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  1. Cool! That means $205 was a really good deal! [] I spent the evening playing with positioning and have decided to mount the TV on the wall Just above the top of the Academy. I also learned by moving the Heresies out from the wall a little at a time and listining to them for a while that there is a sweet spot for them that I have been missing!
  2. ...to go with all the unfinished ones!!! I just picked up a Satin Black Academy off Craigslist for $205. It sounds great but looks Less than great, SO a new project begins!! I have wanted to try my hand at a Veneer job but since my Heresies still look great I haven't had the nerve to mess with Them. This will be my first attempt at this so wish me luck! I am off to search the forums for tips and hints.
  3. Question #2... What are your thoughts on Center Channel ABOVE the TV vs Center Channel BELOW the TV...
  4. You just need really thick walls!!! Nice job on the Heresys! Think my apartment might object to me doing that?
  5. Well, I just picked up a "Satin Black" Academy off Craigslist for $205 local pickup. Good deal, bad deal, indifferent? It has some small scratches in the paint that don't really extend into the surface of the veneer (Ash?), and the grill is a little faded, but it sounds Great. I just need to figure out my small room arrangement now. I forsee an attempt at replacing the veneer with Oiled Walnut to match my Heresys in my future!
  6. Is there a relatively Smallish center channel speaker that you guys would recommend for use with my Heresys? Since my divorce, I basically live in a closet and don't have a bunch of room. This would be more for movies than audio. Thanks!!
  7. I appreciate all the info. Hopefully, once I heal up from the "unfortunate Mountain Bike incident" I will be able to put it to use. Right now it is a bit hard to do one handed! [:$]
  8. It has been a good day! Made a friend, got my Heresies back up and singing, and learned some stuff about my crossovers that I didn't know! Now the saving begins for crossover upgrade parts and repairs to my trusty old (but currently dead) Pioneer SA-8500 amp!! Anyone know a good amp repair man? []
  9. Got lucky again on my Tweeter. A guy on a local audio list that I am on bought a pair of Heresies to get one for a center channel and had the other in his garage. He is swapping me his good tweeter fro my bad one and all it will cost me is a burger and a few beers! He said he had already used the woofer and squawker out of the spare for some other project and he had no real need for the tweeter anymore! I should be listening to music through something other than my PC speakers again in about an hour!!! I have noticed that Vintage Audio people can sometimes seem like old friends the minute you meet them for some reason!!
  10. Thanks, Bob. I was hoping you would answer! One more question, though. I notice in shopping for Caps that there are different Volt ratings for a given uF cap. The ones on my Crossover say 2uF 180 VACM and 33uF 100 V. Do I need to find replacements with the same exact ratings?
  11. Below is a pic of the crossover out of one of my Heresies. I freely admit that I know nothing about this subject, so what I would like is for someone to explain what is involved in upgrading these and which components should be changed. Thanks!!
  12. Oops. spoke too soon. The tweeter has bugged out again! [] Back to the drawing board! I plan on redoing or replacing the crossovers, I just haven't got the cash right now. One question... Are the new woofers in the Heresy III's direct replacements for the ones in my Heresy 1.5's? Or even better, will the H-III upgrade kit work in my speakers? BTW, I call them 1.5's because they were built in late 1984/early 1985 on Heresy boxes (removeable back) with all Heresy II internals.
  13. Thanks Daddy Dee! I spent the morning checking wires, cleacing contacts, and reseating the connections and even though none of them seemed loose, everything works again!!?? I guess Something was loose enough to be a problem. Thelonious Monk sure sounds better through my Heresies than through my $25 computer speakers!!! (How is That for understatement?)
  14. The Good news? I was able to buy my 1985 Heresies back from the guy I sold them too for $30 less than I sold them to him for almost 8 months ago. The Bad news? I just got them hooked up and they are Not healthy! One has No sound from the midrange horn and the other has No sound from the Tweeter!! I opened them up and looked and everything is still attached, so I am thinking blown drivers! Oh well, after 23 years they are probably ready to be upgraded anyway! I guess I need to do a little research on the current state of Heresy 1 upgrading!!! Any and all suggestions are, as always, welcomed!
  15. I have been looking for a 299-D for a while, but those things are getting tough to find around here!
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