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  1. ........"Also took dtel (and myself) to a "gentlemen's club".........

    No, I don't think so.......Lynn had never been to such a place and she insisted.

    We hit Show Bar around 2am. It was all that I could do to keep her off the stage!!!!

    She later assaulted a police horse parked on the street.


    Maybe you guys should come to New Orleans. They have a "gentlemen's club" that allows wives and girlfriends access to the stage and the "poles." I wanted to go to that club, but my niece's fiance was afraid I might take the stage and try the pole out.[;)]

    If the "gentlemen's club" is too much, Lynn could still dance on the bar at Urban Cowboy. [H] They clear the bar every so often and let the ladies "take over".[;)]

    We would be more than happy to show you guys around.

  2. I certainly hope you two behaived yourselves?

    We won't tell. Like I said "What happens on Bourbon Street stays on Bourbon Street!". [;)] [<:o)]

    We didn't act too outrageous, my 21 year old niece and her fiance, as well as my 26 year old daughter and her fiance were with us.

    But, "We did give them something to talk about.".

  3. Just wanted to tell you guys that dtel and I went to Bourbon Street in New Orleans last night. That is something we haven't done in quite a few years, even though we are less than an hour away.

    We listened to a couple of live bands, not that we can remember the names of any.[<:o)][D]

    Also took dtel (and myself) to a "gentlemen's club".[:D] We had a great time. Like my niece says, "What happens on Bourbon Street stays on Bourbon Street."[;)]

    After working up an appetite at the "gentlemen's club" we grabbed a bite to eat at "The Clover Grill" on St. Ann Street.

    It would be an understatement to say we had a great time. We didn't make it home until after 6:00a.m.

    We need to plan a Klipsch get together in New Orleans soon. You guys would love it.

    I had forgotten how much fun it was to play tourist in New Orleans.[<:o)]

  4. We have made two separate speaker purchases through e-bay.

    We purchased two separate pairs of Forte II's from separate sellers. We were 110% satisfied with both purchases.

    We followed the advice of our fellow forum members. If you are going to purchase from ebay, always, always pick them up yourself. Most legitimate ebay sellers will allow you pay after you have auditioned the speakers.

    In addition, by picking them up yourself, you will have a "story" to tell us about your purchase.

    Klipsch does have an ebay store that you may want to check out.

  5. Come on Michael, you know me better, no "shrooms" for me.[N]

    However, the "big triangle thingies that stand in the corner" do sound appealing. And..."the sound would come out and swirl around my head and make my spine tingle"...and "I could dance around" while listening to the "big triangle thingies" and then "I'd be really really really happy".[ip]

    Now...all the indecision about speakers...I'll leave that to you! [;)]

    Although...those LaScala's we had the pleasure of auditioning in our home (while holding them for a certain someone) sounded pretty awesome.[:)]

  6. Maybe you guys will have a better chance of convincing Amy to go to Hope.

    We had one of these "Bring Amy to Hope Campaigns" when the pilgrimage was first announced. It didn't get off the ground at that time.

    I hope Amy knows how much we all appreciate her contributions to this forum. It doesn't seem proper that she will not be attending.

    If the pilgrimage is primarily for forum members, how can the administrator of the forum not attend?

  7. If you have something in writing from Klipsch stating they no longer manufacture these speakers it would put you in a more favorable position with the shipper for reimbursement on both speakers. Speakers are generally sold as a pair, you purchased them as a pair, (even though they were in separate boxes), they were shipped as a pair and you can not purchase just one to replace the "pair".

  8. Okay, okay...hold on. I feel like I am on a drug induced trip here.

    Speakerfritz the original Help post was written in 2005. I am not sure how you got a hold of the post a year later, but you did.

    Since May of 2005 we have purchased two pairs of Forte II's and are looking for a third pair.

    In addition, we would like to purchase a pair of Khorns, in the near future.

  9. I do apologize if that quip sounded a little sarcastic. You guys have been really good to us since we have been members of this forum. Several of you actually made the purchase of our Forte II's possible.

    Once again, Michael, thank you.[;)] I knew I would have the opportunity to say that at least one more time.

    I actually thought the revival of this thread was hilarious.

  10. Good thing we didn't wait for all of you to jump right on the request for help.

    Actually, Michael we are looking for another pair of Forte II's and a pair of K-horns.

  11. Have you ever been this tired?

    This is our grandson around 12:00 Saturday night waiting for his midnight snack. I guess he was too tired to eat the snack.

