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  1. no subwoofer in that sytem?

    you're missing out, although i must admit the bass must already be pretty good and plentiful.

    but what about one or two of the new Klipsch subs to complement the system?

    that'd extend the bass lower and give more impact to explosions.

    obviously you would turn them off for music.

  2. it would be very bad indeed.

    as far as adding the speakers to your existing configuration, i wouldn't recommend it. the speakers wouldn't blend well with the pro's satellites. seems to me like you want to do soemthing complicated for limited benefits...

    neways, it's your call, but please heck whether the speakers area magnetically shielded, and if you don't know, assume they are not.

  3. I'm sorry, Ray, but my WWF song is the winner.

    Sexy Boy...

    did anyone actually try to download it?

    it's worth it, you'll laugh your head off.

    maybe it doesn't actually qualify as a song...

    "I'm just a sexy Boy

    *seeexyyy booooyyyy*

    I'm not your boy toy

    *boooooyyy tooooyyy*

    I'm just a sexy boy


    I think I'm cute,

    I know I'm sexy,

    I got the moves,

    that really move 'em


    Hands off the merchandise!"

    All that sang with a very virile wrestler voice... It cracks me up every time.

  4. how'd he do that?

    how do you get other smileys??

    neways, if it sounds good to you, great.

    but more neutral is an adjective that can or cannot be applied, objectively, to a certain sound.

    and if what this plugin does is really boost the highs and lows like the eq setting you had before, then it's not making the sound more neutral. neutral is flat, with even freq response, not adding anything to the sound. the exact contrary of this.

    i have tried the plugin and did not notice much difference, maybe it's not working?

    I did notice a huge difference in the 2 wav files on the page though, and it didn't seem to me like things were all good on the second one...

    that hissing, tinny sound...

  5. janko:

    what you are considering is overkill.

    the new Klipsch subs will cost A LOT and will drown out basically everything in your house, including the pros.

    if you need more bass, you also need a more powerful system that will work together.

    adding a sub would not necessarily have a canceling out effect if your placement is correct, but it would be overkill.

    keep in mind this is a PC system.

    i don't see why anybody in his right mind would consider the new Klipsch subs, even the old ones, to include with the pros.


    Battlefield Earth was the STUPIDEST movie I ever saw!!

    Why let the humans go to know what their favorite food was AND THEN teach them to speak??

    And how come those advanced ETs don't have suits against the radiation where the gold is??


    sorry for the rant.

    Battlefield Earth...


  7. ummm...

    not quite the same thing though.

    as i understand it, the usefulness of being obsessed with fps is that you'll be able to use your card much longer when games start being very 3d intensive.

    although this logic is defeated because all the people who are obsessed with fps change vidcards every year anyway.

  8. 1) Exact Audio Copy to rip audio CDs.

    LAME encoder to encode/decode mp3s

    2) Any brand that makes successful burns every time with your burner. I use Maxell. Also check wheter the cds you buy will work in any and all CD transports (DVD drives, DVD players, CDROM, CD players, car, portable...)

    3) Any speed that gives you consistent burning with no wasted cds.

    I'd like to go back to #1 a little...

    Exact Audio Copy is a (free) program that makes exact copies of audio CDs or just tracks. you can either rip an image of the whole cd or individual tracks. the program checks several time to make sure the rip is exact. slower but you get exact copies every time.

    LAME encoder is the best encoder for mp3s. it can encode with variable bitrate, meaning it uses a high bitrate in the complicated passages where it is needed, and low bitrate where it's not. much better than either encoding at low bitrate to save space or encoding at high bitrate to get better sound. you get the best sound and you don't have to have 20 megs mp3s.

    I will try to look for a site where everything is explained and post the link.


    There you go: http://www.r3mix.net/

    it's all there.

    most interesting: "Since version 3.60 ~> 3.70 the quality of also the CBR encoder has superceded the Fraunhofer codecs available."

    also, i should specify that you should pick up the Razor LAME front end for the LAME codec. again, it's all in the link.

  9. ...ummm...

    gluegun, the research has been looking at serious disadvantages, like mental illness, depression, ect. and didn't find any except in some cases slightly poorer math performance. for that you're right.

    HOWEVER, try watching a movie (with sound) and having all those colorful designs in front of you... would you like that? I didn't think so.

    what about driving your car while listening to your kickass sound system? ...

    see, there would be a lot of small disadvantages like this that would far overweigh the advantage of having a Winamp VIS in your brain.

  10. One thing can be determined objectively, and that is the accuracy, or flat response of a speaker. accuracy and flat response seem to be the ultimate goals of audiophiles everywhere.

    However, not everybody is an audiophile and thus not everybody is looking for the most accurate sound that will give them exactly what is on the record.

    Some people are just after enjoying their music and having fun. they want things to sound as good as possible, and if that means adding some kind of color to the original sound, they don't give a flying rat's ***.

    and that's where you get into opinions. some people will prefer the sound of Klipsch, with lots of dynamics thanks to the horns, and some other will prefer a flatter sound, where some others could even prefer a really apparent midrange and less highs and lows.

    the Promedias are definitely not audiophile speakers.

    Klipsch was (I hope) not after perfect reproduction or flat response. They were after a sound that would please most people. Lots of bass, very forward highs, and if that means cutting back on the midrange a bit, it's not that bad.

    Apparently they achieved their goal, because most people like the sound of the pros.

  11. hey, that's intereseting...

    although i have no clue where i could find a wholesale outfit near me...

    hey, Windstorm, do you know of any good Canadian website for buying PC parts, or at least sites that ship to Canada and have really good prices or are exempt from duty and tax or either...

    getting desperate here.

  12. Exact Audio Copy is a program that, although it's much slower than all the other ripping programs out there, checks and rechecks and rerechecks the rip all the time to see whether it's really exact. any time it has a doubt after the ripping process, it will give you a screen where all the problems could have happened so you can check the wav and see if you can hear a difference.

    it works really well and makes... exact audio copies of your existing cds really easy.

    it also has the option to start one of several external encoding programs (among which LAME) after the rip is complete, you just have to provide the location of the program. so you have an integrated solution to create mp3s.

  13. yeah, the sb live has some advantages, according to the review sites i checked out.

    the AE has some kind of (can't remember the name) processor that takes stereo sound and makes it into real surround sound and apparently it works really well, even better than dolby digital some people have said.

    the sblive can't do that at all. it will only mirror the stereo signal to the rear.

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