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  1. Thank you I clean them up and put some terminals on the frayed wires everything sounds okay right now.
  2. I'll clean it up and reattach the wires. How do you tell what year they are? They came unfinished and I use tung oil on the wood. Love these speakers but I may sell them in the future I want to make sure everything is alright with them.
  3. New here so help this is the right place to post. I have a couple of Klipsch speakers and I was wondering if you can test the crossover's. I get a sound every once in a while that sounds like I have a short. I have reversed the speaker input from left to right to rule out the amp and I have had the same issue using another amp. Also enclosed is two pictures I bought these I believe in the late 70's. Thanks, Larry
  4. what surround speakers will work well with my klipschorns? I'm new to home theater systems, my room is 26 wide and 17 feet deep. Klips are in the corners on the width.
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