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  1. They ALL do this eventually.  Just a poor design/lack of quality control.  Usually doesn't affect function until it gets bad enough that the buttons no longer work.


    Of course, by that time the battery will no longer take a charge and you have to throw them away anyway.  I've thrown away 3 pair - so far...  Bought a bunch when BuyDig was clearing them out.  Great sound quality as long as they work...


    Klipsch has not exactly been what I would call pro-active in dealing with this well known defect   Many complaints and crickets from Klkipsch.

  2. On 6/30/2015 at 11:17 PM, cradeldorf said:

    If vaccines are so good why are you afraid if others are not vaccinated.... Sorry but I don't agree with the ruling, If you ask me it was pushed upon us by the  Pharmaceutical companys to line their pockets. And as far as kids getting sick with whooping coughs and measels I'd look for the source, at a local pharmaceutical company. Sorry I have no trust in corporations, the scum that run them or the puppets they pay to get it their way.

    People like you are why polio still exists....

  3. 14 minutes ago, Woofers and Tweeters said:

    I worked for a Jag / SAAB dealership. We had one of those Jaguars in the warehouse. 


    I hate to ask, but will: How much did you let the Jag go for? 

    Sorry, but I don't remember the selling price, but I don't think I lost any money on it.

    I sold the Jag ~ '69 when the Air Force shipped me off to Germany.  As I recall, I paid $2,200 for it in '67.  5 years old with 30k miles on the clock!  Like lots of other cars, it only became valuable long after I sold it.

  4. '59 SAAB 93 - Easter Egg Blue (taught me all about conservation of momentum).

    '62 Volvo 122S - Red (only red car I've ever owned - oops, forgot about a red MGB).

    '62 Jaguar 3.8l Mark II  - Gun Metal (dark) Silver with red leather.  (Beautiful car - the one that "got away."  Wish I still had it.  I was 19....)



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  5. I've just been fitted with a pair of Starkey Soundlens Synergy i2400 IIC's.


    Still getting used to them, and haven't been back for the initial adjustment yet, but so far, I'm pretty disappointed.  Especially since the Starkey promo literature claims that they reproduce "Music the way it was meant to be heard."  Music sounds like crap - distorted, tinny, and warbly (if that's a word).  Background musak in the grocery store sounds really awful.


    I can turn down the volume on the TV, but speech recognition doesn't seem like it has improved much at all.  I was having a really hard time trying to follow the dialogue on the British show "Shetland" on PBS and hoped the hearing aids would help - but no joy (of course the dialogue is Scottish english, so it's hard to understand anyway).  I still have to really crank up the volume to try to decipher what's being said.


    Hopefully the tech will be able to tune these things to improve the performance/reduce my complaints.  The tech can communicate with these things from a computer program wirelessly, so maybe they can be adjusted better.  So far, the best way to listen to music with these things is to take them out.



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  6. "Boxster" (What's so hard about that?)

    Any that are available now should have had the IMS (intermediate shaft) bearing problem dealt with (http://boxsterguide.blogspot.com/2010/09/intermediate-shaft-ims-bearing-info-and.html). A pre-purchase inspection by someone who knows (either vehicle) is certainly worthwhile.

    If you plan on using the Land Rover for what it's designed for (off roading) - there's really nothing that comes close except, maybe, a Pinzgaurer. If, however, you intend to use it as daily transportation, i.e., running to the grocery store and to the mall - you should be aware that they rank near the bottom as far as reliabity goes.


  7. We lived way out in the country when I was a kid.

    I remember once a dog owner neighbor complained to my father about the leaves on his lawn 'cause he didn't have trees. My father's response was "yeah, well I have dog shit on my lawn and I don't own a dog...."

    End of discussion.


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