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  1. On 10/14/2021 at 9:28 AM, Shiva said:

    Looks like those bottles are filled with coke.😀 There are items posted in this thread at times, where a link to who makes it and its specs would be cool. So this is a 300B pre and a headphone amp,yes?  I see that it can be ordered as a kit, hand built?   


    Transcendent Sound "The Masterpiece" 300B OTL. Purchased from a seller on usaudiomart.  2015 build with a few upgrades.  Tubes are 2 Psvane 12au7s and 2 Shuguang Treasure Black Bottle 300B-Z.  THD less than 0.1%, gain 12db, SN 100 dBA.

    Will be paired with an ATI 1502 (150 wpc) in a second system.  Listened to 3 CDs (John Lee Hooker, Sonny Rollins, Over The Rhine) yesterday and was PLEASED!

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  2. 44 minutes ago, CECAA850 said:

    Get better soon Brian.


    Been out of town since last Thursday.   Wasn't online then but just now caught up with this thread.  Too much to respond to so ill just sit on the sidelines for now.  Carry on.

    Been wondering where you is.

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  3. To Farmers Supply in the AM.  Fungus in LF's yard and the guy that has been treating says it's bad.  Wonder if he realizes it happened on his watch!   So 20 pounds of Heritage G and then wait and see........


    Bought a preamp yesterday on impulse.  A Transcendent Sound "The Masterpiece".  Need more equipment like I need another hole in my head but someones got to do it......right.  It was shipped today.  Will replace the Quicksilver Audio unit that was a bit long in the teeth.  It will be in my second system at my other house so I'll rarely hear it😐

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    16 minutes ago, CECAA850 said:

    Superbowl half time show.

    Dr Dre

    Snoop Dogg


    Mary J Blige

    Kendrick Lamar.


    Looks like that'll be my bathroom break.

    If i was to watch...which I won't I agree on the break time!

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  4. 8 hours ago, dtel said:

    The wife had this pop up on her facebook thing and laughed. It was when I was a senior, we walked out to protest not being able to have long hair, they gave in.

    It's funny to see this after all these years expecially since my hair is now shorter than it's ever been.   


    Always knew dtel was a rebel rouser! 

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  5. Got up at 6:15 and had coffee and a bowl of cheese grits.  Washed the bubble and refreshed the ceramic coating (2 stage process)..  Use Modesta products.  All done by 8:30.


    LF off to play tennis.  Swanky sleeping.  Nice early fall temps.


    Power Ball at 523 million.  I have 4 tickets so I should win🤔

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  6. With LF all busy cleaning (laundry, washing kitchen cabinets, changing filters on two refrigerators) I felt kind of bad.  So I pulled the bubble out into the shade and did a meticulous cleaning of the tires and wheels followed by the leaf blower to dry everything and then tire gloss.

    So see....no ones completely worthless....they can always serve as a bad example😁

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  7. 1 hour ago, bluesboy said:

    Hey Chuck how's everything in Wilmington? Good to hear you're going to be firing up the LaScala clones.


    Try to find a used Transcendent Sound phono preamp to use with the ATI amp. You will not be disappointed.


    I loaned the one I built to my buddy Bob to use with his Mac 225 and Cornwalls. He says his high end Micro Seiki TT has never sounded better.

    Hey Don I may look into that once I do some experimenting.  I'll call you and Roy out on the left coast tomorrow.

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  8. 22 minutes ago, willland said:

    The ATI 1502 is a beast of an amp and definitely has the power advantage but if it were me, I would keep it simple and go with the Pioneer SX-950.



    That's my thoughts Bill.  One unit to hook everything up.  Nothing to buy.  I was at the point of looking at tube pre amps on usaudiomart everyday to hook up the ATI but then thought why.  The ATI did really sound good when I had a Quicksilver pre but it aged out. 

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