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  1. Thank you all so much. The last of our 32 guests are still here. You guys are the best and it has been a privilege to be here with y’all the last almost fifteen years. Thank you for taking the time to wish me happy birthday.

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    It would be a shame to lock such a long standing and neutral thread over Pete being a dickbag, rather than just delete a handful of mildly offending posts.

    I’m not locking or deleting anything unless it continues.

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  3. Aw, Christie. I was serious!

    Lol. We (moderators) are all busy and honestly we shouldn’t have to babysit. I love you guys but please don’t make this any more difficult than it needs to be!

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  4. It was nothing more than a joke and not intended to spark a debate.  Feel free to remove it if you need to.

    I’m not removing anything. Just consider this a warning. You all know better. Let it die.

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  5. } So Travis, will you give a rundown of all levels of memberships? Have no idea or heard of a “PWK Brigade”.

    Here’s the link to the museum membership page. It outlines each level of membership available to support the museum. PWK Brigade is our newest level and was approved by the Board of Trustees.


    As always, if you have any questions I would be happy to help.

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  6. 19 hours ago, Jim Gregory said:


    I went to link to join membership, filled out information; submitted but goes into endless loop. 

    And just a suggestion: the join membership link should be easier to find (like a tab). 

    Try this Jim.  Let me know if you still have problems.  Website appears to be working fine at this time. Thank you for your support.





  7. 1 hour ago, mark1101 said:

    So remind us.............How do you pay?


    59 minutes ago, dwilawyer said:

    I'll get it to you, I need to get to secure email.  You will have it trust me.

    Haha!  Don't worry Mark.....it's all about raising funds for the museum....I know we are allowing folks to mail in a check, which saves us fees, but Paypal may be easier for some folks, so we are offering both.  


    Can't wait to see everyone....

  8. 2 minutes ago, dwilawyer said:

    I always value your input on a wide range of topics, whether it be on here, on the phone, or in person.  So you are volunteering to be on the Fundraising Committee with me?


    The only auction experience I am familar with is when KHMA Trustee Luther Ward @Wardsweb won a pair of new Heresy III at Pilgramage and he instantly donated them to be auctioned off.  @Trey Cannon served as the auctioneer and they sold for something like $1,300 (as I recall @jimjimbo was the second highest bidder). The purchaser asked if he could get them signed and Jim said he thought he could get that done and he said "you mean on the back" and he said "no, on the tops and sides" and they did.  This was about half of MSRP but was a major boost to KHMA at the time.


    As it is, the Board of Trustees charged me with maximizing the percentage of  MSRP of  the standard factory speaker models.  We had been discussing a Museum Edition speaker for some time with add-ons that would maximize value without increasing the donation cost to KGI or the footprint for the factory..  We have to arrange for the custom, one of a kind veener and fabric which the factory installs. Fortunately, thus far, we have done very well with the uniqueness and premium elements of the Museum Editions that their demand commands a very fair price, both for the Museum and the purchaser.  We have, so far, for the Museum Edition demonstrated to KGI that we complement their brand and maximize what they give us to work with.  


    I advertised the previous two models (the primary focus of which was on this forum) ahead of the sale date.  I also advertised the price, sale date and time,  and that the first email to my personal email address would get them.  The Khorns sold in less than an hour with two back up offers.  The ME Khorn sold for 25% above the new AK6 MSRP.  The ME LS took about 4 or 5 months after being finished to sell.  The AL5 had an MSRP of $10,000 so we priced them at  20% over MSRP at $12,073 (right about the time we sold them, KGI increased the MSRP price to $12,000 so Mike ended up getting a pretty great deal on those).


    Our resident Forum Heritage dealer has stated that to do a custom one off pair of speakers (not a special edition, no ME plaques, no hand matched drivers and crossovers), etc. would be a 30 to 50% factory up charge.  I feel the Museum Edition team has developed a first rate, "Museum Quality" product that a buyer would know is truly one of a kind.


    The Museum's revenue comes from Memberships, research revenue,  and sales of donated items like speakers from KGI.  Currently the KGI speaker donations make up a majority of our annual revenue and we need every penny to operate for the year.  On top of that we try to raise money for capital improvement projects such as the Paul W. Klipsch Education Center out at the airport.  We are now ready to start holding major educational events which has always been part of our mission and goals.


