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  1. "BTW...if things don't work out he has some empty LS cabs (my old ones) that he may sell you at a good price..but then shipping would be a pain."

    Why would things not work out?

    For all we know...NJBOB could be a woodshop instructor at a local vocational high school......let's give the guy a chance.

    Speakerfritz...I usually don't make it a point to reply to comments such as yours but this once I will make an exception. First ...I made no assumption as to NJbob's skill level or lack there of. To even start a project of this nature would seem to indicate that he has the requisite skills. Secondly, I have no idea why things would not work out...I was only pointing out that we have empty cabinets if he needs them. People start and stop projects all the time for one reason or another (lack of time, patience, tools). Bluesboy and I have been through this particular speaker build a couple of times and it was apparent that NJbob had not and was asking for help. Certainly NJbob doesn't need me to "give him a chance"...I am sure he would move forward regardless. The difference in your post and mine is that I was making an attempt to help someone.

    I have no desire to carry this discussion any further. Bob knows how to contact me if he needs assistance.


  2. NJBOB....if you haven't started cutting yet you may want to consider taking the 3/4 plywood back and going with 1" mdf like the new LS IIs use. It makes a noticeable differnce in the bass. I talked with Bluesboy earlier and he is going to try and locate a useful thread for you that should answer some of your questions.

    BTW...if things don't work out he has some empty LS cabs (my old ones) that he may sell you at a good price..but then shipping would be a pain.


  3. Thanks Travis...I don't know if I want one if I can't playback back my 1/4 tracks. Its just there were some very good looking machines on ebay yesterday and I got the urge. The Tascam BR-20 or 3030 caught my eye. The BR-20 is still being made I understand. I have all the tape I probably will ever need....I bought a box of almost new Maxell tapes on ebay from a woman whose husband had passed away. There were 53 tapes including blanks and he never wrote on the boxes and kept the tapes in their plastic bags. Don ended up being the low bidder on the Teac 3300 SX.

    Anyway I appreciate your help.


  4. Sheldon..while surfing Audiogon I saw a Pioneer TX-9100 or 9500 which was a very well respected tuner in its day. The best part was the guy only wanted $140. Go to Audiogon and click on misc and look there. There is also a very nice Fisher 100 for $325.

    I would grab the Fisher but there are no good stations in this area.


  5. Russ...WPM one of my buddies in Texas tube rolls his Quickies a lot ant I think he has settled on 6550s? He tried the KT-88 and others but moved on. Anyway I am sure they are on the back burner now that you have the new monos. Burn em in good and let us know what you think.


  6. Well Dave.....I don't know what to say to that..... but thats never stopped me from commenting before....so I will just say that you certainly have superior writing skills and are a talented wordsmith. Plus I think you have a handle on this forum. There are a lot of talented and generous folks and much diversity here....as long as it's Klipsch...but then again we occasionally allow folks to ask questions about ESS speakers or comment about Vandersteen or even Martin Logans.

    So I say to you.....Welcome home. I wasn't even here yet when you left but I am glad you came back. Now tell me....where is Duke Spinner...it seems he just packed up his avatar and went home!


  7. Tom....I can't help.... I remember ESS speakers but never heard any...heard a lot of Advent, ARs, JBLs in those days.

    I am still trying to get over the Vandersteen 2Cs on Audiogon for $300!!! If anyone wants to look at non klipsch speakers they are on the fourth or fifth page of classified ads under full range speakers. Think they are in California as I recall. Those boys were about $1700 new and only need a small piece of veneer to be reglued according to the ad.

    Good luck with your research.


  8. Russ...if you can send pictures please do. I still haven't learned how to do that..not exactly on the cutting edge technologically speaking....heck I haven't even learned how to cut and paste and miss out on a lot of the info sent to me. It just hasn't been a priority...rather tinker with the system.

    Have you experimented with tubes on the Quicksilvers? Are they EL-34 based?

    I just replaced my EL-34s with KT-77s in the horn monos and am well pleased with the result.



  9. Thanks Jay, Gil, Pauln, Larry and Dave...very helpful information. The reason I am considering the 2 track is that I wanted to upgrade to a more professional deck...one that is rugged and made to withstand studio use though it will just be a home deck. I was hoping for a little increase in sound qualty as well. I was surprised to learn that the Tascam BR-20 is still being made and a lot of the earlier ones are being pulled out of Colleges and government facilities during equipment upgrades. I think they are around $3000 but you can often find them used. I wonder about availability and cost of parts on other 2 tracks. Also learned from a forum I stumbled on that Ampex recorders are tube based and very desireable.

    Anyway...thanks for your help guys.


  10. I have a few quarter track decks and am considering a 2 track machine. What are the drawbacks if any other than recording in one direction only. I know a little about my decks but nothing at all about 2 track decks. I would be getting a deck with 7.5 and 15 ips speeds and a lot of professional features. What about playback of 1/4 tapes...any problem? What do I need to know before I make the leap?


  11. Russ...congrats on the mono blocks. How is the sound different from the Quicksilvers...more Jack Daniels than fine red wine?[H]I would be interested in your review after you have had some listening time. What speakers do you have?



  12. Allan...that is a very special list and I could certainly go there with you. I wondered if you might respond with your passion for jazz. I have only been listening to jazz for a couple of years but I am starting to build a collection of Miles Davis, Sonny Rollins, John Coltrane, Art Pepper, and Art Blakey. Davis must have put out a ton of albums...many that you can still find even in my neck of the woods.

    Thanks for responding.


  13. Fish....great list..I had forgotten that there was another Woodstock!

    How about any of the relief concerts....any good music there?

    Travis...I want to do something special for the next round....maybe four different types of music...two per side with really good sound. One of my decks is in rehab in Florida with Kevin Kaas...my tech of choice . When it gets back and my work schedule gets back to normal I will send one on. I see Luther is a Teac man...what decks does he have? Who could you recommend that sells refurbished RTRs?

    Bluesboy...wheres your list?


  14. Colterphoto and Klipsched with Yamahas....you guys trying to bump Oldbuckster from the final three at the last moment? Your list made me think....I was in the 7th grade when "Meet The Beatles" album came out...and I got out of College when Chicago was at Carnegie Hall. Man..time marches on.

    Keep those list coming.....c'mon newbies don't be shy.

    BTW....Where is Duke Spinner?


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