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  1. Steve,

    sorry, the other modes aren't working for me, so I'll just post it here for all:

    re: Sony SXRD 60 LCOS RPTV

    www.authorizedelectronics.com in Syracuse, NY. talk to Mary or John, or really any will do - great group. I got it in just 3 biz days. airlifted from JFK to KCI, then the driver even helped me carry it all the way to the basement.

    this set is balls out. only the better FP can beat it, & there, hardly any can in color & contrast. but it also has excellent black levels - auto(advanced) iris. see reviews at perfect vision (tomlinson) & other HT sites.


  2. just one to go from 6.1 to 7.1.

    sorry, may be overdoing it. but thought I'd also say HEY to my old bass-pounder friends here at Subs, especially the one & only THEEAR.

    I still have the old Velo HGS-18. just need to hook it up along w/ all other audio in the new house I got to match the equipment. [:D]

  3. I hope you're not going all over the net for price searches. I usually use all 4 of these:




    yahoo shopping

    cnet shop (forget the exact site addresses)

    I just scored a 60" Sony SXRD LCOS RPTV for $1k or more less than the SALE prices at both Best Buy & Circuit City, AND no sales tax AND delivered by private truck.

    don't let the BB & CC dudes tell you that you have to ship (a Sony at least) back for warranty service. even if Sony doesn't have a service center nearby, they DO have authorized service dealers who will come out to YOUR HOME if needed. BB & CC will tell you you have to haul it back to them (sans the dreaded Extended Warranty BS). LMAO

    & if you put it on most visa or AMEX, THEY will give you another year or double your warranty.

    when received, be sure to make sure the serial# numbers on box & product match-up, & usually, you can call the manufacterer customer support to verify that product is good & new.

    the net rules for shopping; even for electronics; or, Sony at least.

    also, got a 20" Viewsonic LCD TV from onsale.com for $350 (post $50 rebate) w/ the same above great results. w/ viewsonic however you would have to ship to KY or CA if goes bad in 1 yr; but, product is great quality & nice lil EDTV 4:3 monitor to put by the bar. [;)]

  4. thank you, xman! audiogon already done. just took me awhile to get re-registered.

    there IS actually a C-7 for sale on ebay, though unfortunately it's oak,

    & it's triple the price I paid for the last new C-7 I got at ubid

    for about $200 (this was YEARS ago). [:(]

    as you might see, I was pretty active here before, but jeez, it's

    already been 5 YEARS. hope to get a little more

    active here now w/ some limited free time.

    thanks again. & btw, nice Whole Foods store you have there in downtown Austin.

  5. Happy New Year! How ya'll doin? Bet my avatar on justin's site is not workin' anymore. [:D]

    So, anybody have a black c-7 for sale??? Got a new house to match the home theater, so I'm movin' to 7.1 from 6.1.

    Have the B&K Ref 30 (pre/pro) now upgraded so that it's a Ref

    31. That means I can do 6.1 discrete & ProLogic II now,

    if I ever get it hooked up. Hell, they probably have ProLogic III

    for those damned analog &/or 2.0 cable channels by now. LOL

    Here's a pic of my new baby - the centerpiece of the HT in the new

    digs. Perfect Vision measuring it over 6000:1 contrast ratio,

    another over 11,000 w/ the auto iris runnin. it's a 60"


    Really depends on the settings, I guess. I'll be having a real

    pro doing the calibration next week. Many controls.



    p.s., that tacky chandelier will sone be gone. [:$]


  6. jd, you're probably right. the lowest online price for a 305 is around $2k. but maybe they'd be REAL good to you at kief's. 9.gif

    yes b&k do have the ieee firewire port, but no they're not yet activated because the #%&$ content producer/dvd-audio industry hasn't come out w/ that digital connection/copyright protection standard yet. 15.gif

    but hopefully like you reported it may come out before b&k starts doing their upgrades in about a month or less. don't want to have to mail in that b&k 2 times in a row.

