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  1. The exterier housing for the KSB 1.1's is ABS ... They look and seem to be made of the same material as some of the newer "outdoor" speakers produced ... Here are good links ... KSB 1.1 Specs >>> http://www.klipsch.com/na-en/products/ksb-1-1-specifications/ & Outdoor Klipsch from 2004 Specs >>> http://www.klipsch.com/na-en/products/kho-7-specifications/ Both use Poly Cone Woofers, Silk Dome Tweets, and are ABS enclosures ...
  2. I have several pairs of these little guys ... love the sound that the small package produces ... Was thinking of mounting a pair or two of these outside, facing down as they have a front port ... There use to be a set just like these that was produced with a plug for the port, to make them more outdoor friendly ... I may or may not make plugs for these ... not sure if even needed as most new outdoor speakers don't have port plugs ... Anyone using these outdoors with success from the elements ??? THANKS
  3. I need a new Receiver (My H/K AVR7300 is stuck in Standby Mode, will need repairing) ... but can't determine if the older 8002 is the better buy ... I can get the 8002 for only slightly more than the newer 6004 ... I don't really need Bluetooth or USB of the 6004 (USB would be nice though) ... I like the THX Cert of the 8002 (not sure how much this really means) & the extra power ... They both have a nice amount of HDMIs and each have the newer audio processing tracks ... except the 6004 has a couple more ... THOUGHTS & THANKS
  4. Thanks for all the feedback guys ... I'll be looking to pick up a Marantz receiver in the near future ... thanks again ...
  5. Hi Guys ... I've owned Klipsh products now going on almost 17 years and I've always used either Yamaha or Harman Kardon Receivers to mate with them. I've lately been pondering replacing my H/K AVR 7300 for a receiver with the newer HD audio decoding as well as HDMI inputs and outputs ... I've been considering picking up the new Marantz SR6004 and pairing this with my 7 Series System (RC-7, RF-7, etc ...) May eventually add on a Emotiva 5 way Power Amp but for now, I would just like to have a somewhat powerful, clean amp with HDMI and Newer HD Decoding ... So, Do any of you use Marantz with your Klipsch equipment and have any recommendations? Thanks, TIM
  6. Called Klipsch and they no longer repair the 4.1's ... I've located a fellow that repairs these and will probably go that route ...
  7. Hi Guys ... The 2 rears are no longer getting sound and the front's get popping and crackling ... and the sub has a terrible hum, etc ... I figure it's the amp board on the sub ... There use to be a guy on Ebay that repaired these but I can't find him anymore ... Anyone ever had theirs successfully repaired? ... If so, did you do it yourself or send out to Klipsch or someone else ... Thanks, TIM
  8. Thanks Rudy ... Can you tell a noticable difference between analog HD audio vs. the older DD and DTS ???
  9. Hi Guys, I currently use a Harman Kardon AVR-7300 for my receiver in my primary setup. I really enjoy this receiver and do not plan to update it for some time. I've decided to purchase a Blu-ray player and would like to take advantage of some of the newer players that will allow Analog 7.1 connection and then use the decoding within the Blu-ray player to take advantage of the HD audio tracks, etc ... I've been eying the Sony BDP-S550 or Panasonic DMP-BD55K Anyone else out there using the analog 7.1 connection with a blu-ray player to make up for some of the lacking options from their older, but still great, receiver? Would like some input as to how well this would work as I'm new to this configuration ... Thanks, TIM
  10. Not sure why your Yamaha sounds that much better than the H/K did ... maybe it's just your ears, as we all hear a little differently or maybe you had a faulty H/K ... I currently own 3 Yamaha receivers and I do love the Yamaha sound, the Enhanced modes, etc... really do bring something to the table ... but when it comes down to clean, unadulterated power ... my H/K AVR7300 kills the Yamahas that I own and others that I've demoed, in all audio levels ... Don't get me wrong ... again ... my Yammies sound great but not when compared to the older H/K flagship 7300 ... If anyone wants a clear, extremely powerful receiver that is great in 2 channel duty, 7 channel duty for both music and movies (and you don't need the HDMI switching) ... You cannot go wrong with picking up a used Harman Kardon 7200 or 7300 ... I feel they are simply the beastly bargins of the marketplace ...
  11. Not to Hijack but My Next purchase will be the Emotiva XPA-2 and the XPA-5 for my Theater Setup ... Plan to operate these with my H/K 7300 Do you recommend the use of a Voltage Stabilizer when adding on these amps?
  12. Are you dead set on the Marantz or Onkyo ... I'd get an H/K (Harman Kardon) to pair up with the Reference 7's ... H/K's are great when matched with Klipsch audio!!!
  13. Yea, I've seen the license plate ... It's nice, but I'm wanting something even nicer to hang on the wall in my theater ...
