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  1. Depending on your price range its' hard to beat the tubed output Jolida 100. I have one as does Duke Spinner. I think if you look hard you can find one on Audiogon.com for about $700 or new for $900. Bluesboy calls mine the best sounding cd player he has heard. I bought mine from Hotrodaudio.com and they threw in the mini mod (better tubes, sound deadning, iso feet) for free. I also hear good things about the Rega Apollo but have never heard one. Go to Stereophile.com and look up reviews under archives. The Jolida review sold me. Good luck!


  2. Making plans to mod the lascalas with the trachorn. Will make a template and use a router to make the opening larger. Has anyone made this mod? Any tips to pass along? There is not a lot of room between the top of the horn and the bottom of the tweeter and not much room for error. I will be using the horn only...not the grille/adaptor. I think the horn has a flange for mounting to the cabinet. I will have to use an adaptor to use the LS drivers and ALK has those.


  3. Jay....if you haven't made a decision yet please look into this. It may save you some money. I just got AudioAdvisor in the mail and thumbing through I saw what looked like my Nitty Gritty record vac but it turned out to be a clone made by Nitty Gritty for AudioAdvisor. This unit is completely manual..like mine. They say it is a Stereophile recommended product and comes with a brush and 4 oz fluid. Now here is the great news. Its' only $229 and shipping is free!!!

    Contact info as follows:



    Audio Advisor, Inc.

    3427 Kraft SE

    Grand Rapids, MI 49512

  4. Tarheel:

    If I read some of your comments correctly (and some of Bluesboy's comments), it appears as though your thoughts of switching to K-33s may be motivated by a desire (or curiosity) to have the right woofers in there as opposed to any curing any dissatisfaction with your current bass response. Having owned Belles (with Trachorns, ALK Universals) and also Altec Valencias (with 806As - abeit in a non-horn application), I agree with Al and would pluck down the money to solve the midhorn once and for all - by going with Trachorns before I went the crossover route. Don't get me wrong, Al's ALK Universal is a great crossover, but the Trachorn gives you much more bang for the buck in the upgrade dept. Plus, with the superior squawker, you can get by with running a much less sophisticated crossover (i.e. OEM). Yes, the Altec is a bit of a mismatch for your bass bin, but if it currently works well enough I would not cut on 'em (I am also a fan of the 806As anyway). After Trachorns, if you are so inclined, slap a pair of Bob's tweeters in them (or keep the K77s)....... If you decide that your upper end is too high at that point (or bottom end is too down spl-wise), you could cross that bridge with K33 replacement or ALK's universals.

    Just a thought.....


    Thanks Carl,,,,that sounds like good advice. Bluesboy at this point wants to pull the Altecs out just out of curiosity. He doesn't think the difference in woofers/bass will be significant. My speakers are wedged in pretty tight in the corners and I really don't know if I want to wrestle them out and remove the bottom hatch, remove the solder to the leads, change out the woofers, reassemble, put them back in place just to find little difference. I may opt for the trachorns or wait to build another set with 1inch mdf, trachorns, k-33s, better tweeters.


  5. Bluesboy has a set of k-33s....Maybe we can try one and do a comparison as you suggest. The harshness that I am referring to is not a matter of balance but more like I have heard it described before....a ringing. Maybe sound deadner on the horn would help if I have room to get in that section. I talked with ALK yesterday and he suggested I may want to try the trachorn before I change x-overs. I think I would have to enlarge the opening. There are so many modifications now it is overwhelming, Better tweeters, trachorns, crossovers, 1 inch mdf. All in the quest for better sound.

    Thanks for your caution and I will proceed slowly.

  6. Hacking is the last thing I want but you guys all seem to agree that I have the wrong woofer. Here I was thinking that my midrange sounded a bit harsh and looking into ALK universals and/or trachorns. I guess my tweeter and cabinets are okay! It sure gets expensive paying for mistakes.

    If I decide to live with the Altec how will that effect the Alk x-overs?

    Thanks to all who responded. I value your opinions.


  7. These are my lascalas were talking about so I have a couple of questions. Has anyone heard this combination before (416 8A) with the other components being stock lascala parts? What is the audible effect or what am I missing by not using the K-33s? Please speak in laymans terms since I probably won't know what you are talking about if you don't.

    I welcome all imput prior to doing invasive surgery on these 1 year old speakers. Al are you out there?


  8. Hello everyone...I'm new to the forum...Klipsch in the house since 1977. Just ordered a pair of Quicksilver Horn monos to drive my '77 Heresies...and found a Quicksilver Full Function Preamp as well...waiting for FedEx like a kid @ Christmas!


    Welcome Stringmun1.....I have horn monos as well as the Full Function Preamp pushing a pair of LaScalas. Hope you read the Stereophile magazine review on the horn monos.....very complimentary. Go to Quicksilver Audio and follow the link to the review if you haven't done so.


  9. now there's 3 of us on the forum, with a Full Feature pre

    OK, I'll bite since I don't know -- what's a "full feature" preamp? Thanks --

    LarryC.......The Full Function Preamp is the name of Quicksilver Audios tubed preamp. Duke can probably fill you in better than I can but I think it may be 5 years old. My preamp is #504 and I don't know what the total run was. I believe it has now been replaced with a line stage preamp.


  10. I know you are all tired of the hand wringing about tube compatability so I have settled on JJ KT-77s, a copy of the Marconi-Osram tube when they were part of GEC. Doug said that all his NYC customers are dropping their EL-34s in favor of this tube in their Marantz 8s and Dynacos. Not being able to hear them first I am going on his reccommendation.

    Thanks Craig for hooking me up with this tube dealer.

  11. I think rubbing alcohol is the one alcohol you want to stay away from. Lanolin is often added to rubbing alcohol to condition the skin during a body rub and can leave a residue on records. See if your pharmacy or chemical supply house has some 97% pure isoprophyl.

    I recently bought a small bottle of record cleaner concentrate from AcousticSounds.com. I think VPI made it and 1 ounce makes a gallon of cleaner when mixed with distilled water. I use that with a Nitty Gritty Record Vac. Works okay though water beads a lot.

  12. 20-25mA in what tester? A maxi matcher? If so at what settings on the tester? I know someone that may be able to hook you up but need more info on this 20 - 25mA rating.


    Craig.....I have no idea but I will forward the email I got from Tube Depot if you don't mind. I am using Tesla 34Ls but would like to try other tubes if I can do it safely. I am a novice in way over my head so any reccommendation will be appreciated. This is my first tube gear. If I stay with the 34L do you have a brand preference? I will be leaving my pc in about an hour so I may not get your reply til monday. Thanks much.


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