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  1. Can't believe I did that! Just went over to audiogon and pulled the trigger on a mint, vintage, Harman Kardon tubed reciever. It was so pretty I had to do it. The owner uses it in his office and said it is near perfect. Okay...what do I do with it? I already have horn monos and a preamp.

    Got to get control of this impulse buying. But see.... if it had been a nasty, dirty, dinged, bad little boy I wouldn't have given it a second glance.


  2. Rob....wish I still had the TR-3. Sold it to a frat brother for $300 to buy a 68 Mustang. Drove that mustang coast to coast in 72. Slept out on the side of the road every night. I think it cost about $70 for gas for that trip as I recall. Remember recaps? Found out why no one used recaps in the west while going through Nevada at 100 mph! The tires heated up...the glue got soft....hey wasn't that my tire in the rear view mirror? I know little about mechanical things but that was such a simple car to work on. The motor was actually a tractor motor and had the hand crank with it!

    Anyway....tell your wife that there are several of us anal guys around...


  3. Good morning Larry...I thought me and the Buckster were the only ones up this early. So you've got the tt upgrade bug too? Been looking around some but think I am going to wait for a while since there is nothing wrong with my current setup. That is a nice looking Linn other than that I can't help you any. Got to go get some coffee....grabbed the laptop as soon as sat down.

    BTW....followed you lead and sent Craig a payment through paypal this morning for Bucksters new Scott.


  4. You guys fit right in with some of the audiogon ads I've seen, where there will be a perfect unit except for a 1cm scratch at the back by the power cord, and the guy will knock the condition down to 8/10.

    It's not much different than cars. Some people wash them every week. I used to wash mine only if I was ready to paint it, but now I wash it once or maybe even twice a year.

    I am more in the camp with Buckster and Tommy....if you work hard for something you tend to take care of it. I bought my first car in 1966, a red Triumph TR-3, by working at the A&P for $1.00 and hour. I washed and waxed it regularly and maintained it as well as I could on that little bit of money. Other more affluent friends had parents that bought them brand new cars. I saw so many of those friends wreck there cars, never clean them out, or generally abuse them knowing dad would buy them a new one.

    A 1 cm scratch on the back of a piece of equipment would not bother me....water marks from wet glasses on the top would. Magic marker art would. Dirt and grime would.

    Anyway....thats enough ranting for this morning.

    Buckster....sleeping in this morning?

  5. Sheltie Dave, Craig and anyone else that had a hand in this put me down for a third of the $75. A great thing you guys did and a very deserving recipient. Send me an address to mail the check. Pay it forward....if we all thought that way. Enjoy the new amp Buckster and give us a full review.....EH!!!!!


  6. Oldbuckster...what gets you up so early on a saturday morning? All this talk about audio art? Character.....no thats for historic houses. Just recalling a song by a guy named Joe Smothers who played with Jack Lawrence and a particular line about an old guitar "this old guitar of mine..its been a friend...for a long long time...its made me friends and paid the bills sometime...I love this old guitar of mine" The next line "this old guitar you see...every scratch and scrape was kissed by me...like a child that fell and skinned his knee....I love this old guitar you see". I have similar feeling about equipment and try to avoid adding character. I agree with you...I don't want to buy anyones abused equpment. If you want to decrease the resale value of your equipment...then don't take care of it.

    So there....as we often say down south.....I am probably preaching to the choir.


  7. No RSP1068....you are not alone.....I am the same way and recently talked with someone else on the forum in a pm about the same topic. I know accidents happen but some of the equipment you see is completely trashed. I do think there are those who only care about the sound of their equipment but have never even bothered to dust it off. I guess the whole musical experience is important to me...the sound...the room..properly displayed equipment...cleanliness.... especially if you use vinyl as a source. I usually feather dust once a week and keep an air cleaner with hepa filter going when Im not playing music. I am getting ready to polish the chrome base on my horn monos as we speak. I also clean the heads and tape path on my reel to reels each time I make a recording. I don't know if all this makes a difference but I have equipment from the 70s and 80s in near mint condition. One of my Teacs was purchased in 1973 and looks almost as good today. Keep in mind that I don't have children and no one has ever smoked in our house.

    If this makes us anal then I know there are at least two of us. Good post!


  8. Not a thing Jay....my second table is a Thorens TD-165. Is there something specific you need to know? Man...my question was answered promptly on my tt post and I sure feel better. Maybe Max will respond...he is something of an encyclopedia on tts and a very good resource.


  9. Max....my table's arm is the one in the middle of your pictures. Your post makes me feel a lot better about the arm/cartridge match. Certainly your comments about the tracking force and the fact that you track a little lighter than recommended eased my mind. The bass notes on the lp I just listened to were just right and the stylus never jumps or skips.

    I was very tempted by a tt I saw on Audiogon today.......a six month old Roksan 5 at a very good price but a forum member I consulted reminded me that in todays dollars my Denon, direct drive and all, may be just as good a table and the Roksan may not be an upgrade.

    Anyway.....Thanks guys....I really appreciate your help. I will go spin another one resting a little easier. The drinks are on me.


  10. Mark...the arm is a low mass carbon fiber straight arm 224mm in length. I would have probably been better off with the original arm but thats not how it was offered. Sliding the weight forward would add more weight to the front but the arm would no longer be balanced...is that a problem? Thanks for the tip on the test record.

    Jay...yes that is a tricky one. Say what you think and risk offending or tell the truth.

    BTW... that Buchanan lp is on Alligator Records and really a superior recordng if you like blues. Time to flip it over. Next up is Junior Wells' and the Chicago Blues Band "Hoodo Man Blues" and its still only friday afternoon!


