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  1. Picking up angel wings was one of my favorite things to do when I was younger.

    My grandparents lived in an area of New Orleans called Chef Menteur. Canals were dredged to build a subdivision behind their house and "angel wings" were readily available.

    I was about 10 years old when the canals were dredged and picking up angel wings was my favorite thing to do on weekends. I had about 200 angel wings at one time...I wonder what my mom did with them?

  2. Wife was telling me about some places, presumably along roadside, where you could look at/purchase those rock crystals (??). I understand they're the rocks that are cut open to reveal the crystals inside.

    I'm assuming she's talking about Geodes? We used to go "digging" for them outside of Bloomington, IN when I was in college. Digging basically consisted of going out in the middle of a creek with your barefeet and scooping out the mud with your toes until you felt something round and bumpy. We'd smash them open later to see what colors we discovered.

    Great fun. Hillbilly, I reckin, but great fun. [:)]

    I know that doesn't answer your question, but I felt compleled to participate anyway. Maybe Trey knows...

    Amy that sounds like fun.

    We used to go to the Gulf Coast and wait for the tide to go out. Small pools of water would be left onshore. Then...we would get barefoot, walk through the pools and pick up soft shell crabs.

    Neatest thing...the crab sheds its shell, the soft shell crab would be sitting right next to the shell it just shed.

    I guess the main difference between "digging" and "softshelling" would be, crabs bite when they are still in the "hard stage".

    Then, of course, we would bring our catch home, clean 'em up, batter and fry 'em. It's been a long time since we did that. Maybe a while longer because the beaches on the coast in Mississippi are still closed.

  3. Most people do not realize the many sights and sounds of New Orleans. We always speak of Bourbon Street and the French Quarter. New Orleans is much more than the Quarter and Bourbon.

    The Audubon Zoo and the Aquarium, as well as IMAX recently reopened and have added several new exhibits. Our zoo and aquarium are among the best in the country.

    You can combine a riverboat ride on the Mississippi with a tour of the Zoo and Aquarium. Riverboats even offer couples the opportunity to have thier wedding and receptions on board, complete with all amenities.

    The history of the French Quarter is in a class by itself. The French and Spanish cultures combined to create some of the most outstanding architectural structures in the United States.

    The Cornstalk Hotel in the Quarter, known for its elaborate wrought iron fencing is another visitor's spot. Wrought iron fencing in every shape and form is as much a part of the history of New Orleans, as the Quarter.

    The Cabildo, Jackson Square, the Mint, the St. Louis Cathedral, the Jax Brewery, the Riverwalk among other attractions offer a wonderful vacation destination for families.

    The World War II museum (I believe that is the proper name for the newest museum, or maybe it's D-Day Museum), The Children's Museum, City Park all cater to families. New Orleans also has several other museums worthy of checking into.

    A tour of plantation homes along historic River Road offer families the opportunity to experience another aspect of our city, without the revel associated with Bourbon Street.

    The small courtyards visible from the sidewalks of the Quarter reveal a another lifestyle enjoyed by those who reside in the Quarter. Small, beautifully landscaped courtyards appear throughout the Quarter.

    A tour of the Garden District in uptown New Orleans, accessible by street car is another wonderful tour. The Garden District was not affected by Katrina.

    IMO a trip to New Orleans would not be complete without witnessing the night life on Bourbon Street, for adults only. I think most would feel they missed something if they didn't go to Bourbon Street at night, at least once.

  4. The "absinthe" sold in New Orleans is not true absinthe, which has been illlegal in this country for many years. The ingrediant wormwood was what got it outlawed. I think it is still possible to order "real' absinthe over the Net.

    The best times to visit NO are in early spring, like the April French Quarter Fest just past, and October. FQ Fest is the most 'family friendly' of the festivals. There are various festivals throughout the year. Satchmo Summerfest, coming up in August, is an attempt to lure tourists during the deep heat of late summer. I hear it's great for those seeking jazz without the scale of JazzFest.


    If anyone wants to PM me, I will be glad to give other recommendations. I need to get in a trip there myself, it is now looking like July at the earliest.

    Boom is right. Even the Old Absinthe House doesn't serve the "real" thing.

    We had planned to go back in July, as we will be taking a few extra days of R&R before and after our trip to Hope.

