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  1. scott, did you ever test the center w/ dif material like a music cd? you said tuner but they're well known to have pretty low quality sound w/ mic distortion & such. still haven't ruled out the source material as the problem from what i've seen.

    except now sounds like something is wrong w/ the receiver, maybe after changing things around.

    gil, the sc-1 is an 8 ohm speaker & i highly doubt it gets down anywhere near 8 ohms. my guess is its much higher imped than the heresy.

    you can go get a new receiver scott but don't be suprised if you still hear that staticy like distortion in some movie soundtracks. especially now that you have an ear for it. 2.gif

  2. tim, & just to point out, the yammy doesn't cut LFE @ 90hz - it cuts low bass at 90hz for the sub out & speakers set small. read this attachment for a basic guide of the dif between low bass & LFE.

    that's why i'm always harping on those high fixed crossovers in receiver dsp bass mgmt. the ideal would be to allow adjustability of those dsp crossovers to more closely match w/ bigger speakers, & the power to kick their woofers. like many of the newer receivers are now doing & pre/pros have mostly always had - crossover adjustability.

    the reason you don't want to use the sub's crossover is because the dsp is already doing the filtering for low bass, & most important all LFE goes to the sub out only when you have a sub set up through the sub out in the receiver - so you don't want the sub's cross filtering out any LFE.


  3. yeah, max certainly wouldn't be a gladiator yet. don't think he'd even have dreams of being a gladiator. so how can they call it "gladiator"? sure they'll be creative to make some more $$$ though. 2.gif

    if its just mostly about him as the general or in the army, that would be good by me. that 1st battle scene w/ the germanians was my fav part of that movie.

  4. dk, some overlap between the sub & speakers is inevitable. the key is the transition between them. if you set the fronts to small the sony starts rolling off those channels' low bass (not the LFE) from the rf-3 gradually at 80hz on down in freq & at the same time the sub starts rolling off the same low bass (not the LFE) at 80hz on up in freq. this is what they call crossover slopes. & this is done in the receiver.

    by turning the sub crossover all the way up or disabling it, you're in effect not using the sub's crossover & letting the receiver do it instead. this is what thx, dolby & dts all have in mind for 5.1 material.

  5. i've heard the same staticy sound at times also in my fronts on 5.1 movies where some of the center channel material also came out in the 2 front channels. also it was always w/ movies - music dvd or cd have always been clear as a belle. this leads me to believe its inherent in certain movie soundtracks/mixes.

    for the technicals one may want to explore "compression" & "dialogue normalization" & the problem sound engineers go through w/ the various dynamic ranges, frequencies & volume levels in formatting movie sound to get optimal signal/noise ratios. or something like that. 2.gif

  6. dk, if you're asking me, i suggested not using the crossover on the sub. that's because w/ the sub-out hookup as above all LFE goes only to the sub & its speced to 120hz or higher. i just don't like the idea of cutting any info in the LFE channel myself. 12.gif

    & the yammy uses a 90hz fixed cross for the low bass that goes to the sub if you choose like a both setting in the receiver. your sony uses a 80hz fixed crossover. the same 90hz or 80hz is used as a fixed high pass to your other speakers when you set them to small.

    iow, don't use the crossover on the sub. that's really still there for the old 2-channel days before they came up w/ LFE.

    these days the receiver or pre/pro handles the crossovers digitally. & the best allow you to change the crossover point such as to a lower freq to better accomodate for big speaks & a sub.

    f.e., if you play some 2-channel music & you run your rf-3 on large it will put out pretty good from 40hz on up. but your sub will also be putting out the same from that 40hz on up to 80 or 90hz. this overlap can give you poorer quality & uneven bass w/ the standing waves, peaks, nulls (destuctive interference).

    but maybe some like the peaks & don't notice any nulls. different rooms. tastes, etc. have to experiment w/ the various settings to find out for sure, & that's after you have things placed right.

    i've just found that the bass is tighter & cleaner not overlaping too much. i set all speaks small & the adjustable crossover at 50hz in the pre/pro so that's where the sub starts getting cut on up & the speaks start getting cut on down. but i still had to experiment to find where it sounds best overall for all material.

    w/ your fixed 80hz cross in the sony, all you have to do is switch the fronts back & forth between large & small w/ some 2-channel, bassy material to hear which sounds better.

  7. ----------------

    On 11/4/2002 4:38:34 PM The Hobbit wrote:

    1) Their design and of course the little bit of soul that Paul put into it.

    2) Paul had an equation of 27'wide, 17' deep and 10' height for the perfect room. It was based on the "Golden Means Ratio". The diagonal of this room would be 32' which would allow the full propagation of a 32hz sound pressure wave. Kornerhorns would be placed along the long wall.


    "Kornerhorns would be placed along the long wall."

    i've seen this in my old cornwall/heritage manual. though it seems many, including myself because of the space constraints & room config, put their mains on the short wall in the more rectangular room.

    wonder which is generally the best way to go for a 5.1+ speaker set-up. most likely some trade-offs there. may have to look into it further if I ever get any placement flexibility.


  8. ap, your yammy already filters the sub through the sub out beginning at 90hz. however for LFE

    it sends that only to the sub out/sub.

    so if you don't want to cut LFE you should turn the sub's crossover all the way up to like 120hz or disable the sub's crossover if it has a switch for that. if the bass sounds muddy w/ the "both" setting in the yammy & fronts set large, you may want to set the fronts to small. most it seems have found that's the best way to go even w/ big front speaks, so that the sub & fronts don't interfere so much w/ each other covering the same freq range.

