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  1. Thanks guys. I'm a pipe insulator by trade. Most of our jobs has no place to wash your hands. Port-o-potty is how we roll and they are nasty. No telling were I pick it up. I have 3 nieces and their husband's that have it as well. The doctor told me that its the community. Some people will wear a mask but its hanging off one ear. 

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  2. For Christmas, I bought my son a Sony DSX-A415BT.  It has 2 set of pre-out, 1 for left and right speakers and 1 for a subwoofer, which doesn't allow to fade from back to front. For speakers, I got Hertz Centro CPK165 components for the fronts and Hert HCX 690 for the back. Pushing them with a Rockford Fosgate R300x4, which is 50 watts per channel at 4 ohms, AB amp. The speakers are underpowered by 50%. I was kinda lost about the whole car stereo, but I went for Black Friday deal. I got a Rockford Fosgate Punch 3 sub and a Rockford Fosgate  r500x1D amp, which is a D class amp, again underpowered.  Being short on funds, my son paid 50/50 on the install. It sounds great. So much better than stock. It made him smile, hell it made me smile.

      Some say an AB amp sounds cleaner than a D amp( as in the amp that drives the speakers). But the D amp offers more power and not much more money.  Right now my son is smiling ear to ear, but can we get a cleaner sound, bigger sound stage for a little more money?

       At the time the car is not struggling from lack of power as in amps. Just a little dimming of the headlight on a hard bass hit


  3. Schu, are talking about the girl? 

     Westcoastdrums, are you saying to get fronts 6.5 (door) and power it with a amp and leave the back (6x9) like it is, stock speakers and let the stereo power it. I got a Sony stereo( replacing stock) for him last week. It looks good but I can't really tell any difference in the sound

  4. My 17 year old son has the car, he has the girl, now he needs some sound.  I need some personal recommendations on some 6x9's and 6.5's. I will buy a Rockford Fosgate  Punch 3 12", 600 RMS. 2 or 4 ohms, not sure about that. I can get the sub for $130 and a pre-built box for $50. I will  get a 5 channel amp to push it. I hate to spend too much money but if I put money into a sound system and it sounds like crap then I fell like I threw my money in the trash. How about a amp as well? Can you help me out

  5. 11 hours ago, DizRotus said:

    Actually yesterday, but I bought a used Husqvarna mower for the rental duplex my sons rent from me.  It seemed like a good deal offered by my son’s friend who helped with a lot of work at the duplex, but I was concerned when he informed me he couldn’t get it to start after sitting for two years, since he now uses a lawn service.  I thought I bought a like new lightly used mower, not a project.


    The good news is it runs like a champ and is a really good deal.  A splash of fresh gas in the carb demonstrated good spark.  After filling the tank with good gas (diluting the stale gas), it fired right up.  After warming it up, the gas tank was emptied so the warmed oil could be drained and fresh oil installed.


    The motor starts easily with a single pull.  Everything works.  I was surprised to see USA Briggs & Stratton power.  I’d expected some exotic Scandinavian lump.



    Nice mower. I like to mow my own lawn. Last year I paid someone to mow. I kinda felt left out.


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  6. I got a new zero turn riding lawn mower. SCAG Liberty Z 48" cut with a Kawasaki 21 HP motor. Never had a zero turn mower, these things are fun and they do a great job in half the time

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  7. Made two rock lobster tails, three prime grade ribeye's, a wild caught sockeye salmon filet on a soaked cedar plank, and eight chicken thighs marinated in extra virgin olive oil, sweet baby rays Vidalia onion BBQ sauce, and apple cider vinegar.  Smoke box in the grill filled with Stubbs wood chip blend. 


    Made asparagus spears in the oven drizzled with olive oil seasoned with fresh ground pink Himalayan salt, and telluride peppercorns, garlic & onion powder and a half lime squeezed over the tips.


    Mint Juleps as a salute to the Kentucky derby.

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