  5. Can't say I'm a big fan of making a public spectical of myself, but it has been know to happen on very rare occasions, [:$]. Last time was few years ago at the beach, ooooh, just gives me the willy's thinkin about that one. However, I love good food and I love to eat at the Court of Two Sisters. I eat there everytime I visit the Big Easy, but it's been about 4 years since my last visit there.

    I have never been to the Court of Two Sisters.

    I am not a big fan of making a spectical of myself either, but Bourbon Street just seems the appropriate place to do it, if you must. Everyone else is making a spectical of themselves, so you just fit right in. Kinda like, "When in Rome..."

    After "hugging a few trees in the rain" in my younger days, I try not to drink too much. Those well learned lessons keep me within "acceptable" limits when on Bourbon Street.[;)]

  6. Sounds like you had a blast. Every now and then you do have to cut loose or you will go crazy and getting a little crazy in New Orleans sounds like just the ticket to continued sanity.

    I've been in over 20 coutnries yet I've never mad it to New Orleans, stange huh?

    Oh well I'll see if I can get Fini on board and we'll show up one of these days in our "Wild and Crazy Guys" outfits from Saturday Night Live and teach the locals how to really boogie down.

    So who ran out of dollar bills at the "Gentleman's Club" first, you or Dtel?[:D]

    Well said Thebes, as always. We did have a blast. Definitely the ticket to continued sanity.

    Things have been extremely hectic here since Katrina. It is a good thing we have a five bedroom house. Nine people living here can be challenging. Just coordinating dinner is a chore.

    We would love to have any of you guys visit whenever you are ready. We can make hotel arrangements. Maybe all stay in the Quarter, since that is something we put on the agenda. You don't have to wait on Fini to pay a visit, that is unless he is a willing participant. BTW, IMO, Mardis Gras is definitely not the time to take in Bourbon Street. So crowded you can't even walk.

    I love music and I love dancing, so Bourbon Street is a "natural".

    Who said anything about $1 dollar bills?[;)]

  7. Please let me know if yall plan a New Orleans Klipsch gathering. I return frequently and that would be an excellent reason. How was the show at the Clover Grill? It is usually just as, if not moreso, entertaining as the clubs.

    We would really like to have a Klipsch gathering in New Orleans. I think it would be great.

    Boom, thanks for asking that question. You are obviously familiar with the place and can vouch for the quality of the food. Most people would be turned off by the appearance of the place. My daughter and my niece convinced us that we really needed to try this place out. It sure beat Shoney's or Denny's.

    The show at the Clover Grill was very entertaining. George, who was the waiter, cashier and all around "funny guy", kept the place running like clock work. George was great, even someone that may have objections to the "gay lifestyle" would have found this guy "charming" to say the least.

    Dtel's future son in law, who is also a member of this forum was born and raised in this area. That being said he is somewhat biased towards "folks of different strokes". Even he found George to be an all around nice guy and super entertaining.

    I wish all waiters/cashiers and restuarant employees had George's attitude. It would make eating out a far more enjoyable experience. Last but not least, the food was great.

  8. We picked up a pair of industrial LaScalas for colterphoto and held them for almost a month.

    I had a difficult time turning them over for delivery to colter. The louder the volume, the better they sounded. I finally had to accept the fact that I did not have a large enough room to accomodate the LaScalas at a volume worthy of their sound.

    The looks of the LaScalas didn't bother me, the sound would be worth sacrificing "armoire and curtains".

    You only live once.

    IMO, curtains and armoires aren't worth nearly as much as good music and good friends.

  9. On second thought...lunatic could be an appropriate word...crazy...that works too.

    No offense taken, I am sure Lynn and I could have a good time. I am also sure that you and dtel would enjoy watching us have a good time.[;)]

    I don't know if we could do anymore damage that some of the others that have visited Bourbon Street, but heck...we could give our best shot...[:D]

  10. ...thanks everyone for taking the time and responding...and thank you Klipsch for allowing me to place this here...mostly THANKS to ALL the Veterans who have sacrificed so that we might enjoy Freedom...


    Thank you for for the post. I finally had a chance to read this thread and it is very inspiring.

    The wife sleeping at her husband's side one last time is a reminder of how short our time with our loved ones can be.

    I appreciate all of you sharing and showing your love of our country.

    Dtel and I had visited Washington, D.C. a few years ago, and had the honor of a VIP tour through the city. It was so moving.

    We visited Arlington National Cemetary, witnessed the changing of the guard and visited some of the more notable gravesites. One of which was the Challenger Memorial. Extremely moving.

