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  1. edit:

    I know Michael i still havent posted about picking up the new forte,s ,I'm going to let the wife post something, at the speed i type you will never read it plus she is better at general bs than me, hope she don,t see that.[:)]

    Okay, apologize...

  2. Thank you Michael. We love you too. Actually, our family does not accept gifts from people like kbear. However, my daughter has been reading this thread and she advises in this instance, "Hell yeh, tell kbear send Khorns as the gift and stay his _ss away from our family."

    It was obvious to me that he doesn't visit "this bar" very often. In the words of Toby Keith, "I love this bar".

    As most of you know, achieving a degree in nursing is a difficult task in itself, not to mention the forces of nature (Katrina) that our daughter had to overcome. The obvious was stated in the original post we made, what is not obvious to a lot of people were the leaky roofs, non-functioning air conditioners, lack of fans, etc. on the college campus. Bathing in pond water, sleeping with loaded guns by your bed, hand washing clothes, pouring water into a toilet to flush it. MRE's as a steady diet (thank God), lack of refrigeration and/or ice, lack of gas to get to and from school, and on and on.

    Our story is probably one of the least heartbreaking and I am almost embarrassed to have to expel on the details, when many have suffered much greater losses.

    Most of the nursing schools in southeastern Louisiana were completely obliterated by Katrina. No nurses will be graduating in that area for at least another six months. So...this was a major accomplishment, not only for our daughter, but for four generations of our family. Dtel's mother, who is 72 years old(attended the ceremony also), dtel and I, my daughter and my daughter's son. Considering dtel's mother and everyone in his family lost thier homes, WE CARE and we know our friends on this forum care.

    I do apologize to you guys for being so long winded, but it is not just the fact that she graduated. It is so much more.

  3. Our oldest daughter, Jamie graduated with her degree in Nursing and Applied Sciences last night. The ceremony was actually enjoyable. Short, quick and to the point... We want to let all of you know about her accomplishment.(she does lurk about here sometimes) She has faced enormous difficulties completing this challenge and her staying power says something about her as a person. In the last and most difficult semester, she faced forced evacuation from our home, loss of electrical power (including running water) for almost two weeks, four additional people moving into our home (this is actually a blessing) and a semester that was shortened by four weeks, all compliments of Katrina.

    We are truly proud to call her our daughter.

  4. Come on Michael, I knew about all that other addiction stuff already. Even contemplated asking you to request group therapy rates for me to attend the sessions with you and the therapist. O/C and ADD makes life tough going for me sometimes, terrible combination. This Klipsch addiction has only added to the list, glad to hear the therapist describes it as positive addiction, guess I don't have to get the discount rate after all.

    Just wanted a definition of "House of Klipsch" so we would all know where addiction is headed. For ourselves, you know, free advice. What other hobbies do you have, not including photography because that is work for you. Have to say the pics I saw you are pretty good at what you do. And what is the old guy crap. I know you are not older than me or dtel. Is that picture you showed of Grand Central Station? I sent you a email about that.

  5. We recently had the opportunity to audition Cornwalls and Forte II's in the same listening environment. (We were there to purchase the Forte II's) I have to tell you dtel, nor I heard a substantial difference between the two. As a matter of fact, the owner of the Cornwall's/seller of the Forte II's expressed the same opinion. If you are in the market to "play the upgrade game" Forte II's would be a great place to start, you may find that you don't need to go any further. I read your post regarding the music you like and the sounds you want to hear from the speakers, Forte II's will do the job. We paid $425 and $350 a pair, the last pair on e-bay went for $700.00 which included shipping.

    Average ebay price between $500 and $600. We purchased our first pair from a local seller, who was recommended by another forum member, always a plus. Our second pair was purchased (thanks Colter, again...) from a local forum member who is not a regular poster, but a regular reader. If you purchase local you can audition anything you want to purchase, which makes the used market relatively safe. Meagain, I honestly believe the Forte II's will provide the quality sound you are looking for, while providing excellent resale value for you to "play the upgrade game." I was truly surprised by the sound these speakers produced. Besides, from what I can gather half the fun is playing the game.

