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  1. I am always amazed at how lazy we humans can be. With all the technology we have at our disposal, we utilize it to do less and less. I too am guilty of this. I am in possession of several remote controls, because it just seems to be too troublesome to get up off my butt and push buttons or turn dials. I do still vacuum. Probably not as often as I should. Maybe I should look into a roomba. I too think that you should put up some protective barrier. Tom
  2. I lusted after Belle's for years. I too thought they would sound comparable to the Lascalas I owned. I was wrong. In my room they just didn't do it for me. My Cornwalls seem to be the ticket for me. They do a lot right and very little left for me to want. Belle's are beautiful. Good luck. Tom
  3. Do the xovers come with binding posts, and if so are the plastic nuts in good shape? Tom
  4. You didn't post it in the wrong place. I think that posting it here and on Facebook is a good idea. I for one do not frequent Facebook simply because I am not comfortable doing so. Thank you for posting here. Tom
  5. Hi, I am old. I am having a hard time understanding your request. I think, maybe English is not your first language. Welcome to the forum and try again with your request. Tom
  6. Welcome to the forum. The sickness is upon you. You think you don't have enough space for Lascalas, but wait, there is that voice in your head that can become very persuasive. Enjoy your Klipsch. They are wonderful speakers, and again, welcome. Tom
  7. Just want something to sit below or in front of TV on stand, that can give me better sound for TV programming, sports, news, occasional sitcom. I have my Sunfire Ultimate Receiver hooked up to DVD player and Cornwall for music and movies.
  8. My experience with kg4s, is that when ab testing them against heresys using an hk430 in a10x12 carpeted room, I liked the kg4s just a little bit better. Both pairs of speakers were stock. Don't get in a hurry to change things. Sometimes what you change just makes it different not better. You can't go wrong with either speaker, depending on the associated gear. Tom
  9. Thank you for your recommendation. Unfortunately when I did some research into cost, it is a little more than I am willing to spend. I think less than $300 is about where I am at and $250 or less would even be better.
  10. tom b. 57


    I don't watch the TV much, but the Samsung flat screen I bought awhile back has to have the crappiest audio I have ever experienced in a TV. I am not interested in doing a home theater thing just some decent audio. So my question is, Soundbar, yes or no? I am tired of not hearing unless I turn the volume way up, and even then the quality is poor. I know I'm not going deaf because I have not had to crank up the stereo to new levels. Any recommendations? Tom
  11. Rxonmymind, I did get those up and running and they sounded great. I played with them for a couple of weeks and then decided to sell them. I had to make a decision on what speakers to keep due to space constraints, so the Cornwalls and Magnepans won out. If you get them for the right price, I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Tom
  12. Any of the forum members have experience with diaphragms from China for RF-7 high frequency drivers? They appear to look like the ones that are offered from reputable online sources, but for way less money. Tom
  13. I have a working pair from my 1975 Cornwall's that I would probably sell. I replaced with a pair of Crites B networks. Shoot me a pm if interested. Tom
  14. Jump on the KG 4s. I've owned both and I preferred the sound of the 4s over the 3.5s. They look better too. Tom
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