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  1. I am running a 5.1 receiver with the following: Mains-KLF10, Center-C7, Sub-KSW10, Rear/Surround-RB5. I would like to add a set of towers either Legands or RF3 to another room in my home. My receiver can either run this set or has the connections to add a seperate power amp. I'm not sure which way to go or what watt/chanel amp to add. Any advice would be appreciated. Alan ------------------
  2. I would appreciate some advice on rear/surround speaker selection. My receiver is 5.1 with DTS and Surround and I listen to a lot of CD's via a Toshiba DVD player. Current speakers are KLF-10 mains, C-7 center and KSW-10 sub. I don't have the space for another set of towers and would guess that the RS3 would be a good all around match for TV movies,and DVD video. How would the RS-3 be for CD music or would the RB5 work with all applications? Thank you, Alan ------------------
  3. Thanks Keith, that was what was thinking of. Its to bad there isn't some type of switch box that would allow you to use the second set as mains or surrounds for HT, or maybe there is. I don't have enough room for another set of Legends and was thinging about a pair of RB5's on stands. Do you think that would work? Thanks Alan quote: Originally posted by talktoKeith: alynmar, sure to be conflicting opinions here. I run four KSP300's(and SW12II)in the four corners for music and if you could hear it, you would no doubt have your answer.My room has three solid walls with the fourth wall open on either end by say 10' and 8'.This vents the sound all over the house.I'm now thinking about adding two to four more speakers to the mix.Sorta straight stereo "surround". Go for it! Keith
  4. Is there any advantage to having two pairs of main speakers when using a system in a two channel mode for listening to music? Just one of those questions that has been bugging me. Current set up: KLF10's, KSW 12 sub. Thanks ------------------
  5. The deal on the KLF10s is only good thru 2/28/01. Price $550.00 per PAIR. Check their web site for locations, call for shipping info. quote: Originally posted by lerajie: Where is this Sound Advice you speak so highly of? I am very interested in getting two KLF-10's for under $600.
  6. Thanks for the responses. What about using a pair of RF-3s as the rears with the KLF 10's or would the differences in the speakers be a killer? Someone also suggested using RB 5s as a rear pair. quote: Originally posted by ColaBear: I agree with DD. I run KLF30s for both my mains and my surrounds. Since all your channels are full range, why not use a full range speaker?? Also, I DO NOT run a second set of surrounds for home theatre. My surrounds are just behind my listening area and toed in about 60 degrees or so. This covers my listening area quite well, plus it's great with 5 channel stereo, if you own a receiver capable of that.
  7. I am using KLF-10s as my mains, A KSW-10 sub, and a C-7 center channel. Finally have the $$$ for a set of rear speakers and would like an opinion on any Klipsch floor standing models that could be used as the surrounds vs the RC-3s since wall mounting would be a big problem in my listening room. Thanks for your input. ------------------
  8. Thanks for the comments. Would this also be the case if the primary use of the system is to listen to CD music? I have a receiver that is 5.1 rated. quote: Originally posted by alynmar: I have a pair of KLF-10s and a KSW-10 and want to start building a HT system. Since the budget is limited, I can not add all the speakers at once. What should be the first addition the center channel or the surrounds? Thanks for any feedback. Alan
  9. I have a pair of KLF-10s and a KSW-10 and want to start building a HT system. Since the budget is limited, I can not add all the speakers at once. What should be the first addition the center channel or the surrounds? Thanks for any feedback. Alan ------------------
  10. Thanks BOA12. I do have a JVC 1028VBK receiver that is 5.1 channel audio so I can hook the system to my monitor which is a 36" Toshiba for home theater applications, but music is still the primary application. Would the surrounds be a enhancement? I have been told that in non video applications a center channel will cut out. Thanks again! quote: Originally posted by boa12: al, not unless u have or plan on getting an a/v receiver or set-up (5.1 channels or more w/ decoders). & then i'd say only if that has a 5 or more channel stereo feature. because I don't have, for music, I usually only use my fronts & sub only. what's that other 20% used for? ------------------
  11. I have a pair of KLF-10s as my main speakers an a KSW10 subwoofer. My system is used about 80% of the time to listen to CD music. Is there any advantage to adding either a center channel or surrounds for this use. Thanks for your comments. ------------------
  12. I am considering the purchase of a C-7 and have a question regarding placement of the speaker. Any thoughts as to on the floor vs on top of the TV. I have a 36" Toshiba but 40lbs of speaker seems like a lot to put on top of the unit. Any thought would be appreciated. Alan ------------------
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