  9. scott, we've had a few discussions here where many like me too are getting the same thing on like certain movies & where somebody yells or screams.

    i've come to the conclusion its in the material itself & klipsch are so revealing. i think its either microphone distortion, the mixing/sound editing quality or both.

    but i'd follow doug's suggestions to get the system set-up right.

  10. J., the act i think is not any dif from most other configs, in that if you tell it you have no sub connected to the lfe/sub out, it sends any LFE channel (.1) material out of its fronts terminals along w/ the front channel info. & it does this whether dolby or dts, as w/ either the LFE channel is the discrete .1 channel in 5.1 material.

    it sounds like you have the subs connected to the fronts terminals along w/ the main speakers. iow, the fronts not connected to the speaker out treminals on the subs themselves. but either way your crossover controls either in your act or on the subs aren't directly effecting the trade-off between the front speaker & subs.

    if you have the subs connected in parallel to the front speakers by way of the act front terminals, your front speakers are still getting full range. the crossover on your sub controls only where the sub is cut - a low pass crossover - no direct effect on the signal the fronts are getting but definitely an effect on what you hear. but maybe you're using crossover controls external to both the act & the subs (???).

    that's moot anyway because you should get the best results connecting both subs to the sub/lfe out jack of the act. any LFE should be much more dynamic that way, & you can use the bass mgmt in the act to then relieve the front speaks of the extra burden of carrying both LFE and low bass in the front channels.

    you may also want to try putting both subs together in the same place, like stacking them or right next to each other in or near the same corner.

  11. i've yet to hear any sunfire but have been reading up on them. here's a news release i just read. digital subwoofer looks interesting too.


    thing is carver uses his "tracking downcoverter" tech in amp design. this goes against the heavier-is-better guidelines, or so it seems.

  12. c, unrelated, but reminds me of my used car purchase in '83 - a '78 saab 99 turbo. the dealer said it was a one owner car, but major things kept going wrong with it.

    finally called the supposed previous "one owner" & found out from him he'd bought it used from another dealer. & they had got it used from the Ford Motor Company. seems they had used it for a test car. 15.gif

  13. noz, i managed to completely blow out both k-33 woofs in my cornwalls when my ole kenwood kr9600 (1975) blew out a few of its big caps a few years back. & it was just the woofs. just ordered & got 2 new k-33-e from klipsch. don't know if the prices have gone up, or I got a great deal ordering thru my local klipsch dealer, but i got 'em then for $50 each.

    c, i replaced them w/ new k-33-e woofs from klipsch parts & they sound as good as new. i'd follow john's advice on the battery test for each woof, & get 'em fixed or new replacements, from klipsch parts, 1-800-klipsch, parts.

  14. new, ditto DD on the sub crossover setting. 16.gif believe the rsw sub does have a crossover disable switch, &/or turn it all the way up to the highest setting (probably 120hz).

    the de935 was my 1st digital receiver & I now have it in the bedroom driving some cube speaks.

    its really pretty good for the price anyway. but it does have a fixed 80hz crossover in its dsp for the sub out & any speaks set small.

    so like doug says it does the filtering for your sub out already & you don't want the rsw crossover engaged & at a low setting, also because it sends ALL LFE only to the sub out/rsw (as about all do when you turn on sub:yes) & you don't want to cut any LFE.

    from there, as to whether the overall bass quality, especially on 2-channel music, sounds best w/ settings to either fronts:large or fronts:small is up to your ears. should be an obvious dif though.

  15. new, if you're concerned about obsolecence, get a receiver or pre/pro that sounds good to your ears AND w/ easy upgradibility through an rs-232 port. for example, like b&k receivers & pre/pros.

    i'm a proponent of using directs for REAR SURROUNDS (sorry don't have the bold function). i think i stated the reasons why on that other thread - anchoring the surround sound, filling the gap, & fly-over effect w/ dts es 6.1 discrete.

    but even there, & even more so w/ SURROUNDS as Keith & Ed were discussing, there is no cut & dried answer. the only way to really find out what's best for you is to home demo the 2 types that match & fit your budget at your place w/ all the various source materials & modes you use.

    if you're set on the denon, keith makes a great point w/ that A/B surrounds feature on the denon. you can have wdst for movies & directs for music like in a recording studio.

  16. they both have various models, velo many more varieties for dif tastes & budgets. in a nutshell apples to apples, svs are louder at pretty much every freq point (svs ultra & velo hgs-18 both extend flat below 15hz).

    the only way to really know which to get is try 'em at your place. svs has that return policy & most dealers should have a demo or return policy on velo.

  17. kain, you need to work w/ a or some dealers that will let you demo stuff w/ the refs in your home. any good dealer should. or at least try to listen to them w/ klipsch in their showrooms.

    i mean this is a good place to get a general idea, but i wouldn't buy anything w/o listening. usually dealers have a lot of used gear too. as for outlaw, there you'd have to buy & return if you no like.

    you'll go nuts trying to make purchases off opinions here. tastes & ears are all dif so let those ears listening decide. its well worth the effort to do some testing. 2.gif

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