  14. Although a very big Klipsch Fan ... I'm also a Car Lover ... Especially American Muscle Cars ... Here's an engine bay shot of our '68 Camaro that we've been restoring for some time ... It has a 383 stroker motor with a solid roller cam, worked 220cc heads, all forged internals, a procharger D1SC supercharger @ approx. 15 lbs. of boost, an intercooler, and a meth kit, etc... It should do pretty well when all finished ... We also own a nice low mile C5 Corvette, a '95 Z28 Camaro that we rebuilt a while back (383 stroker, etc...) and a few other rides ... Next addition will most definitely be a more economical car that I'll use for daily driving (currently use a Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited) ... thinking of a new Volkswagon Jetta TDI ... we'll see ...
  15. Hi ... I'd love to be able to purchase one of these older Klipsch Plaques that were once available ... Anyone got one that they would part with? Ever gonna get these back in the Online store? Also, I've been looking for one of the black Klipsch hats as well ... Are they coming back to the store soon?
  16. It also allows your receiver to relax a bit more as well. Might be more to it than this but this is what I gathered from it. That is my thought as well. It isnt necessarily how "low" your speakers will dig, but if your electronics are able to send that signal to all channels CLEANLY. Thanks guys ... clears things up for me ... So, basically if your receiver is up to the task, then go for it ... right ...
  17. Thanks for the reply Inventor ... and yea, I thought that price was a super deal [] I did some playing around yesterday and really like the way the system sounds with all speakers set to "Small" and then using the following xover points ... MO D E : X - O V E R L E F T / R I G H T : 40 H Z (RF-7) C E N T E R : 60 H Z (RC-7) S U R R O U N D : 60 H Z (RS-7) S U R R B A C K : 40 H Z (RF-3) L F E : L E F T / R I G H T (which would be 40Hz) B A S S M G R : G L O B A L I'll do more adjusting today and play around with 80Hz on all speakers other than the RF-7s (I'll try them at 60Hz) ... What would be the benefit of going to 80Hz on the speakers when the Freq. Response goes well below 80Hz in most cases? -TIM
  18. THX Tech ... Hopefully you can help me out here: http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/p/107153/1080833.aspx#1080833
  19. Hi everyone, I've been on here off and on over the past few years and have found this site very helpful. I've been a Klipsch fan ever since my first Klipsch purchase in the early 90's. So, I recently picked up a Mint theater setup locally that consists of the following: a pair of cherry RF-7s, a cherry RC-7, a cherry RSW-15, a pair of RS-7s, as well as 2 bello cherry/metal stands and all the monster cables with monster bananas ... All for $1800 ... I've added one of my subs, a Velodyne DLS5000R (powered 15"), as well as a pair of RF-3s as the 6 & 7 channel ... Everything powered by my Harman Kardon AVR-7300 ... Here are my ideas and thoughts and I would like any advice you might have in efforts to help me understand things clearer and maximize my theater at the same time ... In the past I've normally had my speakers set to Large, but after reading a few articles, it sounds as if the "large" speaker setting isn't preferred in efforts to balance out the system properly by preventing holes in the sound. From my understanding, when "small" is selected you can specify your xover settings for each speaker independently and avoid these holes in the sound and if your setup has a very good sub which can do it's job well, then allow the sub to reproduce all the wonderful lows at the crossover point selected in the receiver and above, all while allowing your other speakers to produce bass above the crossover points as well ... AM I Understanding this correctly ??? But setting the RF-7s to "small" just doesn't seem right for some reason ... [] So, I was planning to experiment with the following Size and X-over settings within my HK : M O D E : S I Z E L E F T / R I G H T : S M A L L C E N T E R : S M A L L S U R R O U N D : S M A L L S U R R B A C K : S M A L L M A I N S U B W O O F E R : S U B B A S S M G R : G L O B A L Also, from what I've read, when choosing a Xover Frequency, you should typically look at your speakers freq. response and then go up to the next number that is allowed via your receiver. For example, the RF-7 has a freq. response of 32Hz-20kHz ±3dB ... so, shouldn't I set the receiver xover to 40Hz ??? The HK 7300 offers xover points of 40Hz, 60Hz, 80Hz, 100Hz, 120Hz and 200Hz to each of the channels which is a nice feature ... So here's what I come up with after reviewing each speaker's freq. responses ... MO D E : X - O V E R L E F T / R I G H T : 40 H Z (RF-7) C E N T E R : 60 H Z (RC-7) S U R R O U N D : 60 H Z (RS-7) S U R R B A C K : 40 H Z (RF-3) L F E : ??? B A S S M G R : G L O B A L The LFE setting above is a bit tricky for me ... My HK Manual states the following: " The setting for the crossover point for the LFE channel, which is created to provide specific low-frequency