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  1. Wrong again! Still here! I simply dont feel the need to have to prove myself on here. Doesnt matter to me if anyone believes me or not. Actually, I'm sure BobG could look into their shipping department and find out if a pair of LaScallas shipped recently. Bob, what do you say?
  2. Kevin S, You have to love these web sites. Everyone seems to know everything but generally dont know anything. I think it is absolutely hilarious that people have responded to my posts the way they have - especially when they dont know crap. Before you speculate on how YOU think I may have gotten my speakers, you should learn to ask the proper questions before making dumb comments. The speakers I got were just made because the dealer gave me status updates with updates from within Klipsch saying so. The wood still has fresh saw dust on them!!! As for my attitude, you better believe it sours when people start flapping at the gums about things they know nothing about - like you. I was told for the longest time that the LaScallas were not in production and that my Krell/Klipsch combination would be disappointing! Perhaps you have the "lay down" attitude when people spout off but I dont. I call it like it is and respond accordingly. The facts are - I got my NEW LaScallas and my stereo sounds INCREDIBLE!!! So do me a favor, crawl into your hole and stay there. By the way - Im sure BobG doesn't need someone to run to his defense. If you disagree with something I said then post your opinion but dont' be a "do-gooder" and run to someones defense. THats part of the problem on here.. This message has been edited by wired1 on 09-20-2001 at 07:56 AM
  3. All, Guess what...? I just got my brand new LaScallas... You know... The ones that the moderators said I would not get because they weren't in production??? BobG... Before you start telling people that they "definately" wont be getting stuff... You better get a clue. Brand new in the box - still sealed from Klipsch. ------------------ This message has been edited by wired1 on 09-20-2001 at 07:55 AM
  4. Mike, The fact that I said that it sounds terrible is a GENERAL opinion that "MAY" be inferred to individuals WITHOUT individual direction. What that guy said to me was that "I" would be disappointed. Its quite obvious that you are too stupid to know the difference and proved it by opening your big mouth... Your a joke... reporting me to the moderators.... LOL... GET A LIFE, DUDE!!!! ------------------ wired1@ameritech.net
  5. The EAR, YOur 100% right on what you said. And as I have just said, most people work hard and spend a lot of $ on their equipment. I now that Krell amp you got and it is absolutely incredible. As for the new LaScallas... I just spoke to my dealer and it was confirmed that it was shipped from the dealer and it is now in their warehouse. He told me the speakers would be there on Monday or Tuesday by the latest. I'll let you know.... ------------------ wired1@ameritech.net
  6. Colin, It takes a man to say what you have said and I appreciate it. Perhaps you used the wrong terminology but people should never trash other peoples equipment. Especially because they probably put a lot of hard work and money into getting it. ------------------ wired1@ameritech.net
  7. Mike, wired1, OK...lets reverse the tables. Here's something you said just last week and I quote: quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I personally think that the whole KLF line sounds "tinny". I tried them out at a local dealer with different amps, CD players and receivers and thought they sounded TERRIBLE! They are WAY to "tinny" and not enough deep end. The only Klipsch line I would ever consider buying is either the HEritage line or the Promedias - they rock! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- By saying this you have completely crapped on every person who bought a Legend speaker. Except I didn't see anybody criticize you for saying it. Why? Because it was YOUR opinion! Nothing more and nothing less. It wasn't personal and nor was his statement to you. BTW, there's really no need to swear on this Forum either... Mike Dude, YOu are WAY off base... Just because I said they KLF line sounds "tinny" is VERY different than me telling someone that they are going to be disappointed with their equipment!!! Your simply an idiot and you should stay out of peoples arguments - even if they are public. You obviously don't know **** for making such a BAD comparison!!! ------------------ wired1@ameritech.net
  8. Mike, I could care less. You dont go knocking on peoples **** when it is brand new and they put a lot into it. Thats bullshit. Dude, it doesnt matter to me WHAT people think of me on here... Not at the slightest. However, I hate ********s who think they know everything and need to make the comments on other peoples equipment. THeir is an old saying that applies here: Smile and the world smiles with you. Cry and you cry alone! I dont want to hear his BS! ------------------ wired1@ameritech.net
  9. JJT, I have no intention of searching through the posts and could care less about who Colin is or how he is "respected" by you. I dont need some nimrod telling me, especially after I bought all my equipment, that I wont be satisfied with it in the long run. Perhaps you learn to respect people on web sites but I could give a rats *** what negative comments people have to give. By the way... Everything I got is top notch and purchased for stereo. Why the hell will I not be happy in the long run and very happy in the short run??? ------------------ wired1@ameritech.net
  10. ALL--- If people are going to post all their stereo/home theater equipment fine... DON'T THROW IN DUMB **** LIKE PLAYSTATIONS AND LAPTOP COMPUTERS! If I felt the need to throw in the rest of the electronics in my home, the price would probably go up another $15 to $20k. All the stuff I just listed was for my new stereo - not every piece of electonics I own! ------------------ wired1@ameritech.net
  11. TheEAR, Thanx for the support!!! That guy has absolutely no idea what he is talking about! I will be getting my speakers in a couple of days so I'll let everyone, including COlin, how it sounds... ------------------ wired1@ameritech.net
  12. Colin, Why in the world would you ever think that I will be unhappy with the Krell/Klipsch combination in the long run?????? What does the hell does that mean??!?!?!? ------------------ wired1@ameritech.net
  13. All, Since I got my stereo last year and am still waiting for my LaScallas (Im getting them new within 5 days - more on this later or e-mail me), I dropped about $10k. This is what I will have: Krell KAV-250P Krell KAV-250A Sony DVP-S7700 (CD only) Monster HTS5000 Line Conditioner Monster X200i-X XLR interconnects Monster 1.2S Speaker Cable LaScallas (2001 model!) Bell O'getti stand Is $10K typical and tell me what you think?!?!?! ------------------ wired1@ameritech.net This message has been edited by wired1 on 09-11-2001 at 09:19 PM
  14. For simplicity..... This is how you figure impedance in a parallel circuitregarding speaker load): (R1*R2)/(R1+R2) ...And for Series... R1+R2 You just have to make sure your amp can handle a low load (2 or 1 ohms) otherwise you can blow it(Its the same as shorting the amp). If you check out the Krell Master Reference Amp, it can put out 16,000 watts at 1 ohm!!!! THATS AN AMP!!! ------------------ wired1@ameritech.net This message has been edited by wired1 on 09-06-2001 at 04:37 PM
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