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  1. Okay ....one last word and Iam reallly getting off the pc. I found the article..the October issue of Stereophile. Marks is in Rhode Island at the old Narragansett church reputed to house the oldest pipe organ in north america...the organ contains wooden bass pipes that date back to 1640. He is recording using a Sound Devices 722 (a hard disk based high resolution portable recorder, $2650), Tascam DV-RA1000, and Grace 201.

    If you are interested in reading the article (about 4 pages) I can mail you a copy. Email me at cblackwelder@hcpplanning.com with your mailing address and I will put it in the mail.


  2. Dave...Did you happen to see the article on recording pipe organs that John Marks wrote in Stereophile magazine a while back? I will try to find it and give you a shout.

    Hey Travis...how is the weather out your way. Looking forward to 58 degrees here wednesday..will seem like a heat wave.

    Guys...I am going to hang up the pc for now...good chatting with you both.


  3. Welcome back Dave...the more the merrier. Lot of Texans on the forum...WPM, Wardsweb, and DWILawyer come to mind. The forum can certainly become addictive and try as I might to limit my time I just have to see whats being discussed at least once a day. Congrats on the VPI and being content with your system. I am pretty content with my system but have found thats not a place you stay for long....always something to tweak.

    BTW...always wanted a job that paid bonuses! Enjoy your grill.


  4. I was about to log off when I saw your thread. First thing would be to rule out a dirty record head. If you haven't already done so...get a Q-tip and some head cleaner or alcohol...but not rubbing alcohol... that contains a skin conditioner...usually lanolin. Clean the heads thoroughly changing Q-tips if really dirty. If this doesn't solve the problem maybe someone out there such as forum member DWI Lawyer can help.

    Good luck. BTW...that a nice deck you have.


  5. Hi William....I think I have been monopolizing the 2 channel section recently so I am going to take a short break. Between the forum, AK, and Audioasylum I have

    little left to say of interest anyway. PM me anytime..... always willing to shoot the breeze. BTW do you know forum members DWI Lawyer or Luther who also live in Texas? Yeah...I know its' a big state. We were in a rtr tape exchange group recently.

    Hope the new project is going well for you. Let me know how it turns out.


  6. Funkyhambone...pretty cool mom..Elvis at 7 y/o. That is certainly one for the memory banks.

    OB...you are probably right about Woodstock..with the crowd, mud, and long lines. I couldn't do it now but maybe in my 20s. But oh my! the music and the lineup of talent.

    Hey William...where you been? Haven't chatted in awhile. Liked your list. You must pick up a rtr...they add so much to a system not just another analog piece but to watch those big reels turning.

    Must get ready to go to work...hope to see more list or seconds from you folks later.


  7. Good post Jim...I wasn't too young for Woodstock ..just a little too far away. That would have been some experience at age 7 or any age for that matter.

    John Marks who writes for Stereophile magazine is a big organ fan and hangs out at Audioasylum some. I traded emails with him once about the recording of Miles Davis' Kind Of Blue. He knows as much about recording and organs as anyone I know. What a great job he has.

    Thanks for your comments...it was a very interesting read.


  8. More good ones from Two Dot and Funkyhambone. Welcome to the forum Two Dot and yes Stevie Ray deserves a nod.

    One I forgot that would have to be on my list would be Sonny Rollins-Without a Song..The Concert for 911.

    Any Beatles, Elvis, Buddy Holly, Byrds, Stones, Flying Burrito Brothers, Marshall Tucker Band nominations? Anything more eclectic? Joe Cocker? Pavrotti? Springsteen with the E Street Band?

  9. Travis and Seti.....very good post...this is what we were looking for. There are so many good ideas and no wrong answers. Travis that was some lineup....yes I would have liked to have been there. Thanks Seti for reminding me of some I had not considered! Don mentioned a Stones event that would have been on his list but I can't recall which one right this minute. Maybe he will post after the football game. Buffalo Springfield or even CSN&Y..Hendrix at Woodstock...Sonny Rollins...Monk..Neil Young...Doors...not to mention classical. This could be fun!

    Travis..Don and I finished the back side of a reel we had started earlier...ended up recording Miles Davis and the Modern Jazz Giants, Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers, and Miles Davis at the Plugged Nickle. All on LP. Denon DP-1250 with Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood Cartridge.

    Keep the ideas coming...the more list the better.


  10. Bluesboy and I were making a 10 inch reel tape today while having a sip or two of Spongeworthy's top shelf tequila that he so graciously left behind. Talking about magic moments in music lead us to the supposition that if you could go back in time what 5 events/venues would you have liked to have attended. We thought this would make a good thread and immediately came up with a few examples. These were not thought out answers but a few quick responses. Here are a few and please feel free to do your own.

    A day at Woodstock with whoever

    A night at the Blackhawk or Plugged Nickle listening to Miles Davis

    Early days of the Sex Pistols

    A day at the Monterey Pop Festival

    A night with Dylan and the Dead

    A night in the 60s with Dylan in NY

    A day with Hendrix

    Sharing a bottle of Southern Comfort with Janis Joplin on stage

    Okay...I know thats eight but I am the host.

    Lets hear yours.


  11. Hey OB, I thought about you while writing my post. I thought you might reply since you are probably the ultimate proponent of rock and roll music on the forum. If left in your hands R&R will never die....thats a given.

