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    Yep many times....but it's a hobby and fun to kick the tires now and then.


    fully realizing that folks are in search of perfection in our sound systems///

     Y'all ever get to the point of saying, "I guess that is how it is suppose to sound"?

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  2. Getting ready to spin Bella Fleck and The Flecktones.  It's a new test CD to judge changes in my gear so I'm listening repeatedly so I can pick out nuances.  Normally I would select Saxophone Colossus or Way Out West by Sonny Rollins.


    The change will be two nos Amperex 12AU7s made in Holland late 50's early 60s that will go in the center positions of the PrimaLuna integrated.  Not sold on tube rolling so we will see.......


    Then taking LF to lunch on this sunny but chilly day. 


    So there you have it.....feel free to alert the press🙂

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  3. 28 minutes ago, MicroMara said:

    But may the PL Powerstage Tubes ( EL 34 ? ) will benefit by tuberolling  the prestage 12 AU7 (?) 

    I have an octet of EL-34s but KT-120s are now installed.  I ordered a matched pair of nos Amperex (orange world logo) 12AU7s from Brent Jesse this morning to replace the RCA clear tops.

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  4. 2 hours ago, babadono said:

    Ok so the Masterpiece is a Preamp so it should have line level out. Does the PL have a line level in? Like an Aux in or a tuner in?

    Yes it does.  I was curious if the 300B tubes in the Transcendent pre would add anything positive to the PL integrated's power supply.  May not be worth the effort.....

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  5. So we need more chatter you say?  Not earth shaking but I did climb my 24' ladder up to to three areas of the 1.5 story house to blow leaves and pine straw off.  Gutter guard does not help with straw!  Walking up and down valleys is getting a bit scary for this soon to be 73 year old but my errand boy was busy.


    On a happier note I ordered a matched pair of Amperex 12AU7s (orange world logo-Holland) from Brent Jesse this morning.  Will try them in the two center positions of the PrimaLuna integrated.  A bit of a skeptic about tube rolling I must say.


    Lastly you may remember I bought the Transcendent Sound Masterpiece but it resides at my other house.  Was wondering if I brought it here could I run the PL integrated through the Masterpiece pre amp?  If so tell me how please.

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  6. 3 minutes ago, wetowne said:

    I threw all my vinyl in a dumpster in 1983. No regrets. I ripped all my compact discs to flac in 2020, once again, no regrets. I don't use anything that spins. Too much effort involved. I just tap on a screen now. Life is good.

    I'm just the opposite.  Three turntables, three R2Rs, many hundred LPs and CDs and yes streaming too.  The Sugar Cube takes care of the pops and tics with no loss of musical content.  Love the involvement with my media and watching those big reels spin. 



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  7. Eric you do know that BigStewMan is not a real person right?  Many years ago several of us developed his persona and opened a forum account for him based on the life and career of a federal inmate named Sylvester Penrod.  Penrod was doing time for maliciously smashing guitars and petty theft!  A quirky guy who would go through the chow line and pocket those little packs of ketchup when no one was looking.  I think he is now on the lam traveling up and down the west coast doing odd jobs and blogging on several forums.

    So if you need help with your construction projects you will have better luck getting Rich and Carl to stop by.

    Hope this helps😁

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  8. 58 minutes ago, SWL said:

    I've been looking for something along those lines but see nothing. Where can I resize the pic? I have a Samsung Galaxy S21. 

    Sorry but I'm on a tablet (Microsoft Surface) with windows 10.  Files and pics in Explorer.  Haven't had a cell phone since I retired 9 years ago so I'm no help there.

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  9. 48 minutes ago, SWL said:

    Ok, I dumped Tapatalk because I thought the forum was straightened out. Why can't I post a simple pic from my phone? It's just a pic of a GZ34 and it says that it exceeds 2 MB? What am I missing?



    Go to edit feature and resize pic!

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  10. 44 minutes ago, Dave MacKay said:

    I bought an SVS SB1000 Pro subwoofer. 


    I'm using the subwoofer with my La Scalas and driving them from a Yamaha R-N803 receiver. Currently I crossover to the subwoofer at 100Hz.


    Previously I'd been using a Klipch Synergy subwoofer that I got at Best Buy years ago. The sound from that was quite muddy and unimpressive. The SVS is in a whole different league: the sound is tight and crisp. 


    I'm planning to build a Bill Fitzmaurice-designed THTLP but supply chain problems will delay that until the new year. But I'm so pleased with the SVS that the THTLP will have to be really fantastic to replace the SVS SB1000 Pro.

    100HZ seems a bit high but what do I know (my first sub)?  I have the SVS PC-2000 Pro crossed at 50HZ.

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  11. I think the 4367 JBL has mid range to die for.  Made me start googling them to see if any used ones are for sale.  A gent in NJ has two pair and one pair (with 5 hours use) is for sale for $9999.  Retail price is now $16,500 according to his add.

    Pony express from NJ to NC coast?

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