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  1. I'm currently running an RT-12d sub with my Carver AL-III speakers in a 2 channel setup. I'm using Sunfire components w/800 wpc into 4 ohms for EACH ribbon & EACH woofer on the speakers (actively biamped, xover at 150 hz), then supplement with the sub on the lowest notes (xover at 40 hz) about 10 dB down from standard. Sounds magical~

    Posted Image

  2. Just to update & resurrect an old thread~

    I ordered a crossover from Klipsch (old one broke loose & in pieces inside the speaker) and glued/clamped the enclosure back together; good as new!!

    I've been enjoying them in my truck now for a loooooooong time; here's a video (forgive the crappy sound quality of the video; it's SUPER clear in person):

    Posted Image

  3. You can also use a small step voltage to verify the drivers all drive the same direction. Hook up a small battery and verify all drivers go in (or out), repeat with the same polarity on the other speaker.

    That'll work, too. Let us know what you find~

    Room placement can make a HUGE difference in frequency response. The room is, after all, the weakest link in almost any system.

  4. Keep in mind, for best results, your tweeter(s) for the center should be within 18" of the Mains tweeters (on a horizontal plane) ....

    Why is that? If they're all angled towards you and you've set your speaker distances correctly in the receiver's set up menu, should it matter?

    It's been suggested in a couple of books I've read about getting the most out of your system. Supposed to image better.

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