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  1. Hi Gregg, I wish I could answer your question, but I really don't know much about the crossovers --- other than I built them! At the time, I don't think there were different versions from AL Klappenberger. Perhaps now? At any rate, they really added a lot to the sound quality. As I recall, that crossover kit was approximately $350. Worth it though. I guess I should once again take the opportunity to publicly apologize to any and all on this forum. I thought I did that once but I guess it wasn't sufficient. Perhaps a mistake to list these here. At any rate Gregg, I can wholeheartedly recommend the ALK's if you or anyone else is considering them for your speakers. When I got these the crossovers were not looking real hot -- 1977 is a long time ago. AND the cabinets had been painted (badly) by prior owners. So, I re-worked everything and made them as nice as possible (which is really, really presentable indeed). These are really nice, and it's difficult for me to part with them. I said before I wouldn't address anything else regarding this post or these speakers, and now I will stick to that. If anyone wants these write me directly at ms_williams@hotmail.com or please or call me at 570-888-3220. I'll leave them on here a week before I list them elsewhere. I thought the Klipsch community should have a crack at them first since they'd be the most interested or perhaps know a friend who would be interested. Consider me signed out .........and off this forum for good. Regards, Mark
  2. OK, OK, I will change the ad! It was semi-tongue-in-cheek guys! Geeze. I don't really have time to deal with people who are not serious -- the tire kickers. I feel the price is fair. And I'm not budging from it. I thought I'd offer these to Klipsch owners first before dealing with the eBay people. Take the time to really research the price GOOD used La Scalas. Try finding two matched serial number La Scalas you can bring right into your room and play with NO cabinet defects, and ALK crossovers and then criticize this price. And, when you can't find that pair, then either go get the wrecked pair and fix them yourself. Or buy new ones and pay, what? $4,000 each? And, like I said, I'm not sure I really even want to sell them at all. The black looks great, and to me better than the stained birch black because there's really nothing special about the grain of birch plywood. So why would you want to see it at all? I had no choice but to have them painted and they are what they are. No offense meant. Or taken. Oh, one more thing to clear the air. As to me being a "newbie"... (BTW, that's about a stupid slang term. Whatever happened to English? We have words in English for a beginner. Neophyte, rookie, newcomer, etc.) ANYWAY, I've been on this forum for years, but not posting. And recently had to re-enter my password and all that stuff. So, it's not like I just popped on here and decided to sell my speakers. And this is the last I'll address all this. Regards, Mark
  3. Hello there Ithaca, NY! I'm in nearby Sayre. Ha, ha, ha......yeah, apologies for the tough tone.......but it seems the dummies end up writing me about my stuff! I'm really a reasonable and nice fellow! All the best, Mark
  4. $1,400 firm Serial numbers: 11R565, 11R566 Vintage is 1977 Here's the story: There are ALK crossovers in these Klipsch La Scalas. These have been professionally painted black (Benjamin Moore) with a texture-type finish. You can see it in the second photo. (Incidentally the interconnects in that photo are the silver plated OFC ones I build. See US Audio Mart for those. Silver for the price of copper.) There are no dings or imperfections to the cabinets. All the lines that should be straight and true - are straight and true. Only one of them has the label on the back however. The other one wasn't able to be saved. :-( The parts are original other than the ALK crossovers. Midrange metal horns #KV-55. Tweeters K-77, round magnets. I've never driven these hard. And I'm only home on weekends. Most of the time they're on they are at conversational levels. I will not/cannot ship these. And I personally cannot help you lift them. Sorry guys, I have a really bad back and cannot help you. I have made a lifting device which I'll give you and that will make lifting these monsters almost a snap! Almost! You and a friend will have to come get them from the upstairs of my farmhouse in northern Pennsylvania on the New York state border. I am 5 hours from NYC and 3.5 hours from Philadelphia. Zip code is 18840. I won't take lowball offers. Sorry. I don't need to sell these that badly and I'm not even sure I want to. I'm eventually moving to smaller quarters and will be getting smaller speakers. I will certainly miss the sound and efficiency of these. Have you looked at the prices of NEW La Scalas? Ouch! Thanks for looking and considering these. Mark 570/423-6350. That's a cell phone. Please leave a slow, clear message if I don't pick up. I will call you back.
  5. Hi, I have an ASL "Orchid" which is their 2A3 based integrated. Once I took out some of the original caps and replaced them with Auricaps, and a few Riken Ohm resistors here and there I remain very please with the sound of this amp. My brother in law also has one which had better caps in to begin with. He runs his with a set of La Scalas I restored for him. Mark
  6. Hi, I have a "C" sitting here. If I can be of help, let me know. Mark
  7. Hi, Do I use the 8 ohm or the 4 ohm output transformer taps with the La Scalas? Thanks, Mark
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