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  1. 2 hours ago, Ironsave said:

    So after a few days of having these.... I'm blown away. They're like Heresy on steroids. Bigger sound stage.... Natural chest thumping bass ( no sub)... I use " pure audio" setting on my reciever now and it's like they DON'T NEED EQ ing....


    Besides a crossover recap ( should I? They sound so good now against my re capped Heresy 1 speakers, it's crazy).... 

    What else can be done to enhance their performance? Best placement? Toed in like Heresy or straight against wall? 

    Ideas? Thoughts?

    Why fix what's not broken. Don't get in a hurry to start "updating". Not always a good thing.


    Just my 2 cents worth.



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  2. 1 hour ago, mr.pee1 said:

    I have those now so I should go back to the thin RCA cables? 

    You can always try some different interconnects and see if you hear a difference.


    Easy to get caught up in the cable thing and before you know it you have hundreds if not thousands wrapped up in your interconnects. Don't ask me how I know this.



  3. 1 hour ago, Fido said:

    Hi Tom - I'm a passionate photographer so I'm very visual. I have an old color organ I updated to match the decor in the house - so listening to music and seeing music go together.  Sample of my photography work - Hugh Hefners wife - beauty


    Ahhhh! That would match my decor perfectly!


  4. 1 hour ago, Fido said:

    I just bought some Forte ii frames for my Fortes and had them covered with some Blonde cane and they look really cool - my current grills are perfect so I didn't want to take the badges of those grills - the used ones came with one badge - the speaker just looks better to me with the badges on - so I pad $29 on ebay for another badge and waiting it to be delivered - to me my stereo is a part of my living room decor so whats $30 aft all we spend on our hi fi gear?


    I'll post pictures once the grills are mounted with the new badges - btw - my wife loves how they look so far

    I agree that after all we spend on our audio gear $30.00 doesn't seem like a big pile of money.


    I just feel that charging that much for a badge is rediculous and greedy. This of course is only my personal opinion and I do respect other's thoughts, beliefs and opinions. Anyone can pay what they choose and justify it any way they want.


    Hell, if I had an extra one I would just give it to you.





  5. I also was looking for one or two of the copper badges because the one that came with the 2000 Klipschorn I picked up was bent. After seeing what they want for a badge on eBay, I just straightened the one I have the best I could. I believe that more than $20.00 for a simple badge is crazy.


    Good luck.



  6. 5 hours ago, jason str said:

    I had multiple sets of these in my old Dodge van running from the EQ/subwoofer control unit to the amplifiers.


    Did not care for them either or remember where i purchased them, probably sitting in a box somewhere if my son did not grab them for himself.


    I always used cables available at Radio Shack, that store turned to crap along with no longer carrying decent cables.


    I have some I bought years ago and do remember where I bought mine. I believe the store's name is Best Buy.


    I bought mine in 2005 when I started getting back into audio.


    I too no longer use them.



  7. 26 minutes ago, onemoretime said:

    Let me know when you're getting ready to sell your Forte II's. I have family in the Midwest who might be able to pick up...

    You poor man, you have the sickness like the rest of us.


    I have to let you know, there is no cure. Just keep feeding the need and may God help you.



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