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  1. Thanx RandyH & everyone else for your info, much appreciated!
  2. Good day, it's been a minute since I last visited the Klipsch forums. I'm sorry if this has been answered b4. I would like to know what year RF-83 & RF-63 were released & year they were discontinued, if possible. Also, their approximate worth in as new condition (9/10) in Black Matte finish. Thanx in advance & have a great day! noneotherthanbob
  3. I have 2-pair BELLE's, 74 & 84 consecutive #'s. 8 out of 10 in apperance & 10 out of 10 operating condition. 1 Set of boxes. Milwaukee area. What are you looking to spend in order to figure whether we continue from here? noneotherthanbob
  4. Words are words, $ are $ but signatures still seem to have validity these days. Why not start a website dedicated to the signatures or names of all of us Klipsch conniseurs that oppose or @ least whole heartily support the existence of our beloved stand alone family owned company? Or @ least make it available for purchase by the people, meaning us the diehard consumers. Oh, what do I know? Just distraught @ the thought of all this...[] Bob
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