    The story of Arlington should be an inspiration to every American.

    Although all of the monuments are impressive, the Vietnam Memorial moved me to tears. The wall itself is beautiful. Each of those names on the wall has a family that stood behind them and grieves the loss of their loved one daily. It is truly awesome.

    The notes and gifts left at the wall are heart wrenching.

    American Chopper built a "POW" bike. The group from OCC visited the Vietnam Memorial and even Paul, Sr. was moved. We attended "The Pony Express" (a motorcycle show) at the University of New Orleans, where OCC unveiled the POW bike.

    Like the 911 motorcyle (a tribute to the fallen firefighters of 911), the POW motorcyle is not one of their "flashiest" motorcycles, but it does get the message across.

    Again, thanks for the post, it is a great reminder for all of us to be thankful for the priviledges we do have as citizens of the United States of America.

  11. How about calling your list:

    "Men are from Klipsch,

    Women are from tiny Bose satellites with crappy subs"

    I resent that statement. Now you are pushing your luck.[;)]

    Where is Amy? I'm gonna tell.[;)]

  12. ........"Also took dtel (and myself) to a "gentlemen's club".........

    No, I don't think so.......Lynn had never been to such a place and she insisted.

    We hit Show Bar around 2am. It was all that I could do to keep her off the stage!!!!

    She later assaulted a police horse parked on the street.


    Maybe you guys should come to New Orleans. They have a "gentlemen's club" that allows wives and girlfriends access to the stage and the "poles." I wanted to go to that club, but my niece's fiance was afraid I might take the stage and try the pole out.[;)]

    If the "gentlemen's club" is too much, Lynn could still dance on the bar at Urban Cowboy. [H] They clear the bar every so often and let the ladies "take over".[;)]

    We would be more than happy to show you guys around.

    Well thanks.(I think)[;)] But I don't think so. Maybe you and Lynn! Sounds like you two are cut from the same cloth. Me? Don't think that I would want to be involved with Two lunatics in that place.[li] God, that poor horse. Probably has been institutionalized.[:(]

    see you in Hope


    I don't consider myself to be a "lunatic", although others may.[:)]

    Who knows you may enjoy being involved with "two lunatics" in "that place".[;)] I am sure dtel would enjoy it.[;)]

    It's good to cut loose every once in a while, especially where no one knows who you are.

    We are probably going to arrive in Hope on Wednesday night. We are looking forward to seeing everyone.

  13. It doesn't appear that Hurricane Katrina affected Bourbon Street very much. There were a couple (maybe three) places that were locked up tight and appeared to be out of business.

    The French Quarter did not experience any flooding.

    We have been to Bourbon Street for Mardis Gras in the past (the last visit was about ten years ago) so Memorial Day Weekend seemed tame compared our past Mardis Gras experiences.

    Let us know if you ever get down this way, we would be happy to show you around.

  14. Are there going to be any female-specific activities, for the women-folk who aren't as into the audio scene as we are? Not necessarily talking about shopping at Walmart, or getting lap-dances from the Chippendales, but something in-between? Ooh, tea with Miss Valerie???

    I realized you wrote this before my post about Bourbon Street in General Questions. Maybe we should take Miss Valerie to Chippendales for a lap dance and then have tea?[;)]

    Just kidding. Who knows maybe Miss Valerie would like that?

  15. Sounds like alot of fun.

    "laissez les bons temps rouler!"

    Dee, it was a total change of character for us, and a well needed break.

    Dtel and I have agreed that we may have to visit Bourbon Street more often. We may even get a room at one of the hotels in the Quarter and make a weekend out of it. We also agreed that we need to start "stepping out" a little more often.

    The great thing is you can dress up or dress down. We all dressed in jeans and shorts. Anything goes.

    I must say I was a little surprised by the "gentlemen's club", I don't think I have ever been to one before. But...dtel and I will definitely be going again.

  16. What a treat! We live an hour north of San Francisco, and rarely "play tourist" there. I think we'd do it more if we could find a parking space! Now, how about some tales of Beale Street? ;^)

    Fini, we parked by the Riverwalk, strange enough at 6:00 a.m. there was no attendant to collect the parking fee. It wouldn't matter if the parking fee was ridiculously expensive, it would have been well worth it.[;)]

    We really must plan a Klipsch get together in this area.

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