  7. jd, that'd be great! hopefully it gets out in time for this upgrade then b&k could activate that firewire port.

    flas, will do. b&k are a great value. f.e., after the upgrade the ref 30 will have the same dsp (processor) as the aragon stage one selling for much more. also crystal 192/24 dacs.

    guess mid-fi is a relative term. b&k has great components & build like the high end, but a lower price. guess that's what makes them "mid-fi". lower prices than the aragons, etc. 2.gif

    i'm hoping for the industry to introduce that new firewire standard to get that new dvd-audio player. 1st they have to get that new standard out, then b&k has to upgrade/activate the ieee (firewire) port.

  8. i've been out of the loop lately, but thanks to a head's up from blackhawk over on the avr307 thread i called b&k tech support to confirm. upgrades for the reference 30 pre/pro to come in early to mid-feb.

    essentially upgrades it to the new ref 50 (but w/o balanced connections) w/ a new motorola dna dsp 150 mips & 192/24 dacs. but nothing done yet w/ the ieee port (firewire) of course since there's still no new dvd-audio digital connection standard. 15.gif

    for software it adds DPL II, dts es matrix & discrete, & dts:neo. like BH reported they still don't know on thx ultra II.

    upgrade looks like the way to go for me unless i could get $1900 for my approx. 1-yr old ref 30, which doesn't seem practical now w/ new (not upgraded) ref 30s going for around that, from what i hear.

    looks like the new ref 50s are going for around $2500 at online (unauthorized) dealers & sounds like the ref 30 upgrade would be around 600-$700.

    anyway, i'm still excited for my 1st b&k upgrade. can't imagine how the new dsp & dacs could make the sound any more crystal clear than it is now, but have been wanting the PLII, Neo & dts es 6.1 discrete real bad.

    & who knows, if they don't ever get a digital connection standard set for dvd-audio, may have to get a dvd-audio player & use the analog connections.

  9. hello all! been busy here. Happy New Year & best of luck in '03!

    heard an old instrumental tune from 1962 called "telstar" by the tornadoes. i can swear i heard this song as a theme (maybe at the end) of a tv show, probably in the 60s because its way back there in the cranium databank. 6.gif does anybody remember which tv show (i think) it was used on?

    i've exhausted my net searching. asked jeeves & he didn't know either. 9.gif did find out, among many other things, it was also done later by the Ventures (theme on Hawaii 5-0). also, it was the 1st #1 on the US charts ever by a british band

    you can hear it here: http://ez2www.com/go.php3?site=hallmusic&go=B000003QFT

    i'm thinking it was on a 60s space show, but not Star Trek or Lost in Space. anybody know if it was used on a tv show & if so which one?

  10. moon, good question since HFO dts is still the standard, sound engineering masterpiece for me. that's what i still compare every other disc to, & this one isn't that good. which doesn't mean its bad. 2.gif that reminds me, i need to find out who the sound guys were on HFO & see if they have any other work out there.

    the reviewer above gave it an A- for audio. i'd give it a B+. i'd give HFO an A+. jmo.

    makes it hard because of the band too. the eagles are tight. this is a pretty improv show where PM got together w/ David Gilmour & the boys for pretty much a jam session of rockin' tunes from yesteryear (or newer songs like them).

    oh, & sorry to read about your accident. hope all goes well for you.

  11. ok, i got a chance to sit down in the sweet spot & really listen (cranked to 110db or so mostly) & watch PM Live at the Cavern Club. i put a link below to a review I mostly agree with.

    definitely agree the dts 5.1 is best. pretty good mix & w/ PM on bass sounds much better w/ the dts which as usual has tighter & more dynamic bass among an overall better sound. & seems the mixer slid the bass up some to give some more exposure to PM. 16.gif

    good recording. has a sound like you're there in the club w/ the 300 or so guests.

    songs are fast moving rockin oldies from the early beatle days along w/ some newbies w/ the same sound. has "all shook up" & "i saw her standing there" among others.

    gilmour rocks well & has some great solos along w/ backup vocals. also in the band are mick green on guitar & ian paice (deep purple) on drums, & a few other talented guys.

    i'd say its a must-have for big PM fans & a good choice for any rock 'n roller.


  12. jb, will do hopefully soon. sorry just haven't had the time - its been too hectic to even post much on the forum let alone catch up on the material. 9.gif

    i can tell you now its definitely a better recording, venue & format imo. but definitely none of his pop stuff on this one (which I thought made it interesting, along w/ gilmour).

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