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  1. MarkF, Recently, someone here asked the question about using the Lowther mid-horns on the K-horn. There has been no replies as to anyone actually performing this mod, but it's a very interesting concept.
  2. MarkF, Thanks for the update. Please do let us know your thoughts when you get the Welborne amp. Thanks.
  3. MarkF, Can you compare your Cary 2A3 monoblocks to the Audio Research D76A amp you also have? I'd be interested to see how different the ACR amp would be to an SET (which I have yet to hear). Thanks.
  4. These look a lot like the Avantgarde speakers. Anyone know if there are similarities in the horns?
  5. Very interesting! So where did you get the Altec horns and drivers? It sounds like you already knew what mods you were going to make before you bought the speakers. How did you get to this idea?
  6. Instead of using a "regular" brush, how about using one of those "foam" brushes? I know someone that refinished their speakers with a foam brush, and they came out great.
  7. Q-Man: Thanks a lot for the detailed info! I will hopefully use it successfully. It will be a while before I can start working on it, but I'll let you know how it turns out. I know I've got a lot of work in front of me.
  8. Q-man: I remember someone on this BB saying that they were a cabinet maker. Based on these photos, I'm going to assume it's you. Ok, now to some questions that I have for you. 1. What kind of amplification are you using? 2. How do you have everything connected? Does each speaker have its own amplfier output? 3. For music only, do you just listen to the K-horns? 4. What do the La Scalas sitting on top of the K-horns and Imperials give you? Is it mainly increased volume, or wider sound directivity? 5. Is that Sunfire sub able to keep up with the rest of the system? 6. How did you finish your speakers in black? Do you have any adivce? I have a set of Khorns, La Scalas, and a Belle center that are all finished differently and I would like to finish them the same. My first preference is to strip them and stain them with a dark cherry wood color. However, since they all have different wood, I don't know if they would all come out the same way. I may end up just doing everything in black so that I know I can get them to match that way. Thanks for any advice you can give. Again, my compliments on your system.
  9. OK, Q-man, this is going to require an explanation! Very impressive. Very impressive!!
  10. Sounds like me. I have bought numerous Klipsch speakers over the years (mostly during the past two years). I have also sold a number of pieces of stereo equipment, but none were Klipsch. I will eventually have to let some of them go though -- just not enough space for all of 'em, or time to put them all to good use.
  11. Welcome to the club! So, what have you collected so far?
  12. Klew, Can you try using a piece of rubber that is at least 1/4"-1/2" thick or so? I wouldn't think cardboard or a sponge would offer much dampening.
  13. Klew, What was the interface between the clamp and the speaker? Maybe you can try using a piece of rubber (or something like that), that would dampen any of the vibrations going from the speaker back up to the clamp and prevent the clamp itself from vibrating. Just a thought I had...
  14. Tony, That's the exact reason I haven't really considered using internal bracing. One idea I recently had, mainly to test the bracing theory, was to get some "giant clamps" and put the clamps on the sides of my Cornwalls to tighten up the side panels and see how that sounds. The concern I have about doing this is that then the clamps themselves might resonate and produce sound.
  15. Mr. Bob, I'm interested. Please contact me.
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