    I had only been ten years old for about a month when these three pioneers met their untimely deaths and can't say I recall the event or the news coverage that followed. If you do...please write a few words about your recollections. I don't think I remember much about that time period other than baseball and BB guns....not even girls yet. Well.... maybe a little about girls[;)]

    Don McLean's 1971 hit American Pie immortalized Holly, Valens, and the Big Bopper and was released at a time when my ear was closer to the music. It was a defining moment for a lot of us baby boomers. So many more artist were to follow and were remembered in the Righteous Brothers song R&R Heaven. I bet you can recall where you were when we got the news about Jim, Janice, and Jimmy.

    BTW...Mr. Berkowitz collects phonographs as well as r&r records and memorabilia...I hope he returns my call...I would love to visit.


  12. February 3, 1959....48 years ago today...Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, and the "Big Bopper", J.P. Richardson died in a plane crash. Herb Berkowittz, who lives in Wilmington, NC wrote a column in the opinions section of the Wilmington Star News today reminding us rock'n'rollers of that sad day. I will take the liberty to quote from Mr. Berkowitz to share with you his sentiments. "In the pre beatles era of rock-n-roll, Holly was one of three white boys who really, really mattered, and the only one who didn't live long enough to cash in on it. " Elvis went on to stardom and Roy Orbison had 2 number one hits."

    "Of the hundreds who helped define rock-n-roll many are gone. (most recently James Brown and Thornton James Hudson). Only a handful of legitimate stars remain: Chuck Berry, Pat Boone, Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard."

    The Crickets, Fireballs, and Bobby Vee will be back at the Surf Ballroom tonight (last venue prior to the plane crashing) along with the Cleftones, Dale Hawkins and barbara Lewis.

    "Don McLean was only half right: Holly died that February weekend but his music lives on."

    Thank you Mr. Berkowitz for remembering.


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  13. This thread has had its alotted time but Dtel's wife wanted to see other Bluesboy projects so I brought it back.

    Keith...I know today was special for you and I too spent the afternoon with my system and some good single mault. I must say your speakers are about as close to musical nirvana as I have come. That said lets don't get Bluesboy's head too big or he may start charging for his speaker builds. Enjoy the night as well and come back soon.


  14. Spongeworthy just now left from my house for that long dark stretch of I-40 to Raleigh. He met us at Don's shop earlier and the khorns were ready and waiting for his xovers and midrange drivers. A quick hookup and we all were in store for a musical treat. Don brought along several cds including the remastered Santana Abraxas and Keith brought along a Red Hot Chili Peppers cd. Wonderful sound...some of the best music that I have ever heard.

    We then went to my house for ribs, chili and mexican beer talked music, equipment, and the forum and some of our favorite forum personalities. We listened to my hybrid LS and much too quickly said so long. It was a very nice saturday afternoon. My take was that Spongeworthy was pleased with his purchase and it was really great to meet him.


  15. Thanks Dtel's wife...I am looking forward to Keiths visit...its really fun connecting with folks with the same interest....some just don't get our interest in music/equipment. Last weekend I had some friends over for dinner and they said my system sounded really great but they just didn't see sitting silently in front of a system passively listening. He talked of buying a new plasma tv and being entertained that way. It doesn't have to be an either/or situation you can have either or both.

    I agree...I would like to meet more forum members....this will be the first visit..excluding bluesboy...and he's no fun...but seriously if you ever get to the east coast give us a call.


  16. Not to steal Spongeworthy's thunder but tommorow Spongeworthy comes to the port city to pick up yet another set of speakers. How many pair does that make? I know he just bought some Cornwalls and now he is picking up a pair of khorn hybrids built by Bluesboy and decked out in piano black lacquer and paduak trim. After a stop at Bluesboy's shop to audition the speakers and eat some ribs, we will go to my house to listen to my hybrid La Scalas. We don't get many forum members down our way so this is kind of a big deal for us.

    I am sure Spongeworthy will give everyone a full report once he gets them home and set up. Four sets of klipsch....what an understanding wife.....I've got to meet her someday. Anyway...a great Saturday in store. Keith..plan to spend the night if you want we have the room.


  17. Hi Keith....yes I will be here this weekend...come on down. Been in Rocky Mount on business the last two days and Just got in....a little road weary. Time for a scotch and some music. Suppose to be very cold Friday but moderating for the weekend. I will check with Don and see how your speakers are coming along. Looking forward to seeing you.


  18. William....I did get your pm when I got to work Monday and sent a reply. I gave you my home email address since the other one is only good when I am goofing off at work weekdays. Try me at blackweldercmjr@bellsouth.net. or cblackwelder@hcpplanning.com.

    Just checked the forum after checking out reel to reels on ebay and saw your thread. I don't need a fourth RTR but if a mint one comes up I like to look. Saw your reply about reel tape prices today and that link you mentioned is a keeper. I had them send a catalog.

    Keep me up to speed on your second system as things progress. If I had a house and budget large enough I would probably have a house full of equipment especially vintage. What do you think of the replacement tubes in your preamp? I have been using Dougs Tubes as well and need to retube my preamp soon.

    BTW..the new avatar...your car? If so drive on down this weekend and will get Bluesboy and Spongeworthy together and audition some speakers.


  19. Dave...before you check yourself into a clinic please try a couple of these selections. I frequently am bummed about how bad cds from the 80s and 90s sound and bemoan the fact that I own so many from that era. I need to cull about 300 from my collection. With a great recording I am usually happy with my system. Maybe we can start a thread getting folks to list their 5 favorite cds for sound quality. Here are my five.

    Sonny Rollins-Saxaphone Colossus

    Mark Knopfler-One Take Radio Sessions

    Miles Davis-Kind Of Blue

    Mark Knopfler-Shangri-La

    Van Morrison-Pay The Devil

    Sonny Rollins-Way Out West

    Tahe 2 of these and call me in the morning.


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