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  1. Still stimulating the economy or I should say LF is.  Put an aluminum fence with brick columns around the back yard, mega landscaping, and a sidewalk on the other side of the house.  Just got plans and an estimate for a free standing deck with pergola to house the new hot tub LF ordered.  She swears it will make me feel like a new man?


    So what did I buy?  A JB4 tuning module for the Z4.  Makes it scoot a little more.  The company that installed it was not up to snuff on some things.  I had asked if I could monitor and change maps (power increase) from my tablet and they said I could.  After installation they tried the app on my windows 10 tablet without success. After waiting to hear back I called the module supplier who advised that the module is not compatible with Windows!  It still works but I can't monitor what power it's making or use any of the other features.  I had paid $150 for the module to be supplied with bluetooth for that purpose.


    Internet okay here but I still don't have a cell phone.  Not a priority for me plus someone may call me if I did have one!


    Leaving LF's place and headed to my house to blow pine straw off the roof.


    So that's it for now.  You gents have a fun weekend!



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  2. LF heading north (VA) for three days for a wedding.  I made a large pot of chili (no beans) yesterday and she made mac & cheese and an apple fritter for me.  Neither Swanky nor I will starve.


    Slight ear pain from over vigorous cleaning so listening may be compromised for a day.


    Maybe I'll give Gary over at RTM a call and catch up as we do from time to time.  He loves to talk music and gear.


    Good vibes to you Dave!

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  3. I think the question was for me so I posted the picture.  They are Spatial Audio M4 Sapphires.  Open baffle as you can see.  Ordered the optional Sapele wood baffle.  After three pairs of  horns I wanted to try something different.

    And yes I have heavy curtains for that window with the reflection.

    Good to see you post dtel.

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  4. 1 hour ago, michaelwjones said:


    Just curious why you would not go with Dinan? They advertise up to 398 hp with your car. Several years ago I did their stage 1 with my 135 at the BMW dealer; no installation issues, 100% compatible, and no problem with my warranty. Just adding 30 more hp to the already silly 300hp was enough for me. 

    It's what the speed shop recommended and I really know little about tuning.  Plus if I get 80hp more as they suggest I would top out at 415hp.

  5. IMG_7945.JPG.bb7554d349c2d419d150d74ca6b00a58.JPGNo the car is completely stock.  A ceramic coating and new Michelin's.  Only 36,000 miles though.  I have been quoted 1K for the module, installation, and two pulls on the dyno.  Tech says maybe 80hp/70 pounds of torque increase can be expected and I get to watch the dyno test.  Not sure where in my neck of the woods I could use all that power with our traffic.

    Your advice is well taken! 

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  6. Looking for advice on tuning modules specifically the JB4 module for a 2012 BMW Z4 35is.  335hp now and looking to get to 400hp at stage 1 boost.  35,000 miles, daily driver.  Safe is #1 priority....don't want to hurt the engine.

    Has anyone here done this and would you do it again?

  7. A crew arrived this morning removed the wooden fence around the back yard and finished up installing half the aluminum fence.  Brick mason coming Friday to do a few columns.  Hard workers in this heat.  Tired me out just watching so I'm going to have a slushie or two.

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  8. 11 minutes ago, Dave1291 said:

    @Tarheel Almost like watching the NBA today.  Right down to the wire then it's OT.  Roy's boys are always tough to beat.  When's he gonna retire?  Think he's about 70 now.  

    He did retire.  Former player Hubert Davis is the coach now.

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  9. On 3/17/2022 at 2:17 PM, Dave1291 said:


    Of course we can dig it!  You sick or what?  About time you showed up!  Knew you would though with the start of March Madness.  :)   Still drawing pictures of nekkie stick women in your spare time?   😂

    The can you dig it line comes from an old movie The Warriors......circa 1979 about the gangs of NY.

    Spending time on other forums for now.......

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  10. Eight years....where does the time go?  Happy birthday to all the regulars and the occasional guest who pass through looking for a light read and end of making a friend or two along the way!  It has been a blast and to the extent all who visit are made to feel welcome regardless of their audio acumen then I'm pleased.

    Great work guys and let's go for a few more years😊

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  11. Morning grasshopper!  Haven't been on the forum much lately.

    Ice and 24 degrees here getting up to 40 today.  Power went out around 5:45 am preventing the auto coffee grinder to keep it's 6:00 appointment.  Lit the gas stove to boil water and then the power comes back on.  So one cup under the belt and headed back to the kitchen.


    As for the lock I guess we all need to stick to the 97 out of 100 things we can discuss and leave the other 3% for Face Book.  Nuff said about that.........

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