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  1. I just purchased a Marantz SR7001.....haven't gotten it set up yet, but I got mine from American Residential Technoligies and they have gotten pretty good reviews so far from users, I hope mine is as good as I expect it to be!! Good Luck.
  2. I can't believe how hard it is to find klipsch speakers in stock here in my area.......I have been deciding over two weeks on what speakers to purchase and finally am excited to find that 28....yes, 28 dealers do not have an rf-82 complete 5.1 setup in stock....from West Virginia, Tennessee, Ohio, Kentucky........I find that quite interesting............anyone else have trouble finding items in stock??
  3. Kelly.............thanks for the great info..........I just got off the phone with Duke Beam, super friendly to deal with, and looks like if he can find a center channel speaker for me I may be going with the RF-63 setup instead of the RF-82 setup I was going to buy, and for only about $500 more....which is over my budget, but a deal is a deal....anyway, thanks for the heads up and I will let you know what I find out!
  4. How long ago was that kelly? I went to the best buy a little over a week ago and they did not have the 82's out....has it been recently you were in there?? Thanks for the info.
  5. I live in Winchester kela.............I have went to ovation.......their setup only had RF-52 hooked up when i was there and they really tried to push Paradigm, and I also went to Bluegrass Home Entertainment, whom also had the RF-52 hooked up, know of anywhere else I would love to know, Thanks.
  6. I appreciate the input xdetroitx........looks like you have pretty much the same setup I am going to go with, except I think I am going to go with the RF-52 surrounds...............are you pretty happy with that sub, I was thinking of a svs or HSU instead??? Thanks
  7. Honestly, I have not heard the RF-82's....I heard the RF-52's and liked them, but wanted something with a bit more punch and substance, figured I couldn't go wrong with the 82's. Is that bad reasoning perhaps?? I have had so much trouble because no one here in this area keeps anything in stock so getting a demo is really tough....thats the benefits of living in central Kentucky i guess!!!.....any 82 owners in the area wanna demo theirs would be great!!!
  8. I have about decided on the speakers for my new HT room........I am considering a pair of RF-82's, a RC-62 center, RS-52 surrounds and a RW-12d subwoofer, I was given a price by an authorized dealer of $2260 before tax, or I can subtract $560 from the price if I choose not to get the subwoofer and opt for an svs or HSU sub, which is what I am leanng towards????......the same setup in the RF-62 was $2100 so I was thinking for $80 each on the towers difference, seems to be a good deal......any input is appreciated.
  9. I live in an area that does not have many options for demos on speakers, so i am in a dilemna that is going on now for several weeks. It seems i liked the rf-52 setup i heard briefly and thought the rf-62 or rf-82 setup was what i would want....but i keep getting scared because i hear so many things about brightness or harshness........i always thougth that brightness and in your face style was a perfect fit for HT use, which is what i will mainly use it for..am i wrong in that assumption?.....i keep asking myself, why shouldn't i just buy the klipsch and forget about polk audio or monitor audio, any thoughts or suggestions??
  10. How would you go about hooking up two subs, are the hooked up independantly of one another, or linked somehow........do you have to have an avr that supports two subs?? Thanks
  11. This has been a dilema of mine.....I hear many people say klipsch are harsh or too bright, and I live in an area where alot of demos are not available, I have only been able to listen to rf-52 on a limited basis, but I have heard others say exactly what you have said, that for HT klipsch are hard to beat, and I will use my setup for 90% HT(movies, sports general tv) rather than music, Iwill listen to music, just not as much on this system, i hope to build a seperate 2 channel system in the future for music. I appreciate your opinion,thanks....anyone else care to weigh in on this????.....I am not planning on buying the 52's ....just the only demos I was able to hear.... I am considering the RF-82 setup, or the RF-62....but leaning towardsthe 82's.
  12. I am setting up new HT room, first timer here.......I still haven't purchased speakers because I am trying to be patient and get the right parts, even though it is killing me. I am considering RF-82 HT setup, but am looking for a good sub........any suggestions???....I have been pretty impressed by the reviews on Hsu and SVS subs........any particular opinions or recommendations on these brands........I will be looking in the future, maybe near future if I spend wisely to get an external 5 or 7 channel amplifier.......do you typically need a seperate amp for the sub if you are going to use it for the other channels?? Thanks for any help or ideas!
  13. I am trying to decide on which speakers I am going to go with for a new theater room in my house. I am a newbie and I have the unfortunate luck of living in an area where going to a store and being able to demo speakers is not easy to do. I am considering Monito Audio RS8's, Klipsch RF-82's or Polk Rti10's...........I can get a pretty good deal on Monitor Audio's from a dealer I know, but I dont want price alone to be my deciding factor. I am going to go with a 5.1 setup and will not buy a sub from the speaker company, as I am looking at geting one of the Hsu or SVS subs......I will be powering all speakers with a Marantz SR7001 (110W X7) for the time, with hopes in near future to add a multi channel amp using pre outs on Marantz. I would appreciate any opinions or suggestions, especially on how the quality of and the type of sound the Monitor speakers have compared to Klipsch/Polk. Thanks and sorry for the long post.
  14. Thanks for the info Philmays................one last thing, if I decide on the RF-63 setup with center, surrounds and sub, do you think the marantz will still be sufficient on its own until I add an amp, or are they too power hungry, in which case I might go ahead with the multi channel amp add on from the start......or should I consider a smaller speak setup possibly, like the RF-62's or 52's??? Thanks
  15. So, using the marantz receiver and hooking the amp to the speakers through the pre outs on the receiver is not a good idea??? Can you please explain a bit more in detail, as I am new and not very knowledgeable in this area! thanks
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