information in many movies with digital soundtracks, may be set to match the crossover for any of the four speaker groups. Since the crossover point commonly used in the creation of the LFE channel is 120Hz, we recommend that you select the speaker group whose crossover point is closest to 120Hz." ... The closest to 120Hz? Isn't that high? The closest that I have in the selections above is 60Hz??? I use to have my Velo set a 80Hz and enjoyed it there ... so should I chose the Center or Surrounds which are at 60Hz or bump up something to 80Hz??? I've also read to set everything to small and 80Hz ... and then let your speakers do what they do best ... but then if you set everything to 80Hz ... don't you create this "hole" in the sound and leave some of your speakers ability out on the table? MO D E : X - O V E R L E F T / R I G H T : 80 H Z (RF-7) C E N T E R : 80 H Z (RC-7) S U R R O U N D : 80 H Z (RS-7) S U R R B A C K : 80 H Z (RF-3) L F E : L E F T / R I G H T (which would be 80Hz) B A S S M G R : G L O B A L ________________________________________ My Last idea is to use a combination of both Small and Large (Large only for the RF-7s) and then the Subwoofer setting to SUB L/R+LFE, this will give a full-range signal to the front left/right speakers, and the subwoofer will receive LFE information and the bass frequencies under the selected crossover point M O D E : S I Z E L E F T / R I G H T : L A R G E C E N T E R : S M A L L S U R R O U N D : S M A L L S U R R B A C K : S M A L L M A I N S U B W O O F E R : SUB L/R+LFE B A S S M G R : G L O B A L I would then use the following Xover settings when using the above L/R as Large ... MO D E : X - O V E R L E F T / R I G H T : 40 H Z (With this HK receiver, you are still allowed to adjust the xover setting for the L/R channels when set to large, this is only allowed for the L/R speakers) C E N T E R : 60 H Z (RC-7) S U R R O U N D : 60 H Z (RS-7) S U R R B A C K : 40 H Z (RF-3) L F E : L E FT / R I G H T (Subs X-overed at 40Hz) B A S S M G R : G L O B A L As for Delay Adjust, I simply enter the distance from each speaker to the optimal listening position and then the HK does the rest and for the Channel Output Level Adjust, I will let the EzSet determine the level while listening to a test signal at significant volume ... Then once set, I'll check with a DB hand reader to verify and/or fine tune ... Thanks for reading and PLEASE post comments ... I need all the help I can get ... [] -TIM
  20. Hi Guys, I picked up a complete 5.1 system recently and wanted to get your advice on my Rear setup in my 7.1 theater ... Up front, I'm running a Cherry RC-7 and Cherry RF-7s ... For Rears I was thinking of running my RF-3s and then using the RS-7s for Rear Surrounds ... All powered with an Harman Kardon AVR-7300 and using the 15" Sub ... Do you guys feel it would be a better move using the RS-7s as Rears and the RF-3s as Rear Surrounds ??? Thanks!
  21. That's pretty funny ... Maybe that's where our cat has gone ... [:S] I'm going to do further testing ... Thanks guys!
  22. Hi Guys, Sometimes during loud playback of a film, during an extreme explosion, I'll get a loud pop from one of my RP-5 subs (Power 12" Sub Towers). The subs are connected via LFE Bass and the volume is less than 1/2 level (more like 1/3) ... Only one of the subs acts in this manor. This is only noticable at louder playback (not crazy loud, but not "normal" tv type listening levels) and during extreme LFE frequencies/explosions ... Not all explosions make this happen, only some extreme jolts/frequencies ... Anyone ever run into this type of issue? I've been running these subs for some time now (5 to 6 years) without this issue but over the past few months, it's become more noticable. Maybe I've just driving these subs too hard with this H/K AVR 7300 over the past couple years, and I'm starting to see Clipping of the RP's amp or Bottoming of the woofers on all the new LFE crazed source material ... Maybe the RP's amp is taking a dump! What do you guys think?
  23. Hi Guys ... I haven't posted here in a while but I've been thinking of adding to one of my current setups ... Here's my thoughts ... Here's what's currently in my Main Theater Room: Klipsch RC-3 (Center), RP-5's (Main R/L), RF-3 (Rear R/L), RS-3 (Rear Fill R/L), and a Velodyne DLS-5000R ... all powered by an Harman Kardon AVR 7300 I'm considering upgrading my RC-3 to an RC-7 and then I'd like to take the RP-5's and relocated them to another room (for those that might not know, these consist of one 1" horn tweeter and then one 8" mid as well as a Powered 12" woofer). To replace the RP-5's in this setup, I'd love to replace with either the RF-5 or RF-7 speakers but I've been having some issues finding a good set ... I've thought of just replacing them with a new set of RF-82's ... but ... If I mixed this newer Klipsch reference product with my older line, would there be any matching issues? OR ... would this RF-82 be a fine match for my current, older reference speaker setup? Thanks in advance!
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