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  1. I have found that the KG4's sound very good matched with a Harman Kardon HK430. You can usually find one in good condition for $100.00 or less. An HK730 or 930 would work well also. Tom
  2. One gets right to the point and the other is pointless. Tom
  3. Igor, if you are still interested in the woofer pm me or email me. You can do this through my profile page. Tom
  4. "Team, no kidding! What a forum! Yes, that would be awesome if it's a white K8K to match mine I would get it from you, the only thing is I am located in Alabama... Tom, please send me an email if you are willing to ship it to me? igor at uab dot Thanks a bunch Igor " I didn't quite understand your email address, so, I sent you an email through your Klipsch Forum Profile page. Let me know if you don't get the email. Tom
  5. I don't know where you are located, but, if you are in the Seattle area I have a good KG4 woofer I will let you have for $25.00 Oh, welcome to the forum. Tom
  6. The GE and the Pyrimid wire is Chinese. Not sure about the RCA.
  7. Recently I have purchased three different brands of 14 gauge speaker wire and all three seem to be different sizes. Not just the outside diameter, but, the thickness of the combined strands of wire themselves. The three brands are RCA, GE and Pyramid. The RCA is the largest in strands and diameter, then the Pyramid, and GE is the smallest. Is there different ways of measuring the gauge of wire or is this just terrible quality control. Tom
  8. Todd, thank you for commenting. You are so right about life being a short dance and to drink in as much as you can with what time we have. I feel your comments are very honest and make more sense than many others I have experienced in reviews and such. It is refreshing to read remarks such as yours. Thank you for your input and all I can say about these speakers is that they, to my ears, are very correct in their reproduction of the music. Tom
  9. I picked up a pair of these yesterday for a pretty good price and must admit, they sound pretty darn good. They tend to do a lot of things right. I am very impressed, even though I have been a Klipsch Heritage fan, I could live with these babies. Any forum members have similar or different experiences with these? Tom
  10. With a birthdate as such. There is no doubt she is #1. Congratulations! Tom
  11. Congratulations and welcome to the club! I'm sure you will enjoy them. Price vs performance, I don't think you can do much better. Tom
  12. Excuse me. I forgot my manners. Welcome to the forum. It's a great place to be. Tom
  13. Those are definately Cornwalls. Make sure all the drivers work. From the pic. the woofers look right to me. Don't know the vintage. Get them for a good price, take them home and enjoy them. Merry Christmas! Tom
  14. Glad to hear that they're not too horny for you. Having a pair of horny speakers shouting at you can cause issues. I"ve always liked the Heresy in a small to medium sized room. Tom
  15. That sounds about right. Tom
  16. Weight and authority? I think I have been reading too many audio magazines. Tom
  17. It's been awhile since I had a 430. I believe the sound of this 930 seems to be very similar but with a little more authority and weight. Then again, it might just be me thinking it has more weight and authority with complex passages. All I know for sure is I like what I hear. Tom
  18. No camera at the moment. I can tell you that it is not a museum piece, but is presentable and seems to work fine. Tom
  19. I just picked up a 930 and have been running it now for about 3 hours and am happy to say, Yeah Baby! This thing sounds great. I have owned a couple of 430's in the past and have been happy with them but always pined after a 930. I might hang onto this one. Tom
  20. Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to all on the Forum and to let you know I am thankful for all I have, material and immaterial. Life is good! Tom
  21. Congratulations. Someday I shall have mine. It is wonderful stories like yours that get the fever going again and again. Oh yes, they shall be mine! Tom
  22. Well, you're no fun! Sorry to hear about your misfortune. Tom
  23. Thebes, are you ready to give a review and or opinion on the 301 vs 103R? Also, just your general opinion of the 301 with a few different genres of music referenced such as, acoustical,blues, jazz and of course, classic rock. I will probably pull the trigger on one or the other in the next couple of weeks and am just curious about your experience so far. Tom
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