    I looked for him about five minutes after fixing his snack, because I didn't hear him. He usually talks non stop. I even went to his room looking for him before I found him slumped over the chair, sound asleep.

    I resized the pic so maybe everyone can see without waiting forever for the download.


  12. I have to admit...I am a fan of some of Elvis' music. I am not a fanatic, but definitely a fan. I did see him in concert shortly before he died.

    Okay, okay, I'll admit when I was younger I watched every Elvis movie that came on television and I currrently own two of his CD's. Elvis Gold and one of his Christmas CD's.

    When you see all of his gold and platinum albums displayed together it is remarkable.

    And yes, the jungle room is...well, I can't really find a word or words that fit.

    I can't remember how many yards of fabric are in the pool table room.

    Maybe Tony and Colter have a different take on the house, but I did not find it to be "glitzy". It has a look all it's own.

    The grounds are beautiful. I can see why Elvis was attracted to the property and always called it "home". The home was owned by a doctor before Elvis.

    I have been trying to find a way to describe the gravesites, I guess "moving" may be the best description. I can't remember who besides Elvis is buried on the grounds. Maybe his aunt, his mother and his father are also buried there. The graves are located in one place, kind of like in a circle.

    Like I said, IMO it is worth seeing at least once if you are in that part of the country.

    IMO, you should exercise caution when travelling around Memphis at night.

  13. I am sure there are tours that wouldn't take all day. The house is really something to see. Different, not "glitz and glamor". It actually is pretty "laid back and real", albeit overdone. The jungle room and the room with the pool table are "different". The most glitzy thing was the white living room furniture. Actually, Graceland was Elvis' escape from the "glitz and glamor".

    I know what you mean about laid back and real, that is how dtel and I are. That being said, I would definitely try to see Graceland just because of the history involved.

    The gravesites are on the grounds of Graceland. The museum on the grounds is really something, when you see all of his gold and platinum albums lined up.

    The airplanes(the Lisa Marie and another) are across the street. That part was pretty neat.

    Graceland is more "see it at least once and that is enough".

    I will never forget, my youngest daughter was about ten years old when we toured Graceland. She was and still is a devout Elvis fan. She asked if when she grew up she could be a maid at Graceland, so she could see the upstairs rooms. At the time we toured the house, the upstairs (bedroom area)was still off limits for tours.

    Another thing, be sure to sign your names on the entranceway, everyone does.

    The Smoky Mountains are more our thing, especially when you get away from Dollywood and all the "tourist traps". Whatever you do, be sure to make the trip to Cades Cove, it is one of our favorite places in the mountains. Also, Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail, just a couple of blocks outside Gatlinburg. It feels like a different world.

    We have been taking our daughters to the Smokies every year since they were four, five and six. They are 26, 25 and 24 and still look forward to the trip every year. They actually trick dtel into going most years, by saying "Buddy, Allie and Gracie really want you to come and you know Mom wants to go". That's our granchildren. Dtel can't tell the grandkids or me no to anything, so we load up and make the trip at least once a year.

  14. For almost two weeks I have been thinking about what my answer would be.

    While driving to town this morning...Tina Turner/Simply the Best...and Tina Turner/Private Dancer. Real cool sound. I am not a big fan of Tina Turner's music, but I really do like those two songs.

    We saw her in concert a couple of years ago, talk about a performance! She is something to see on stage.

  15. Excuse me Tom, it was I who gave that last bit of advice.

    It is not critical to kill the weeds before the sand/sod goes down.

    However, depending on the type of weeds you may have remaining after your final grade, it may be recommended. Weeds such as Johnson Grass are extremely hard to control, even when smothered. Round Up Quick Dry is a very good product for weed control.

    If I recall correctly, it contains 71% glyophosphate, the active ingredient in most weed killers. It is a dry powder, available in individual packs, which make one gallon of spray. Or you can purchase a box with five packs/five gallons for approximaely $15.00. As with all weed killers, the weeds should be actively growing (not in a drought).

    You could contact the nearest Ewing Irrigation Supply Store, they also offer the services Tom mentioned. Be careful, some of the "pop up" Hunter heads have been experiencing a problem with weak springs. Also, according to our local Ewing dealer some of the Hunter control boxes have been experiencing "fog-out" with the LED displays(both indoor and outdoor controls)

    I am not a big fan of Rainbird products, but we recently switched to Rainbird control boxes and Rainbird pop-ups. We still use Hunter solenoids and rotor sprinker heads.

