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  1. hi, yea i am confused now. H/K was in stereo mode 2.0 and or 2.1. yes it was set as "large" my QSC was set to full range, there was 2 crossovers settings for qsc. 100mhz or full range. the sony didnt sound way louder than H/K pre/QSC it sounded almost as loud (loud levels that hurt you ears or not comfortable to listen to for long time) but with no bass but cleaner and clear.
  2. Yes i think your right getting less junk out of line. Also just realized the sony 20 watts its for 4ohms so with 8ohms im probably getting 10watts. I still cant believe this low of wattage is this loud. I feel like 100 200 500 watts dont matter anymore.
  3. Hi all i haven't posted here in a super long time but i feel like have to post this. So i recently played around with my system and moved RF-63 to a different room just for 2 channel music. I had it hooked up to my living room before for 5.1 sound being run by harmon kardon avr 3600 and a sub. Sound was ok I never really enjoyed music through it even though i know my speakers can do so much more. I always thought i will needed an old vintage amp or receivers for them to sound good and have bass. They never had bass that i know rf-63's can have. So I thought i would try to buy a used equalizer from the 1970s. I bought an ADC equalizer and hooked that to my LR pre outs and then the LF out to QSC GX5 rated at 500watts per channel at 8ohms and omg BASS comes alive and sound is much much better like night and day difference playing through my macbook spotify using headphone output on macbook. So i was thinking thats it all i needed was an equalizer for my speakers to sound good. I have had it hooked up before same setup with QSC and horrible sound no bass nothing at all so i remove it and went back to 5.1 harmon kardon. But now after this setup im trying to listen to all kinds of music again like a lot. so now im like trying to buy old vintage amps maybe it will sound better even though im already happy with it. Then I read that my macbook heaphone ouput is not really good and i should get a DAC player and download HI resolution music DSP. So it took me a like a week to search for a DAC finally found one i know its not the best out there but i was just curious how my speakers can sound especially how everyone is saying DAC and DSP music will sound so much better than low quality music and heaphone out. Before that i googled best songs to demo and found "fields of gold by eva cassidy" listened to it with my current setup and wow wow my speakers sounded so good i really wanted to try DAC and DSD. So last night i finally bought Sony UDA-1 getting a good deal original price was $799 got it for $299 after debating if i should get the bigger brother Sony HAP S-1 $999 ( i was going to buy a $80 usb DAC from amazon but decided not to) I did not even think about using the 20 watts from this DAC player to power my RF-63's even though the sales man says my speakers are efficient that it would power them and sound good. They only had the HAP S-1 hooked up to Klipsch RP-160M and playing DSD file was so good and loud also but i thought that no way it can power up my RF-63's. So got home downloaded the software and drivers and downloaded The carpenters DSD album played it and it was so good sounded better than playing through laptop headphone out without DAC. Even spotify high quality stream sounded so good and of course stupid loud levels from the qsc 500 watt amp. like so loud i feel like i damaged my ears but in the back of my mind i know it can even sound better if i used a better pre amp and amplifier. So finally just now this morning after having coffee i thought hmmm maybe il hook up my RF-63's directly to my Sony UDA-1 20 watts power anddddddddd WOW they sound almost as stupid loud as the QSC 500 watt?? but most importantly so so clear! maybe its because too much connection the way i had it. UDA-1 to harmon kardon to equalier to QSC. Now it sounds way cleaner but i lost bass from the equalizer. So now im a more amazed by these RF-63's. Do you guys think its because i am using regular RCA cables to connect my systems and not those fancy expensive ones? unlike the sony UDA-1 where everything is direct inside.
  4. Hi there is a sale on craigslist in my area for Klipsch Belle Horn for $2000 (Canadian) pair. Is this a good price? Is this is a better speaker than RF-7ii? I'm thinking of buying it.
  5. I Love the RF-63's to me they sound so good! I actually sold mine years ago and then after many speakers after missed their sound. So went looking for them again and finally found a pair few weeks ago. I will never let this go again. I probably will buy RF-7ii i really like that look of those too. I think the RF-7ii look better than RF-7iii.
  6. Thanks for the reply everyone. Klipsch replied to my email and Bill was right it was because of the RF-7ii.
  7. Hi all, im looking to add another sub to my system i know there are other subs out there but if you guys had to pick between the sub-12 or sw-112 which is better? they look like they have the same specs. I've searched google and i cant find any answers. This is the newer Sub-12 and it is almost new 6 months old and only used twice for $200 the sw-112 is 3 years old and $225. Should i go for the sub-12? or SW-112. will down firing subwoofer sound better? thanks
  8. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knows why the RF-63/83 was discontinued? It had good reviews and everyone seemed to like them. I wonder why they didn't make version ii, like RF-62ii RF-82ii RC-64ii etc... All I could think about is that maybe they weren't selling as well as the others or too expensive? I always see RF-82's in the used market but hardly any RF-83 or RF-63 even RF-62 and RF-62ii doesn't come up that often. I use to have the RF-63 and I had to sell them but then after a year I wanted them back and couldn't find any for years but I finally found someone who had to let them go. I emailed Klipsch about them but I haven't got any replies yet I'm just curious.
  9. oh there it is, thanks bill. It does looks like the same.
  10. update: so i went in today to return the RB-51 speakers to the store and i told the manager that the speaker that was damaged did not sound "right". He says ok no problem. Then he says how about the new set? R15M. He offered me a deal on those too, for $299 for the pair. Regular price is $499. I looked at them and i remembered how someone here said that they were "synergy" line speakers. So are the R15M synergy line? the grill cover sure does look like it. The RB-51 looks and feels like it higher quality.
  11. @Youthman thanks! your right there will always be better speaker. I like how you put it "uncatchable rabbit" i trust your opinion on the RB81 especially with all the experience with all the speakers you have. I think thats it, i will just wait for them. I'll post pics and update once i get them. thanks for all your help guys!
  12. just looked at craigslist and found a klipsch rf-3 for half the price i paid for the new RB-81 but i think the RB-81 would should sound better right? newer model and crossovers etc..
  13. been reading a lot of owner reviews on this speaker and most of them says you don't need a subwoofer for music listening, is that true? how do this speaker compared to the new bookshelf speaker from klipsch like the RP series. when i get these I'm thinking of leaving them playing for like 20hrs each day at low volume to break them in for couple days. any good advice on how to break them in? or no need to break them in. thanks
  14. okay thanks guys! i hope i will like the cherry vinyl hehe. the RB-81 probably would not match well with rc-52ii right? going from rb-51 to RB-81 wow.. at least i wouldn't need to upgrade. hehhe
  15. i just got home from work and i decided to return the rb51 mkii tomorrow. So i went to amazon.com and found another good deal that i had to grab before it ended too. I just ordered the klipsch RB-81 in cherry for $249 each. Black one was $279. I was going to post here and ask what you guys thought about it and if i should get a cherry or black but i was afraid i might miss on this deal too so i just ordered it.
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