    Oh, Colter you are just jealous because you are not a "pesky Forte II owner"...yet. It is my understanding you are in the market for Forte II's. I think I have the concept of "House of Klipsch" but I am not sure I have the total concept. Is it to own one of every kind of speaker Klipsch makes, or multiples of each or just a list of as many as you can purchase, store, stack, etc.

  6. I was going to ask what kind of people have the time to develop these formulas, chain letters, etc.?. It really amazes me, because a lot of time has to go into a formula like that, or maybe it just comes easy to some people?

  7. Meagain,

    dtel and I started out with speakers in the Synergy series, which were quite adequate initially. Dtel is "anal" about researching any purchase exceeding $100.00, that includes weedeaters, vacuum cleaners and or speakers. After reading the forum for almost six months, he casually informed me that he wanted to upgrade the speakers we just purchased six months previously. He opted for a single pair of Forte II's, which I believe cost us around $425.00. Dtel had built a subwoofer when we purchased the Synergy speakers. Two weeks ago we purchased our second pair of Forte II's for $350.00 (once again, thanks Colterphoto). I can assure you dtel is just as "anal" about placement and sound as he is about spending $100.00. The Forte II's are not as imposing (as far as space) as some of the other speakers, yet the sound is impeccable for the $$. Dtel's goal is to have six Forte II's for surround, while my ultimate goal is a pair of Khorns, for music.

    However, I have heard and read, even on this thread that the Khorns quality depends on the type of music being listened to. The Forte II's are not that demanding, delivering all around performance for the buck.

  8. I agree also. At the time, we purchased our first Klipsch speakers New Orleans, LA had one of the best upscale audio stores around, Alterman Audio. Alterman actually doubles the warranty on all electronics you purchase from them. They were a Reference Series dealer only. Best Buy was not marketing Klipsch at the time. We went to Hattiesburg, MS, which is the same distance as New Orleans from our home and found a dealer, for the Synergy Series. In fact, Alterman Audio has recovered from Hurricane Katrina and is currently opening other locations in the Southeastern Louisiana area.

    Having been in sales myself, for over thirty years, it would make sense to put together a marketing team that could provide in-store training for Best Buy, as well as any other audio outlets that may want to sell Klipsch. Personally, I believe expanding the dealership list would go along way to increasing Klipsch's recognition. Being able to "test drive" Klipsch speakers in a knowlegable audio environment would surely help, especially with WAF.

  9. I agree totally with everything you said Gil, except one thing. The technical problem could have been a girlfriend/wife/boyfriend/husband problem. I do not think that is the case here, especially since Missa was not the one who lit the candles.

    When I began dating dtel, it was made very clear to me that I would not be allowed to place anything on top of the speakers, let alone near speakers that could possibly cause them damage. After we were married I had a blonde moment, (one of many) and put a beautiful (live) potted ivy plant on top of one of the speakers. Upon realizing my blonde moment, dtel's "sarcasm" kicked in and I believe he said something like "Are you stupid?" (Good thing we were already married when he said that) Anyway, I never put anything other than small photos on speakers after that. And...dtel soon realized asking (Are you stupid?) was not effective communication tool.

    Which reminds me, Divin has yet to accept responsibility for his role in the "technical problem". It took Missa to spill the beans. One other thing guys, we girls have a thing about you guys admitting when you are wrong. It is just a girl thing, it shows us your "softer" side. You can gain lots and lots of brownie favors for doing that. In this case, I would think (correct me if I am wrong Missa) that Divin should tell all of us in his own words, how the candle wax came to be on the speaker covers!!!

    I like the guys & gals at this local bar also, otherwise I wouldn't have visited or joined.

