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  1. And after modding the system i found that yes there is a night and day difference especially for music purposes. Depending on what type of music you listen to the difference can be very subtle at times. You will not get the same effect by purchasing the upgrade control pod. ------------------ -Chron!cRAGE
  2. Yes there is a way to upgrade the crossovers in your aging v2.400 system. I did so myself for my set. I changed the crossovers in the satellites not the ones in the sub. I believe that the crossover in the sub was never changed. The crossover that you need to change is located in the sattelites themselves(midrange driver to tweeter). There are 3 components that you will need: a capacitor, resistor, and a coil. The total cost i spent on the new parts were approx 30 bucks canadian. You will need four sets of these three components because there are four satellites. You should also be familiar with soldering. Send me an e-mail and i can show you the schematic and the proepr values for each of the three components. gwun@hotmail.com Keep in mind that the crossover network is different in the 4.1 set and in the 5.1 set. ------------------ -Chron!cRAGE This message has been edited by DJediMaster on 12-30-2001 at 04:15 AM
  3. Yes, very easy to do imo. You just adjust the values/ranges for certain frequencies that sound the best to you. It gives you much more control over the traditional EQ. ------------------ -Chron!cRAGE
  4. I have been using the parametric eq for quite a while now and i agree it does enhance the sound of the v2.400's greatly especially the midrange. I'm just wondering...after tweaking with the eq, how does the v2.400 sound compare to the newer 4.1 system with reworked X-overs? ------------------ -Chron!cRAGE
  5. 1. I accidentally did the exact same thing and was treated to a loud popping sound from the sats. As far as i know, this hasn't effected the system in any way. 2. I dropped one of my sats from a height of 1.5 meters and it landed on a hardwood floor. That bent part of the metallic stand out of shape. I just bent it back in shape. This did not ruin my sat. 3. It seems pretty even on mine. Just compensate for it using the surround knob. 4. - 5. -
  6. When buying monitors, it's easiest to compare which one is better if you have them side by side with the same image displayed on the screen. I myself have a 900NF. When i bought it, i compared it to the PF790,E400, and the G400. The 900NF and the G400 look really similar. But the colours on the G400 are a bit more vibrant. The colours on the PF790 looked kind of washed out to me. And the text looked sharper on the 900NF than on the E400. The G400 has better image quality than the 900NF however i don't think the added cost is justified in the difference in quality. I would recommend you go with the 900NF.
  7. I strongly recommend that you take a look a the 900NF from samsung. Looks alot better than the PF790 and better than the NEC imo. But between the two that you listed the NEC would be the better choice.
  8. Did you try tweaking the EQ for better midrange sound on your v2 400's? There will be better blending and the midrange should be more pronounced with the new xovers. Be sure to tell us how the new 4.1's sound
  9. If you are running windows 2000 nvidia is the way to go. ATI's drivers under windows 2000 suck. Check out the comparison they did at www.anandtech.com recently. Under win98/ME it's debateable. Running apps in 32 bit colour, radeon wins out imo. Plus the radeon has the upper hand in image quality and the added features with one heck of a price. Basically if you're wanting a all in one card get the radeon. If pure framerate is priority then the GF2 GTS will fit the bill. That's the way i see it.
  10. I just tried out that plugin. I did not experience any distortion in the treble like what Seb said. Indeed the midrange has opened up a bit, but i still prefer tweaking the winamp EQ for a midrange boost. It makes the sound more cleaner and precise then using that preset imo. The EQ i'm using looks like this for those that are interested...:
  11. Try going into the preferences for winamp and set the output plugin to the 'waveOut' plugin. This solved the skipping problem for me. If the problem still occurs try going into the config and change the buffer length to 4000.
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