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  1. Merry Christmas to all and have a great New Year Tom B
  2. Just wanted to say, Merry Christmas to all of you on this forum. Hopefully Santa has been good to all of you. Let's hope that the New Year allows us to beat back the Corona virus a good deal so that we can all enjoy our lives. Tom B
  3. Thank you for the enlightening thread. Wow, not very impressive. I think I got my mind made up on this one. Tom
  4. Has anyone here have any experience with this particular amp? If so, can you give me an opinion on performance and reliability of this unit? One for sale in the area and I can't seem to find much information at all. Price is in the range that if it has good things going on, I may choose to play with it. Any opinion or advice welcomed. Tom
  5. Picked up the tuner this morning and it is in extremely good condition. I am very impressed. Unfortunately I won't be checking it out for a few days. I hope it works as well as it looks.
  6. well if they will have to pry it out of your hands, I think my question is answered.
  7. If it checks out the price is certainly good. I am curious as to how good of a tuner it is and if it is a keeper.
  8. I have an opportunity to pick up a McIntosh MR-78 tuner for what seems to be a good price ($500.00). Anyone own or have owned one? Any opinions about this model? Is it worth asking price? Tom
  9. I just seen this and I too am sad to learn of Bob's passing. I had the pleasure of dealing with him on several occasions over these 15 or so years I have been a forum member. Always very helpful and courteous. Possessed a great deal of knowledge. Seemed eager to help and willing to guide in the right direction if I was unsure of what path to follow during the few repairs and replacements of these Klipsch speakers components. RIP BOB! like what Has already been said, you will be missed.
  10. I have my RF-7s in my bedroom and even though they are more than I need in that space I don't see them going anywhere. They sound great. Keeping them sounds like a good idea. Enjoy
  11. tom b. 57

    SW 15

    I sold the SW 15 for $175.00. I was impressed by the amount of bass, but like you, I noticed it was not the quality of bass I am looking for. I do have an older Velodyne 12 inch subwoofer, but have to see what is up with the tiny toggle switches. They seem to cut output power if I try to use them. Maybe need cleaning or replacing.
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