    Whether you install your own system, or have it professionally installed, make sure you purchase a control box that is "automatic".

    If I recall correctly you said your lot is 1/4 acre. Roughly speaking, very roughly speaking...45-50lbs of pressure, with a one inch main, nine zones...wholesale cost for all materials should be roughly $1000.00 plus or minus.

    Actually, the pipe Tom mentions is better for irrigation systems, the water flow is better with the above mentioned pipe.

    Irrigation systems are "way cool" as my five year old grandson would say. Not to mention, the grass and plants are much happier when they are given good soil, water, and little fertilizer.

  16. Finally, a thread about my favorite subject, landscaping. I love my job. As most of you know dtel and I own a landscaping company and we do all the work ourselves. No helpers. We primarily landscape custom built homes.

    Most contractors building custom houses in our area do not include sod or landscaping.

    If the rough grade is satisfactory, consider the above mentioned wheelbarrow technique. If wheelbarrowing is not a preferred option consider hiring someone with a small tractor has a front end loader to put riversand/topsoil and spread.

    Riversand is perfect for grass. It allows the roots of the grass to spread easily. Riversand is also loaded with minerals. Generally speaking, topsoil is "loaded" with weed seeds. "Topsoil" is literally scraped from the top of the ground.

    Sod is always better than seed when it comes to grass. Make sure the sod you purchase is healthy and relatively weed free.(25% or less weed content)

    If you have not already done so, consider having an irrigation system installed. If you can afford an irrigation system now is the time to do it.

    Be careful. A lot of landscapers base thier price on the neighborhood you live in. If you want some additional pointers feel free to send an us an email.

  17. I personally hope the hurricanes head in a different direction this year. Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida need a break. Not that I wish a "hurricane" upon anyone else.

    Max, hang in there, the pink stuff does get better. Maybe she will change her mind and begin to favor purple.

    When our girls were young we picked everything up from the coffee table. When the grandkids came along we changed our way of thinking.

    The grandkids all "pulled up" on the coffee table when they first started learning to walk. Whenever they reached for an item on the coffee table, they were led to their "toys". We never had to remove anything from the coffee table when it came to the grandkids.

  18. Dtel and I went to our irrigation supply wholesaler the other day. We have made numerous "in store" purchases from this company. While standing at the counter Dtel looked up and starting poking my shoulder saying "look at that, look at that". He was so excited.

    I looked up to see what he was so excited about. It was a pair of Klipsch speakers! They appeared to be Fortes or Forte II's.

    Dtel asked our sales rep if the speakers were for sale. The rep informed us they belonged to the manager. Dtel then asked the manager if he wanted to sell them. The manager told us no because one of his customers gave him those speakers and a reciever. Dtel told him he would give him $500.00 if they were the kind we were looking for.(Forte II's) The manager immediately said, "For $500.00, they are for sale." It was really funny.

    Dtel, who is 6'3", drags the 12' foot ladder up to the speakers. He could barely reach them. He tried to see the sticker on the back of the speaker, but manuevering the speaker on the 12" ladder proved to be a little difficult. Dtel believes they may be Fortes and not Forte II's.

    We are considering telling the manager they are not the exact speakers we were looking for and offering a lower price.

    The last thing either of us expected to see in the wholesalers Klipsch speakers in the irrigation supply wholesaler's establishment.

  19. Nice truck Scooter. Congratulations.

    Did you ever make a decision on the camper? I may have missed the answer in another thread.

    Elden and I pulled a "bumper pull" camper from Louisiana to the Smoky Mountains. That was more like work than a vacation.

    I would like to say...I also drive our truck. I have pulled our 20' "fifth wheel", as well as our 16' "bumper pull". I have pulled each trailer on numerous occasions. My vote, the "fifth wheel", hands down. There is no comparison. The ability to maneuver when pulling a "fifth wheel" is unbeatable. I can turn the "fifth wheel" around in a relatively small space compared to the "bumper pull".

    The weight distribution provides much more stability. Usually, whichever trailer I pull is fully loaded, upon my return with balled and burlapped trees and plants. This plant material is usually stacked about three foot high and covers the length of the trailer. (We have 2' treated plywood sides on each trailer, with a tarp). These trips for plant material usually take about eight to ten hours round trip. The difference between the two trailers is unbelievable.

    They also have a "fold out version" of the fifth wheel ball available.

    Again, congratulations and I hope you enjoy "pulling those stumps".[;)]

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