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  1. Hi All, I'm corresponding with the owner of a pair of La Scalas which I'm considering purchasing. They are around 300 miles away, so I need to be sure I want these before I make the drive to see them. The owner gave me these serial numbers: 8415031 & 8415032. Does this indicate they were manufactured in 1984? The cross-overs are AL, mid is the K-55-M driver, cabs look like they are in very good condition and were raw birch, but look like they might have tung oil or possibly lacquer on them. This is all I can deduce from the pictures I've been sent Assuming these play alright, what is a fair price for them? Thanks for any and all information regarding these La Scalas.
  2. That's a darned clever idea... Thank you! []
  3. Hmmm... It didn't occur to me that putting a larger horn in a CW cabinet would reduce the internal volume thus affecting the low frequency response. Nevertheless, has anyone successfully modified a CW into a Cornscala?
  4. I don't have enough room for a pair of Cornwalls, but I WANT a pair anyway! My questions is, is there enough room on the front baffle and inside a Cornwall II cabinet to convert it to a Cornscala with the horns and drivers that are considered to be good candidates for a Cornscala project? It looks like it would cost a minumum of $400 to $500 for the conversion and what does it do the the resale value generally? Thanks! BTW, if anyone has a minty pair of Cornwalls or Cornscalas they want to sell in the PAC NW, let me know. Lighter wood preferred.
  5. Okay... Maybe asking for the schemy was a bit much Can anyone tell where the cross-over point is? Thanks!
  6. If anyone has the schematic for the KG 4.2 I would surely appreciate it if you could share it with me. Thanks!
  7. Looking at the listing's pictures, it looks like the paint on the rear is under applied, especially around the edges. This has me wondering if these are factory seconds, or is this typical of H3s? Thoughts?
  8. Hi All, I haven't owned a pair of Klipsch since I used a pair of La Scalas in a portable DJ system 30 years ago. Boy do I miss dem La Scalas! Anyway, I'm thinking a pair of Klipsch would be a good match for a tube amp that I acquired recently (38 WPC.) The KG 4.2 or (preferably) 4.5 are the largest models I can fit into my rather cramped listening space so it is these 2 models I will be looking for. Is foam rot, now or in the future, an issue with these models and if so, what would be the typical cost of a refoam job per driver? Thanks a lot! tw
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