  11. Thanks Jay...I have Roy Buchanan's "Dancing on The Edge" blasting as I type and must say it sounds great. However...Iam tracking lighter than recommended at 1.75...I would like to try 2.2 grams but can't because of the arms limit. Just now I can't imagine it sounding better...but who knows. Bluesboy said it sounded great as well but thats what friends do right?


  12. About two years ago I bought a Denon DP-1250 tt off ebay complete with a AT-440ML cartridge and an aftermarket ADC arm. The table had been checked out by a tecnician and was in mint condition. The previous owner had refinished the tt in a dark mahogany and it is really attractive. Everything arrived in great shape. The upgrade bug bit and I ordered a Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood cartridge from a dealer on Audiogon. I have been using the above rig for the past year and have been happy with the performance but one issue has got me wondering if I am getting everything from this cartridge.

    The arm was apparently made when tracking very light was the word of the day. The arm only goes to 1.75 tracking force. The Virtuoso Wood's optimal tracking force is 2.2 grams. I have got the tracking force as well as the antiskating both set at 1.75 and it sounds fine.

    What am I missing tracking lighter than recommended? Anyone familiar with this table/arm combination? Any quick fix or suggestions? Would prefer not to change arms if possible. Yes...I know I should have looked at the tracking force rec prior to selecting a cartridge but the Stereophile magazine review was was extremely flattering.

    Would like to hear from the M&M guys in particular (Mark, Max, Malette) who seem to know a lot about tts but all help is appreciated. Mark...your recent thread on tts though an excellent thread, started me thinking about an upgrade....thanks a lot.


  13. Larry, Chuck....................You guys are too much, how can I say this with out offending anyone..............I had a Turntable and Vinyl for over 25 years, I do not wish to go back to that. I sold well over 600 LP's, some with just a play or two on them, and took a big beating selling them all to one person just to get rid of them. I hated then, and would now, changing cartridges, balancing tone arms, etc.............changing sides every 14 to 18 minutes is not a pleasure to me.............ticks, pops, crackle, and skips drives me CRAZY..............changing turntables like I change underwear, because this is a new improved turntable..........rumble from idler wheels that showed up in my recorded tapes.............belts that break.......although they were pretty trouble free..............Direct Drive was pretty nice...........Garrard, Dual, Fisher, Sony, Technics, and last but not least, my favorite, a single play, manual, belt driven AR....................Please, I have done and lived the vinyl experience, and I chose not to return there.................All kidding aside, I am taken back by your offer, but I really must decline..............I can not Thank You enough......but your turntable really should go to someone who wants one, and will use it...................Please remember, when I first started the stereo experience, RECORDS were my only choice............Today I have many choices, and turntables aren't one of them..................I hope this came out right without offending you guys............Thank You again for your kind and generous offer...............IS THIS FORUM SOMETHING....................OR WHAT ????????

    No offense taken......you said it just right. The Thorens was gathering dust and was looking for a good home. Did I mention I have a third reel to reel that needs a new belt or a new home[:)].Just kidding. Looking forward to your impressions of the Scott.


  14. Now Buck I've got this old Thorens TD-165 with a Signet cartridge I might throw into the mix....came from a guy closer to your neck of the woods....Canada. He packed like he had never packed before but that is another story. Ready to give vinyl a try?


    Sweet! I'll even kick in some LP's if your willing.


    Lets do it....make buckster a tubes and vinyl guy.


  15. Tarheel:

    We had a party at my place last weekend (Rf-83 complete system w/RT-12d sub) and a guy came from SEVEN houses down to tell us his kids couldn't sleep because of it!!

    Maybe you need to set up inside rather than on the front lawn[H].

    BTW...what time was it when he complained? Only 7 houses away? As Oldbuckster would say.....EH!!!!


  16. That must have been a mess Marvel...a melted lp dripping on your tubes....no accidents like that or Rob's wifes experience... but I still keep my fingers crossed. I would like for my wife to feel comfortable using the equipment...except for the TT....that is too delicate and the cartridge alone cost more than my first car. One droped arm and there goes that extended cantilever. I have been meaning to write down the sequence and precautions for using the rest of the system but she is not a critical listener and had just as soon put a cd in the Bose radio in the kitchen. She does seem impressed with my system when some of her friends come over and I put on one of her cds such as Andre Bocelli or Josh Groban.

    Rob...I thought while I was posting this morning that the flowers might be plastic but glad you made that clear. Those speakers are way too nice to end up with a stained top. You know I have been thinking about a thread on equipment as eye candy.....I spend some time cleaning, oiling, and polishing all my pieces, but I have known folks who could care less about the looks as long as the sound is good. It would be interesting to see what the break down on the forum would be.

    Good chatting with you both.


  17. Rob...looking at your speakers again this morning I noticed the plant on top of the right speaker...reminded me of my McIntosh ML1Cs I bought in the early 70s..put a plant on top of one speaker....and you guessed it....the water wicked through the ceramic and left a nice white circle on top. I finally restored those Macs 2 years ago and they now sit second chair to my hybrid LSs. Actually I had glass tops cut for them and am using them for end tables in my music room where they rarely get played.

    I read your comments about Linda's intimidation to use your equipment to my wife since the same thing is going on here. I use to have a Pioneer SX-1280 and a ss Denon cdp and Julia used it regularly. I then went to tubed horn monos, tubed preamp, and tubed cdp and she has not attempted to turn on the system since. Must be a girl thing!


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