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  1. 18 hours ago, Invidiosulus said:

    Yep, too young and not a native to the high country.

    Four of my kids were born in Banner Elk though so I definitely feel like this area is home at this point.


    There have been a couple of quakes in the area in the past decade.

    I think the only one that I remember noticing was actually centered somewhere up in Virginia back around 2011-12 or so.

    I was working at Lees-McRae College at the time and noticed the water bottle on my desk start swaying back and forth and there was a noticeable rumbling noise that filled our basement office.


    The housing market is nuts up here.

    A good friend of mine just sold his house in Banner Elk, which was really nice, for $450,000.

    We we’re looking at some other homes in the area, one of which was an 800sq ft dump of a shack which apparently just sold for $270,000.

    It makes me glad I bought my house in Spruce Pine when I did back in 2016.

    My father graduated from Lees-McRae college.....born in Old Fort in 1915.  The family had a large Victorian house in town but many years later when I drove through sadly the house had been remuddled.  All the gingerbread and trim stripped off and vinyl siding installed🤢

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  2. Weigh in.  Started at 198.8 last Sunday now at 191.8.  Yep I know a lot of it is water weight but still the belts not as tight.  As LF said "the key is not to binge on the carbs you've been craving".  On the positive side Atkins and Keto allow bourbon!


    Started out foggy but now the sun is out and it feels almost spring like.  LF playing tennis with her group.  Swanky is sleeping..........


    Gents....enjoy your weekend!

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  3. We have Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts here but the place where folks line up is Britt's Donuts at Carolina Beach, NC.  Melt in your mouth (no chewing required).


    That said....I am at a 10 year high with weight.  6'2", 198.  187 is the goal....just deciding between my stand by (Atkins), Keto, or ad lib. 


    Of course this will start after my visit to an upscale steak house Saturday night and party Sunday night😀

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  4. 11 hours ago, GWSmith said:

    Thanks Paul for the approval :emotion-21:,  I usually don't post CD content here, but I wanted to share the B&O system, and without a TT that goes with it, well, the CD was the next choice.  I could do a cassette next :D, THAT little transport was very difficult to work on.  There were 4 belts that had to be changed out!! 


    Ok, still enjoying Ms. Krall ^_^ 

    If you're still looking for a B&O TT lady friend has one and other B&O gear.  Let me know.

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  5. Let's see how this works out.  Yesterday I pulled the speakers out into the room further so they rested on the area rug instead of hardwood.  A bit closer together too.  Warmed up the tubes and put a well recorded Norah Jones CD.  Sounded darn good!

    So putting my giant size brain to work I deduced that I needed a larger rug.  Got on line and ordered a 10'x13' for my smallish music room (14.2'X13.1'). 

    So now I'll have to hire some strong backs to lift the stereo cabinet and slide the rug under it. The rug and drapes are my only concession to room treatments.

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