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  1. In response to "the earlier ones seem more technologically advanced", you must remember that the original trilogy (4,5,6) was after the fall of the republic, in a poor almost decimated galaxy overrun by a greedy empire. It is not as prosperous anymore. We see the galaxy from the view of the rebel alliance, poor and in hiding, not the glorious republic on coruscant.

    Also, i have tickets for wednesday at midnight and thursday after work.

    i'll admit episode 1 and II were pretty crappy, but when i saw them with my little sister, i realized that those movies weren't made for the old generation. She's 11. Those first two movies are awesome in her opininion. They are happy, bright movies, with interesting almost flamboyant characters. When you think of the trilogy as being seen in order of 1-6 by someone who has never seen them, it works quite well, with a colorful glorious galaxy slowly turned to ruble and ovverrun.

    Now, this doesn't mean that episode 1 and 2 standing on their own are anything more than rubbish and Lucas clearly is like all of us Klipsch owners here and has a serious upgraditis bug.

  2. If you guys like Fifth Element, you should check out Luc Bessen's other movies. The ORIGINAL Taxi Trilogy (In French), not the aweful American remake, is halarious and AMAZING. Also, The Transporter and Wasabi are great movies of his too, off beat, simple stories, focus on characters interactions. Great movies. I'm a big Bessen Fan.

  3. I went to this show 2 weeks ago in Worcestor Mass. Dimebag soloed his *** off. The only thing better was Shadows Fall right afterwards and the Haunted beforehand. Tragic indeed. He was an inspiration to many and a legend among metal-heads if not one of the best guitarists in the world. Didn't care much for the new band when i saw them, but talent cannot be denied.

  4. It seems from what I've read that studio support for both HD-DVD and Blu-ray is about 50/50, meaing a nice long format war ahead. So until that all settles down and prices are reasonable, I got me a Denon 3910 for DVI upconversion and SACD + DVD-Audio. You'll get no complaints aboutp icture or sound from me for a looooong time coming.

  5. although i didn't understand a lot of that, i think i follow the main point.

    Correct me if i'm wrong, the originals were shot with awesome high resolution cameras so they still look amazing when tweaked today. The new ones had to be deteriorated to match the limited ability of CG that was added to it?

  6. damn Joe, way to pull out the specifics and lay the smack down. :-) I see what you're trying to say, but if they can remaster a cruddy 70s film to look better on a new digital medium, can't they do something to top notch productin films like episode I & II to make them look good on the DVD medium? There should be no excuse for 4,5 and 6 to look better than I and II.

    It just struck me because i only recently got my new TV and DVD player, and finding Nemo was one of the first discs i stuck in. Big mistake, because now there's nothing even close to comparison. I figured the next best discs would be episode 1 and 2, but i've seen so many other DVDs i have that are far superior.

  7. Episode 1 & 2 were shot digitally, but Finding Nemo was ALL DIGITAL, how come finding nemo is, for lack of a better word, perfect (some fifth element in there :-)To me, episode 1 and 2 looks sub-par in my opinion compared to other DVDs i've seen that were shot in film.

  8. Ok, this seemed strange to me.

    On Saturday, I watched Episodes 1,2,4,5 & 6. It was a long day, but well deserved. 4,5, & 6 looked OUTSTANDING, but Episode 1, looked blurry and out of focus on my TV! How does movies fromt he 70s look better than a complete digital recent one? Anyone else notice this?

    I have a sony 60 projection LCD, the denon 3805, and the denon 3910 DVD player. Finding Nemo still looks crystal clear, like looking at a real acquarium, and 4,5, and 6 looked awesome, but 1 looked messed up. Any thoughts or comparisons?

  9. I have the 3910 and a 3805 reciever, i have a sony 60" lcd projection TV that's native resolution is 720P, the player upconverts the image (just like the samsung) at the native resolution of the monitor so artifacting and other blemishes are reduced. It reduces the amount of converting the image must undergo. The picture is astounding, unfortunately i can't get the Denon-Link to work for sound.

