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  1. jmc

    LaScalas for sale

    Bluesboy, Thanks so much! I PM'd you w/ my e-mail address, and also updated my profile to accept e-mails.
  2. jmc

    Tarheel's Hybrid LaScalas

    Tarheel, Congratulations on your Gorgeous LaScalas! Bluesboy did a fantastic job! I hadn't thought of what Bluesboy did with the top section of the speakers. I really like the fact that you can adjust the tops to project where you need them! This thread helps me to conceptualize the project a bit more. Thanks so much for posting the pics!
  3. jmc

    LaScalas for sale

    Thanks so much, Chuck! I pretty much only need the plan for the LaScala bass bin, as I am toying with the idea of different than stock drivers for tweets, possibly midrange. So probably would need to customize top part anyway just like you were saying. I do want to make the one piece LaScala (professional type cabinet), rather than the two piece kind w/ detachable top.
  4. jmc

    LaScalas for sale

    Where can one get plans for making LaScala clones? Any help would be Greatly appreciated as I have been scouring the web for this information, and so far no luck.
  5. jmc

    conwall sensitivity

    So, does anyone know which Emminence driver is the same as the K-33, or is the K-33 custom made for Klipsch by Emminence?