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  1. I have a pair of Cornwalls that incorporate K-43's. It has been suggested to me to think about changing to K-33's. Is this something that a professional should do or is it easy enough for someone with pretty limited knowledge and skills to do. Are the K-33's very expensive? Are they ready available? How much lower do the K-33's go. Is it worth the expense and the effort? tom b. 57
  2. Yes I believe you are right Michael, K-43's. You say they don't hit the lows as well as the K-33's, and that I might think of replacing them with the 33's. Is this a difficult task? I am not very educated in this sort of thing, and are the 33's expensive? tom b. 57
  3. I just purchased a pair of '75' Cornwalls yesterday and am very pleased with their performance. Instead of the K-33, they have a K-44 woofer. The individual that I bought them from said that they were unique because of the different woofer. Is this so? I paid $850.00 for the pair. The cabinets showed a fair amount of ware, but for 31 years of use I thought they looked about like they should. Did I pay a fair price? I do believe I will get more than $850.00 worth of enjoyment from them. In just one day I think I already got $100.00 worth. What do you guys think. tom b. 57
  4. Thank you Amy. Hope to hear from you soon.
  5. Michael, thanks for your help. I apreciate you taking the time to help my less learned self. According to the list, my Cornwalls were born in '75'. The serial numbers are hand written in ink, they are 6N334 and 6N335. Do those numbers sound legit. The tag on the back is pretty faded so it is hard to read anything else like the name of the person that tested them, inspected them, or the type. Do you have any suggestion s on how I might research these things? Again, Thank you (P. S. yes I was born in '57')
  6. I just purchased a pair of Cornwalls and am interested in checking serial numbers against records that Klipsch may have in Archives. Does anyone know how to check such a thing? Is it even possible? please help with ideas on how to go about researching info. thank you, tom b. 57
  7. I purchased a pair of KG-4's last night for $147.00, and am very pleased with their sound. They were built in 1989. Does anyone know what the retail price was for them in '89'. My first Ebay purchase. I am happy it was successful. tom b. 57
  8. Godfather Svc, your memory serves you well. The Marantz does have the cool blue lights and the midrange control. Now the problem is finding Cornwalls in my price range. Thank you for your responce tom b. 57
  9. I own an older marantz receiver, model 2275. It was purchased in the mid to late 70's. I inherited it. It has been stored away for the last20 years or so. It seems to kick pretty good. I am curious if it is clean enough to power a pair of Cornwalls or maybe even a pair of Klipschorns. What do you think? tom b. 57
  10. Bill, thank you for your posting. With these photos you have reminded me that their is meaning to this holiday. It is not just a paid day off of work. I think that some of us get so caught up in our own daily lives that we tend to fail to stop for a minute and reflect on the important job our fellow Americans in the Armed Forces have, and how many of them pay with their lives to keep us free. Thank you again. tom b. 57
  11. Thank you all for your responses to my posting. You have helped me formulate a personal policy when considering purchases off eBay. There is one item tyhat I am unclear on. That item is the minimum power supply needed to drive a pair of Khorns to successfully indulge in the beautiful world of Klipsch sound.Can anyone give me some feedback on the sort of equipment that I may want to consider procuring. tom b. 57
  12. I'm looking for some feedback on the subject of purchasing Klipschorns off eBay. Good, bad or indifferent. Any related experiences with eBay. Also what is the recommended minimum power supply to drive them with good results. thanks tom b. 57
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