  10. I have the 3805 with the Klipsch 35 series all around, I use the new 3910 DVD player for most music, plus video games, and my computer with mp3s, everything sounds incredible, but i don't have an audiophile ear or am incredibly picky. But i love what i'm getting.

  11. 1st off video is rediculusly amazing with this thing.

    2nd, i can't get any audio from the Denon Link, can someone help me? I set the DVD settings to Denon 2nd, and connected it to my 3805 reciever, and set ther eciever DVD input to Denon Link, but i get no sound from movies unless it's through the optical cord, anyone have this unit yet and can help me out?

  12. I un hooked the cables to my rear speakers, and still heard the popping noise, so i guess it's the apartment, thank god. On another note, i was watching soccer in DOlby Digital on INHD, and there was no crowd noises, which i assumed comes from the surround speakers, so i thought they were broken, but when i put it on 5 channel stereo, it seemed fine. Guess it was a bad soundtrack, it was the Czech vs Germany Euro Cup game, anyone else notice that?

  13. that's what so strange, it definately is a popping noise, but part of me thinks it could be the apartment. The reciever is off (standby) so there is still some power going to it. Like i said, tomorrow if i get the chance i'll see if i hear it when everything is completely disconnected

  14. I just moved into a new place, and got my new Klipsch speakers (35 series all around). I hear a strange popping noise every so often from the back of the room. I'm not sure if it's from the speakers, or if it's a regular apartment creaking noise. I hear it when nothing is coming out of the speakers too, and when my receiver is off, so i'm not sure what the source is. I'll try unhooking the speakers all together and listening for the noise, but it's making me quite nervous.

    Anyone have this problem?

  15. $6,000 for a reciever is murder unless the thing makes you eggs for breakfast and wipes your butt for you.

    For 6 grand get a mail-order-bride which costs much less and does the same thing and buy some seperates.

    I have the 3805, got it for $1,000, has everything i own (cable, dvd, computer, 8 video game systems through a switcher,+ misc) hooked up and the sound thruogh my Klipsch refernce 35 series is far good enough for me.

    Until connectivity upgrades stop changing )DVI, HDMI) and a standard is settled upona nd the recievers have that digital switching in it, dropping that much cash doesn't seem logical.

    My 2 cents.

  16. well, I got my speakers, the cherry ones, and they match the "modern" look of my apartment quite well (lots of silver and black), and since they sound rediculously amazing, i ain't wasting time exchanging them.

  17. I saw a link to cobaltcable.com

    those speaker cables looked pretty decent for fronts, and I may order them (free 2-3 day shipping + you can choose what you want on each end of the line, personally i'm a banana for reciever spade for speaker kinda guy)

    Any comments ont his company, now I just need to find cable for rears? Are those long monster spools any good?

  18. Tweeter always ahd black, but this dealer had nothing but the wood finishes on the floor, for EVERY Klipsch speaker. I like the wood too, but unfortunately it ain't the RF-7 wood. If only the 35s came in maple instead of the light cherry.

  19. I just thought it was interesting how it came with flex pins, which is made for bottom-end speakers generally. Why would someone with low-end spring clip speakers buy THX 1000 speaker wire unless monster really thought it's customers were dumb? That's not cool.

    I mean everyone knows they are overpriced, but so is every other "high-end" speaker cable company, the mark-ups are insane. I got monster because I worked at best buy and get minimum 50% off since the mark-up was so high.

    On another note, what wire do you use for rear speakers? Z1 and other high-grade wire is fine for the fronts since it's short distance, but what do you use for rears that require 20+ feet?

  20. The THX 1000 10" Speaker cable has flex pins at the end, not the standhard high end banana or spade. I thought banana and spade were considered the best connections. Why would they throw flex pins on the end?

    And anyone know how this line stands up against Z and M series?

  21. apartment building, can't change the carpet, but do plan on keeping the speakers for a while. Audio cabinets are very inexpensive since I spend all my money on speakers and TV, haha, so they are just to hold the good stuff.

    I must say the dark maple RF-7 is gorgeous, why couldn't they make that for the 35s?

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