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  1. 2 minutes ago, MicroMara said:

    I had a hearing t done last week and at my age of 60 I still achieved 97% . So it can't be my hearing that still hears frequencies up to 16 KHz.


    That is pretty good. I can not english what sounds good. For me music listening is a feeling. Which I can't express very well. This is likely why I can't stand reviews.


    I had a ruby klipsch cart but I dropped it and then I cried lol..... I don't know of anyone that has even seen a diamond.



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  2. 6 hours ago, MicroMara said:

    Bor cantilever´s advantage vs alu shall be a better resolution above 10 KHz, however I had enough Bor cantilever´s like Nagaoka MP 500 , I´ll never heard a better resolution in the hights to the vintage Nagaoka OS 300 MP with alu cantilever 


    How strange. Thanks...



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  3. 5 hours ago, henry4841 said:

    How much does Front Panel Express charge for their services Seti?



    I'm working on a piece for the museum. For a 12x17 large front panel with lots of features $125. Then another 14x17 with a ton of holes and engraving with infill around $145.

    The size you have would be much less and once you have a parts list it is easier.





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  4. 4 hours ago, henry4841 said:

    I found this seller on Ebay and it is very tempting for me to consider using one of these if I build another tube amplifier. In the description it says 'Services available chassis drilling, polishing and other wood types for additional charge.' Save a lot of work building an amplifier than the way I am doing it. But I kinda enjoy working with wood and making holes with my drill press. For the last few years my woodworking shop has not had seen much use. 



    I hear ya.. My wife threatened me with my life if she got one more piece of metal in her foot 8-)







  5. 2 hours ago, henry4841 said:

    Nothing glamorous about making holes in metal but has to be done. Will not be long before starting build inside the house now. 





    I've become a fan of Front Panel Express. The software is great.

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  6. 12 hours ago, ssh said:

    One of my ex-wife's bridesmaids went into the porn business. I still have a LaserDisc of her performing on a disc that is stuck in the player.



    I lack the emoticon for a proper response.



  7. 25 minutes ago, MMurg said:

    I was into them when they were the best home video format available.  I had a good-sized collection.  I still have working players in two systems, though they don't get much of any use.  I still have, at best guess, a few dozen LaserDiscs that I can't part with for sentimental reasons.  🙂  I even have the Klipsch 101 LaserDisc and the companion training booklet.  I keep the jacket on display.

    PXL_20220410_201923151 (Large).jpg

    s-l1600-4 (Medium).png


    That is cool...


    A friend gave me what was left of their record collection. In the mix were these laserdisc. I'd like to get them to someone into Laserdiscs. Not sure of ther condition.




  8. On 9/4/2022 at 4:01 PM, JohnA said:


    Mr. Paul compared the frequency response of the La Scala to a "well known theater speaker" in a paper published on the "new" La Scala.  I have always suspected it was the A7 and it falls well short.



    I always heard that the A7 was PWK's goal performance wise in a small form factor. Mission accomplished. I've spent time with the A7 and some of the bigger ones and they are fun I like them. Personally I'd take the cash 8-)



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  9. 9 hours ago, Travis In Austin said:

    He passed away about 5 years ago. They have all been sitting around in that building since his death (this could be for a number of reasons).


    The one's with the plaques with Golden Jubilee are the real deal, commissioned by Valerie Klipsch. You need a pair of K403 horns to complete what was commissioned. Michael Klementovich had a crazy ad on Audiogon where he was selling everything he had to finance a motorcycle trip somewhere (South America????). I don't think WC got the original mid-horns they came with, and I'm not sure about what the networks were. 


    @seti I believe knows more of that story. 



    At the time I didn't know he was a dealer. I measured the physical deminsions of the k403 for him. This didn't include the transition in the horn mouth. I think he bought Michael Klementovich's pair of goldens and built others. I got the K403 pair indirectly from Michael. It is my prized Klipsch horns. I wouldn't part with them so I believe he was going to stick with the Martinelli horns? The networks from Michael were not the ones from the Golden Jubilee's. He claims PWK gave him the secret sauce for instance moving the crossover point to to 750hz, using silver wire, and bunch of BS. I found it very difficuly to communicate with Klementovich. I am thankful to him because if he hadn't parted with the k403 I wouldn't have them. Buyer beware on the Goldens. Does anyone know how much they are? Would be cool to reunite them with the k403.





  10. 33 minutes ago, mikebse2a3 said:


    Maybe it was “Dang that K402 sounds good on everything”…. 😀


    True. I think we did put it on everthing. I love the top of the MCM Grande the 402 / 510 combo is amazing...


    Thanks for posting I couldn't find that pic in my stash..

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  11. 3 hours ago, Khornukopia said:

    @Camplo, Your bottom woofer cabinets look unusual (to me). In your picture, I see a set of rods between the 2 driver flanges, and a corresponding ring of ends on the outside of the box. Are those rods all that secures the 2 cabinets together, or do the upper boxes get screwed down? Also, what is your 1 watt/1 meter SPL spec?







    It looks like Dennis's PPSL design.. Might not be but that is what it looks like.

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