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  1. 8 hours ago, Weltfaul said:

    Thanks to all!


    Tareheel, I love the George Burns quotation. Is he the small great guy who had quarrels with Walther Matthau about the 'Doctor routine'? 🙂



    May have been from the movie "Sunshine Boys" with both starring.


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  2. 15 hours ago, Ceptorman said:

    Ft Wayne I believe.

    Gomer's date, Thelma Lou's cousin. Still the best show ever on tv.

    Actually Barney was trying to set Andy up with a date.  Lydia says her name means "a native of Lydia but I'm not from Lydia I'm from Greensboro".  Barney tells Lydia that Andy plays the guitar and she makes her statement.  She also says she hates the outdoors "it give me the herpes".


    Gomer's date was Thelma Lou's cousin (different girl) and the 6 of them were going to a dance when Gomer bolts from the house starting a big fight.  Gomer saw the other girls had a corsage and he left to get his date one.

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  3. Thanks guys......he's on the screened in porch covered up.  I check on him every ten minutes.  Going to stay inside in the master bath tonight.  Hope he eats tomorrow.

    He is a great dog and cooperates with everything.  If I could give him a couple of my years...........

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  4. Jake update for the dog folks here.  Didn't give him much more than two days and actually had my yard guy start digging a plot.  Called the vet asking if he had a miracle drug to administer.  He said there were a couple of things we could try so I took him back in.  Running a fever of 103 when 101 is normal indicative of infection.  Gave him two IM shots one a steroid that last for 29 days.   He said it is now up to Jake.

    Brought him home and wrapped him up due to chills.  Giving water with a dropper.  No interest in food yet but that may change with the steroids. 

    Stopped on the way home for a half gallon of Belvedere Vodka to see me through this. 

    Thanks for the PMs about the Jakester.............

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  5. 1 hour ago, richieb said:

    So I tune in and look to the Recent Post directory and see Speaker Break In and its latest posts on female nipples. Funny how threads take turns so far away from the topic although I am open minded and willing to learn about how female nipples effect speaker break in. 
    Knowledge is a powerful thing — 🧐

    I guess I would be even more surprised if a 7 page thread didn't take a side trip now and then.  Not unique to this forum.

  6. 7 minutes ago, Tigerman said:

    Commercial dishwasher?  Make mine a HOBART :emotion-21:  45 second cycle.      At home?  Economy model Whirlpool (complete with NOISE :lol:...)

    Yeah Gary....how far we have fallen talking about dish washers!   At least it's not speakers being broken in or broken down😉 


    If I ever get another camera I'll join you gents over at Right This Minute.  Though I do go to bed before most of you guys get started.

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  7. 12 minutes ago, JohnJ said:

    Oh man!

    I programmed mine once by mistake and had to spend fifteen minutes with the manual to figure out how to clear what I did.

    It's newfangled but it sure is quiet!!


    Hers is a Miele (read expensive).  The latest attempt at repair was to straighten the water inlet hose to rule out a kink.  The light still blinks though it is a longer interval between blinks!

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  8. Looks like rain later today.  Had to back the bubble out of the garage and close the auto top  (down into trunk).  Darn I hate it to get wet after the spiffy ceramic coating maintenance I did two days ago.


    First Covid shot scheduled for 10am Sunday.  Not sure which one but I think it may be Pfizer.


    Fifth day on Keto Diet......down 4.5 pounds (water weight).


    Jake is hanging in there but I can tell he doesn't feel good. 


    That's it for now.  Stay tuned and I'll let you know if LF figures out the problem with the dish washer (no....not me).  It stops sometime during the cycle for no apparent reason.  She is smart and will figure it out.


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  9. What an entertaining read......reminds me of the solid state versus tube debates.  Here is my take. Seven hours and thirteen minutes warm up at 91db and you will have all the good stuff you need from those speakers.  I suggest a non stop loop of Ina Goda Davita.  Wear some good quality ear muffs till then. 

    By the way 12 ga speaker wire is more than adequate.  Tubes?  Would love to hear some golden ear audiophiles listen to stock tubes, wait for them to cool, install different tubes, wait for them to warm up, and tell me what you prefer.  Your audio memory is surely better than mine.

    Have fun guys.  I remember two psychological theories namely "Two Point Threshold" and "Just Noticeable Difference" from college days back when dinosaurs roamed the earth.  Google them if they are still around.

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  10. Second beautiful day in a row here.....in shorts and tee shirts.  LF on an hour long bike ride.


    Yesterday I washed the bubble.....black is hard to keep clean!  So today I decided to do the maintenance on the ceramic coating which is a two part process.  Pressure washed the already clean bubble to get any dust off and then a light spray of Modesta "Smoke" while the car is still wet.  Agitate the Smoke with a clean, soft microfiber towel.  The next step after the car is dried ( I use a blower to dry) is to use another clean towel with a few sprays of Modesta "Blast".  You are done and good for six more months.  See the process on YouTube!


    Day three of the Keto Diet.  Have always done Atkins but wanted to shake things up a bit.  Lots of veggies, some protein, and I do intermittent fasting (skipping breakfast).  I eat an early dinner and an early lunch the next day which gives me 14-15 hours between meals.  You go into ketosis and start buning fat for fuel instead of glycogen which is stored in the liver.  Not a lot different from Atkins.


    So as Paul Harvey would have said "now you know the rest of the story".



  11. 36 minutes ago, Fido said:

    That would be a costly experiment with 8 kt170s and I do love the kt150s - that said I would love to hear them in my PL and the Forte IVs

    Yes but you haven't heard the KT-170s.  You need to do it Fido.  You know you want to get the best sound you can from the EVO.  Hit the little lady up for some more coin. I'll await your review.

  12. I know we don't talk much music/gear here but I have a streaming question that is so basic I'm hesitant to ask elsewhere.  Suppose you took a few days and made play list non stop of everything you think you may want to listen to in the future.  Isn't that stored on your hard drive?  Could you not then cancel Tidal/Spotify/Amazon?  I stream through a Node Blue OS.




  13. I remember the big switch from Maxwell (blue can) to Folgers (red container).  Must have been in the 70's.  There was a period when I would stop at Dunkin Donuts for a large coffee and two Old Fashion (plain cake in side with a light glaze) donuts. Then take it back to my office in the court house for a leisurely breakfast.


    Hey Coytee....looked up your wife's coffee machine.  That's a tad pricey though I bet it does a good job.

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