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  1. I tested the Promedia 2.1 at BB. The sub had an on/off switch and a fuse and the speakers were hard wired. What version is this? I thought the newer ones did not have the switch. There was no serial on the sub and the box sticker read Klipsch 2014. Thanks ahead of time.
  2. Then why do people talk about replacing the caps in the amplifier?
  3. Will cpomponents in the amp eventually degrade (e.g., caps) and cause the sssssssing?. My stereo is a late 80's model.
  4. It might not be anything. I'll try some high quality sources. By the way is internet radio actually CD quality?
  5. Is sibilance a speaker or amplifier issue?
  6. To what does the power rating of a receiver refer? This would help in my choice of Klipsch speakers.
  7. Thaanks for the help.
  8. Whem my stereo is rated at 40 watts does that mean with the volume turned on high?
  9. What is a Heresy HWO and a HBR? How can I tell a Heresy from a Heresy II in an online sale?
  10. What are the differences between the Heresy and the Heresy II? Are the Fortes and Cornwalls much heavier than the Heresies? Shipping can be prohibitively expensive. Your are right about subwoofers--all boom. At least the ones I have tested.
  11. What models make up the Heritage line? Are the La Scala's the top for Klipsch? My stereo is rated at 40 watts, by I seldom turn it up high.
  12. I am looking at buying a pair of Heresy speakers to mate with my NAD 7240 PE. I listen chiefly to orhestral and some vocal. I like to hear the instruments and the vocals. What type of performance can I expect from the Heresies? Do Heresies like a lot of power input?
  13. Is there a guide to the size of a speaker and the range of frequencies it can handle well or effectively?
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