  10. Divin and Missa,

    The obvious sarcasm on the forum was a stumbling block for me. However, after reading this forum for almost 6 months, the sarcasm actually became humorous. The friendships we have made far outweigh the sarcasm. I hope missa continues to post, as Amy said "yeah, another woman".

    Divin, your comment about "stumbling over the deal when your eye is set on something else" is very true.

    and yes Missa you did "BUST EM"

  11. Jeff, you do not have to "give it all away for a good wife, stop listening to the stereo". It would help if the girlfriend and/or intended wife at least enjoyed listening to music. That was a starting point for my interest in Klipsch.

    Being a student can present challenges in relationships, however Formica's advice may be well taken. At the risk of being sarcastic "a little less whining" would go a long way with the girls.

    If you get "so entrenched" in your boy hobbies that you don't have time to land a girlfriend, you surely must find it difficult to keep a girlfriend. After all, what would happen if the girlfriend was "so entrenched" in her own hobbies. Geez, men and women may never get together.

    This post is not intended to be sarcastic, only to reveal pieces of the puzzle. LOL

    And yes there are women who can be bought, just as there are men that can be bought.

  12. Gil, I did not mean to offend you. Simply put, if you say what you mean and mean what you say it doesn't matter who looks, reads or listens in to our world. I do not know any of you very well. I also would not judge any of you, lest I be judged myself. That being said, a comment that insinuates women like to be bought is insulting or should be insulting to most women. If I thought any of the men on this forum were hostile to women I would not have joined as a member.

    And...oh yes women do vent. I do hope some of the "puzzlement" being experienced by some of you male posters can be answered by your fellow brothers and sisters.

  13. Marvel it is easy to see why you have thirty something years with your wife. I hate to give these guys a clue. Women do not actually want to be "bought". Yes gifts are nice, however love, respect and consideration go much further.

    Fixing my coffee for me in the morning gets dtel just as far, if not farther than bringing me flowers. Not that I don't like flowers, they are among some of my favorite things, but the consideration means much more. That is just one clue. There are many more.

    Gil, you should always mean what you say and say what you mean.

    And yes, Michael does have a chance. I consider his opinions to be sincere, after all, there aren't enough women on this forum for him to be trying to impress anyone.,

  14. Having recently purchased our second pair of Forte II's (thank you again Michael) and in pursuit of a third pair, I must tell you we are extremely happy with the purchases. During our 27 year marriage we have owned numerous speakers including a pair dtel custom built to specifications. The Forte II's have outperformed them all. My favorite DVD is Clapton, One More Car, One More Rider, Live on Tour 2001, You Look Wonderful Tonight, where the guy plays the clarinet through the keyboard. Crank em up and listen to that piece, it sounds like your in the room with the guy.

    Our first experience with Klipsch was brand new Synergy speakers, which were amazing for the price and sound. I have never been really interested in the whole audio thing, although I love music and dancing. That is until dtel joined the forum and started his "quest for the Holy Grail". Now...I feel like Michael...it is an addiction...the next listening high...Good luck and congratulations on your purchase

  15. Missa I know Colterphoto said you should have the vote, but I have to tell you... Colter can stay, Jeff should go...any man that thinks money can buy women seriously does not understand women. There are a lot of ways to impress women without spending money. I don't think we should give Jeff any clues either, and maybe no one will "sell" him a clue. I wonder what his wife, girlfriend or significant other, if there is one, would have to say about his theory. What I do find interesting is the fact that most of the men on this forum had no comment on his theory regarding women and money.

    You guys may want to watch out for Colter, he just might have what it takes to turn your woman's head. Hang in there Michael, I promise a good lady will come your way soon.

    and...I think the person that lights the candles should be responsible for snuffing them out.

  16. I signed up as a forum member on 12/6/05. However, between all the excitement with Christmas, my birthday, the tractor, the new fortes, and my newly found addiction (Klipsch) I forgot my own password, so to expedite news I posted under dtel. Finally took time today to get password problems resolved (thank you Amy) and can go about my own business.

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