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  1. btw, i also picked up PM "live at the cavern club". also has dts. totally dif song list of oldies like "all shook up". bit of a better recording/mix & all live song performances here. no documentary. smaller, more intimate venue.

    david gilmour & others also step in. but haven't had a chance to really watch/hear it all yet. got it from dvdplanet.com.

  2. i got this as a xmas gift. right away couldn't get any of the formats to run off its set-up menu. only happens w/ this disc. was able to switch to dts in the dvdp menu.

    overall pretty good, but mainly due to the talent. recording/mix could have been much better. seems like same mix job for both the dolby & dts formats.

    & white, yes it is done as the same documentary type as the tv special w/ some songs cut off. in fact i think its the same as the tv special w/ maybe like another 30 min of live songs added.

    & anybody notice they're starting to call dolby digital 5.1 "5.1 dolby surround"? seen on this & other newer movie dvds.

  3. s-dog, its like they go out of their way to make it confusing. 1.gif when they say like fronts+lfe they're talking from the sub's perspective. they mean the sub gets both (not the fronts).

    i enjoyed your las comments & agree. when i get the room, i hope to get khorns w/ a las or belle center.

    great post earlier by builder on the heritage history too. very informative, as are other posts here.

  4. keith, as you know i'm going from my experience w/ the rp-3 & 5 speaks, but my guess is by "bi-amping" they're talking about the same benefits of using the sub out connection w/ any sub & 2nd amp, outboard or inboard to the sub.

    that is, by taking the low bass below the crossover point as well as all the lfe from the receiver amp, & sending only the higher frequency material through the receiver amp, it frees up some load on the receiver amp for better functionality & sound.

    also, lfe is a discrete channel & that way its not blended in w/ the entire range of all the other channels. seems like more dynamic lfe using the sub out/line connection to me, i think for this reason.

    i'd think those are the main theories anyway.

  5. thanks ed. how could we forget mel brooks & young frankenstein & blazing saddles.

    also i thought of monty python's search for the holy grail.

    kj, thanks for the w.c. info. bet that scene was something w/ a woman in the dentist's chair. i'll have to look for w.c. flicks on dvd or at least video tape now.

    you may need at least 25 flicks for just a start. 9.gif be sure to catch "being there" & "me, myself & irene". they also have the best acting jobs ever done by sellers & carrey respectively imho.

  6. i was just trying to be cute above. what i was really saying was all but a few little pieces of IN is on EST. & its EST all the time. they don't do daylight savings time. 16.gif

    so for we here in the central time zone, klipsch indianpolis is on the same time as us during our daylight saving time, but an hour ahead during our standard time. so jd actually called them after 4PM their time


    builder's right. they're in the eastern time zone. but when we go back on daylight saving time we'll be the same as EST & klipsch time. so their recording should say EST for their hours. 14.gif

  7. great topic! gotta have at least one farrelly bros. movie in there. i have kingpin. also great are dumb & dumber, something about mary, & me, myself & irene (carrey's best imo).

    "american pie" was good

    woody allen's "everything you wanted to know about sex".

    "being there" w/ peter sellers.

    a few that come to mind. also like the comedy classics like w.c fields, laurel & hardy, & the 3 stooges. "the denist" w/ w.c fields where he throws his clubs in the water then the caddy. classic. also the mutual disrespect between him & kids & dogs. 9.gif

  8. ar, may be that. but b&k puts a safety ground on their pre/pro too. guy at b&k told me that it was more for appearance than anything for safety.

    though it does seem sporadic how they do it. like pre/pros w/ low power have them while some receivers w/ high power don't.

    this is just b&k though. may be a shock hazard removing the safety ground on other makers' equipment. & i said i'd never get into another ground loop discussion again. 9.gif

  9. cheater plugs at any hardware store or maybe even the hardware section of the grocery store are about 75 cents. u may also need one on the sub plug. they're usually those bright orange thingies.

    you could also try a ground loop isolator on the cable tv cable in but a good one of those that may or may not work is like the mondial magic box for $99.

  10. mg, what happened here? did lynn scare you away? 9.gif you wouldn't be downgrading speaker power, you'd be downgrading speaker performance. i'd get the reference speaks & if you need to save some dough get a lesser powered amp.

    though the 2005 would be fine & what i'd get at least w/ the stage one pre/pro. more power is not bad to a point (like maybe 500W/channel 16.gif). & you will be driving 5 speakers. i have 200WX7 & its excellent w/ no problems at all even cranked all the way up at times. only damage to worry about is your ears. 2.gif

  11. arthurs, i have the ref 30 also & had a ground loop hum/buzz until i defeated the safety ground on both the ref 30 & amp using a 3-2 cheater plug on their power plugs. do you by chance have a tv &/or cable tv box running into/through the ref 30? things for that too but the only thing that completely removed it for me was the cheater plugs.

    b&k tech told me that the way they use the safety ground its not needed for safety anyway. said they really don't need a 3-prong plug.

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