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  1. I got them when ALK was still selling them. He no longer offers them.
  2. I hate to do this but I simply don't have anywhere to store them and I am a "convert" to the world of open baffles. Details are in the Facebook ad but these truly are amazing looking and sounding speakers. They have made many an audiophile jaw drop! https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/569936497000942/
  3. The tweeters extend much further in the high end vs the stock so cymbals sound much more realistic to me now. The crossover was the single most important improvement! The sound was much more balanced without the harshness at the squawker crossover point. Norah Jones Come Away With Me had several vocals that sounded like nails on a chalkboard but the crossover eliminated all of the harshness. As for the Crites cast woofers ... I'll keep you posted as they are still breaking in!
  4. I've been a Klipsch lover for decades and about 5 years ago I scored a set of Decorator K-horns with raw birch finish ... I had finally reached Klipschdom! I have been making incremental upgrades to the speakers with ALK CSW crossovers, Eliptrac HF horns with B&C DE10's and Crites cast woofers. I decided to finally make them pretty to live up to the sound. Veneer is composite Rosewood, backs painted satin black and K-400 painted with rubberized bedliner. Enjoy the pics!
  5. The factory risers are just a wood frame. There are different schools of thought about the unsupported center, hollow cavity resonances, etc. The pads I used are basically a carpeted piece of plywood with high-density foam sandwiched to it so the entire bottom of the speaker is supported and "filled". I also checked into the factory risers and the height is about the same.
  6. $1000 speakers and you won't pay $70/each shipped (@ Sweetwater)?
  7. I have a pair of Decorator Cornwall II's and I have the Crites crossover upgrade, tweeter diaphragm and midrange diaphragms. I have them at a 45 in the room corners per PWK's recommendation and the room is 11'x14' and I listen on the short wall. Some LP's are too bass heavy and can get boomy with my hardwood floors (Prairie Wind, Icky Thump, etc.). I was looking to get some risers and stumbled across the Auralex Gramma pro audio risers. I got them yesterday and WOW! What an improvement! The bass is much more controlled and bass imaging has improved tremendously! The midrange seemed to clear up a bit also but that may be because the horns are more aligned with my ears now. Regardless, if you have a set of Cornwalls sitting on a hard floor, give these some consideration!
  8. Thanks for the pics! Model number is CD-BR and yes, it has the R in the SN ... I am assuming that means 1977? I am hoping the paint is latex so it comes off cleanly. Worst case I can do a little sanding to get down to clear wood.
  9. The model is CD-BR I replaced the midrange diaphragms and gaskets last night and the problem is gone! Now that they sound good, I am heading to the hardware store to pick up some lacquer thinner to strip the flat black paint off.
  10. I picked these up in a trade and they sound great but look terrible! The previous owner painted them flat black to hide them in the front of his home theater. When I got them they already had the Crites' upgraded crossover parts and tweeter diaphragms. Someone had also repaired a dustup on one woofer and replaced the surround on the other. Last night I replaced the midrange diaphragms to get rid of a harshness I had on one side. They now sound incredible so I want to invest a little effort into making them look as good as they sound! These are the oddballs with the flush baffle and no grilles. There does not appear to be any veneer on them as I can see the plywood edges under the paint. I read through the forums here and am thinking of using lacquer thinner to strip the paint and then just hit them with some tung oil. Does anyone know what these look like under this ugly black paint? (pics would be nice) Is it worth the effort or should I just sand and veneer? I am leery of the veneer as I do plan to sell them next year so I can upgrade to some Khorns and don't want to devalue them. Hence trying to find out what they should look like so I can restore them properly.
  11. I just picked up a set of original Cornwalls in a trade. The crossovers have the Crites capacitor upgrade and I am told it also has the Crites tweeter diaphragms but I have not verified that yet. As I have been listening, I am getting some harshness in the midrange so I did some cricitial listening yesterday with a few test CDs. The pink noise test shows a volume increase in the one speaker over the other but not so much in white noise which points me to the midrange horn. I also listened to an orchestral piece and then isolated each horn with an album cover. The tweeters both have equal volume and are clear. The midranges do not have equal volume and the louder of the 2 is "blaring" and not clear. All drivers appear original with the square magnet K-33, Atlas K-55-V's and EV K-77's. Crossover is Type-B. Anyone have any ideas? On an unrelated note, the motor board is flush with the cabinet sides ... is this normal? I seems there is no provision for a grill (speakers did not include grills)?
  12. You guys are nuts! The problem with the RF-7's is the rear port. Any closer than ~18" to the back wall and the bass gets muddied. At that distance, the horns overpower the woofers and the listening position is very narrow. I did listen to some Heresy's II's this weekend and they sounded good, but NO bottom end! The owner then told me about the Tangent's which there is a pair local on Craigslist. He said they were notorious for bad cabinets but I have a 3' deep stack of 11-ply 3/4" baltic birch in my garage! Of course, I am considering building my own Klipsch clones anyway. Heresy high and mid horns with Bob Crites drivers, K-28 woofer with a properly sized box and a DIY oil cap crossover. Anyone have the KG 4.2's ... how is the bottom end on them? Of course after hearing the dual horns of the Heresy, it will be hard to part from that topology!
  13. OK, I am parting with my RF-7's because we moved and my listening room shrunk by more than 2x! Attached is a drawing of the room for reference. I am looking for something with the range of the RF-7's and the speed to play modern metal, electronic, but also the finesse to handle orchestral, female jazz club vocals, etc. I am auditioning some KP-201's this weekend to see if Heresy's will fit the bill. I am also considering RB-81's but they tend too bright on my system so I'd have to replace the crossover caps. I recently saw some KG 3.5's on Craigslist locally and they seem like a great fit as well. I am using a modified Dynaco ST-70, so looking for something ~94+ efficiency. The picture below shows the SW-8 I am currently running with my Snell Type K's, but looking to not use the sub. What do the experts recommend? Any other discontinued models I should be keeping an eye out for?
  14. I am looking to audition a set of Heresy III's before pulling the trigger on a set of my own. I want to make sure they work with my system and room. If anyone has a set and can bring them to Holland, MI, I'll provide the electricity, tube audio equipment, music, dinner and beer (or wine if that is your thing)!
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