she tells you to plunk your butt on the couch and listen to Barry Manilow you best well do it - I am sure she has only your best interest at heart. I am so glad all is on the road to well.
  11. My friend - did you forget where you were? A simple answer is viewed here as niether practical nor probable.....
  12. OK - just to confuse things - isn't the above a description that more closely resembles a series connection? If so, we are talking a 16 ohm load. That means the amp is probably safe, but I can't talk to the sound. I see the overall efficiency of the set up decreasing, but if there is enough clean power that may not be much of an issue. If your amp has a toggle for 8 or 16 ohm that would be an easy fix.
  13. Maron - I don't want to hijack this thread, but I have a comment that may actually be a question. I have JBL 2205 reconed with 2225 paper. It is in a vented box made to spec for the JBL 2225 (with a horn cabinet using 2425 and 2404 - the networks are 3110 and 3105) - I didn't imitate any speaker - just speced and T/Sed for a specific sound (it does work for me). The comment - the jewel of the speaker (to my ear - not measured) is the bass bin. I measured some before building the box mainly to see what network tweaks I needed to make, but I never measured after (the reason is simple - I like the sound too much to be colored by actual measurements and a misguided attempt to get better measurements). The question - should I have tried to recone with 2205 paper (I had this done - not something I would do myself)? I am not sure I would care that much, the current sound from these woofers is outstanding.
  14. Uh, oh. didn't lick anything but I did sratch something if you know what I mean. What did I do now? Well - if you can lick what you scratched you have my uptmost admiration........
  15. My volume is noticably down on the Phono input - although not dramatic. Will the step up work with a moving mass cartridge vs. a moving coil? if it is for either I may give it a shot - I could experiment ith the two phono inputs to see which is better sounding. It looks like it is a clean standalone and does not need to have the SE pre with it.
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