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  1. On ‎5‎/‎4‎/‎2019 at 2:03 PM, Ivaols said:

    The picture is lying. I tried a wide setting when taking the picture with my phone and the image is stretched. Look below for a more accurate image. 

    The top horn is a Klipsch K-402. 

    The base horn behind in the corners are a ShyHorn, made by user TheShy in a Norwegian forum, with a 24" Precision Devices PD.2450. 




    Do you have pictures of the rest of your room?  Along the sides and back?

    What amps and crossovers etc are you using?


    Looks amazing!

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  2. The only challenge is to find other speakers that can come close to keeping up with the Jubs in the front 2 spots on L and R.

    Have used Fortes, LaScallas and Khorns for rears.  The larger the better they seemed to do.

    Have used both Palladium 27 C in front, and a LaScalla up front also.  Both worked pretty well.

    Ultimate set up would be Jub x 5, if I had the room and cashola.

    Or Jubs x 3 up front, and then the new 396's as surrounds and rears for a 7 channel set up.

    with a 1502 or 1802 somehow in the mix also!

  3. On ‎2‎/‎4‎/‎2019 at 10:27 PM, Chief bonehead said:

    What is the difference. Really. 

    Well, I found that my Jubs work really great as a 2 channel speaker.


    And then I have found that my Jubs work great as my HT front 2 speakers also.


    Have enjoyed them as both! 

    So I have to assume you would agree with this same set up!

    I mean, since you made me my Jubs and all a long while back.

  4. 4 hours ago, Davis said:

    I am using the RB61ii as front height speakers.

    I have them sitting at the same angle of the RP140Sa on top of my Khorns.

    I feel the RB61ii is a better speaker at a much lesser cost than a RP140SA.

    My biggest complaint is the look, as the leading visible edge is much thinner on the RP140SA than the big ole RB61ii.

    For the content delivered in a height channel I doubt a better speaker is advantageous so my experiment is all about cost.

    I only use the height channels for movies and not multi channel music. It will be interesting if and when Atmos concerts become available though..

    I am not convinced that an up firing height speaker is better or equal too a speaker mounted high on the wall firing down.


    would you mind posting a picture of how you set those up?


  5. I thought there used to be a section where everyone showed their picutres of their home theater room and or set ups.

    Lets start a thread showing pictures of our set ups.

    I know everyone likes to see pics of gear and speakers etc.

    Helps to spark new ideas for the rest of us!


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