    The first Education Class will be October 18 and 19 which is open to everyone.  We are hoping to have the new Cornwall IV and the new Heresy IV set up in a good listening room for anyone who wants to give them some critical listening.  We are also hoping to have one if the ME pairs available for sale if someone wants to drive back home with them, but there is a lot up in the air at the moment.


    Something else going on at the moment that @dtel's wife will be announcing in more detail this week is that the Board of Trustee's has approved a member give away including a pair of Cornwall III's.  The drawing will be in December and all Members are eligible.  The higher  the level of membership, the more chances to win.  Like I say, Christy will be posting more details on here soon, on Facebook and other places.  Rather


    What I would really like is for @jimjimboand many others, to get involved on a Museum Committee like Fundraising, share these good ideas and help put them into action.


    2 minutes ago, dwilawyer said:


    We need help on all of our Committees:







    Social Media



    Please PM me if you are interested in being on a committee and I will get you connected to the right people.  









    Okay, I'm ugly crying....no one knows the struggles KHMA has endured, unless you have been with us from the beginning...the working group...18 months....before we ever received our IRS 501C3 non profit designation.  We have done our best to maximize every single dollar and item donated to the museum.  Even during Pilgrimage we received 'pushback' for promoting the museum.  Without PWK and his genius there would be no Klipsch.  If we don't preserve that history, who will.  I am amazed at the number of long time Klipsch fans that aren't even members of the museum.  Is this an attempt to "shame' anyone...no, it's a fact.  Honestly, I was shocked by our initial offering of memberships.  The folks I thought would join as Founders and Khorn members never came through....it was those I least thought would contribute.


    We have worked long and hard.  All suggestions are welcome, but what we really need are folks to step up to the plate.  Join as member, join a committee and help us moving forward.  Some of us are just tired.


    Some folks on the Executive Committee of the museum may have a problem with this post....I don't care....we need your help and your support.  The choice is yours, you can sit back and "arm chair quarterback" or you can join the team and challenge others to do the same.


    If you feel this post is directed at you personally, I'm sorry that is not my intent.  I'm not calling anyone out...I'm just saying "join and help us."

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    ADDITIONAL MEMBERSHIP BENEFIT - (Drawing For Cornwall III's and other items) - 12/16/2019 


    Another benefit of your membership with the KHMA between now and December 15, 2019 is you will be entered in our Member Drawing for a brand new pair of Cornwall III's. These are in Walnut (B-stock), donated by Cory Harrison. Some other items that will be drawn will be Klipsch R6 II Headphones donated by our friends at Klipsch Group, Inc. and other cool items including champagne flutes commissioned to celebrate PWK's 100th birthday (limited number produced) donated by Lee Booles, Paul W. Klipsch's grandson. 


    If you are a current member of the Klipsch Heritage Museum Association, Inc. you are already entered. If you are not yet a member there is still limited time to join to be eligibile for the drawing. Or, if you have been considering upgrading your membership to a sustaining level membership ($10 monthly or higher), you will receive even more entries (see below).


    The Deadline to join KHMA is this Sunday, December 15, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. Central Time

    All Local, Individual and Family Member will receive 1 entry for the membership drawings.  

    PWK BRIGADE $10 per month or $100 annual membership - 5 entries
    HERESY GUILD $20 per month or $200 annual membership - 10 entries
    CORNWALL $50 per month or $500 annual membership - 15 entries
    LA SCALA $100 per month or $1,000 annual membership - 20 entries
    First Drawing will be held on September 13th at 9:p.m. Museum Time (U.S. Central Time)
    Final Drawing (including Cornwall IIIs will) be held December 16, 2019 at 4:00 p.m. (Central Time) at the Hope Chamber of Commerce by the Vice-Mayor of Hope, AR.
    All winners will be announced here and on our FaceBook page and via email. 
    Our apologies, but at this time we do not offer international shipping on our benefits or prizes.  Members of the KHMA Board of Trustees or Executive Committee are not eligible for Member Drawings.

    Go here to join now:




    Check back here often for updates and our next drawing day and time.

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