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    Main System: Klipschorns (Trachorns, JBL 2404H Tweeters, ALK Universals, Cast Frame Woofs), Mcintosh 7150 Amplifier, Parasound P7 preamp, OPPO 105 Disc Spinner (Also used For Music Server DAC) Mac Mini Music server Running Roon Software, VPI Scout Turntabe (SDS Speed Control, 300RPM Motor Upgrade, Dynavector 10x5),
    Home Theater Stuff Associated With Main System: Lascala Center(Fastrac Wood Midhorn AA Crossover with updated caps driven by Parasound Amplifier. KPT-12VB Side Surrounds Driven by QSC RMX2450 Amplifier. KPT 1201 Rear Surrounds Driven By QSC RMX2450 Amplifier. 2 Danley Sound Labs DTS10 Subwoofers Driven By QSC RMX5050 Amplifier. Mitsubishi 1080p Projector shining on 135" Wide Scope Screen.

    Bar/Game Room System: Klipsch Forte 2s(ALK Crossovers) Driven by Rotel RB991 Amplifier. JBL B460Clone Subwoofer Driven By Carver TFM45 Amplifier With JBL Bx63a Electonic Crossover. System Is Run From Main System Preamp.

    Garage System: 1974 Cornwalls Driven By QSC RMX1450 Amplifier run From Main System Preamp.

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  1. I used studs on 8" centers, pink insulation, a layer of 3/4" plywood and then green glue and 5/8" drywall. The sound is pretty damn good with no noticeable vibrations or rattles at any volume. I did a fair amount of soundproofing tricks but the effort to totally isolate becomes a case in diminishing returns fast.
  2. bobdog


    Might not be for me, but I do none of the things you mention. Dolby Reference player software is top of my list for now.
  3. I forgot about the double drywall on the back of that false wall. Crazy how much cheaper building supplies were back then.
  4. The Subs are actually screwed to the plywood and then the driver access and output ports were routed out of the plywood to match. The wall to the rear is double 5/8s drywall with Green Glue as it was going to be the front wall before I bought the subs. Three windows were filled in with rebar and concrete as well. The entire cavity is filled with the pink stuff to the ceiling. I made the grills out of matching Klipsch cloth.
  5. Yes. Danley DTS10s Room built with studs on 8" centers. Layer of 3/4" birch plywood Green Glue and 5/8" drywall. It does not rattle. Designed around the Khorns
  6. bobdog


    Every Pre pro I have tried has sounded worse in my system than not going that route. Stereo and multichannel music is my priority and the do everything and add a kitchen sink boxes always hurt that. I am researching computer based software possibilities or something like the Arvus decoders to do Atmos.
  7. bobdog


    I am considering working towards being able to play Atmos in my media room. More interested in multichannel music than movies. I posted in the pro forum but I think maybe this is the place. I am not willing to rip out my ceiling but I will be able to run one pair of overhead speakers to the direct sides of the listening chairs. Is it worth the effort if you can only use two atmos speakers?? Generally How much signal is sent to the overhead speakers. is it less the same or more than the side and rears? Full range? Im not looking to go the AVR or even PRE/PRO route or put cheap in ceiling speakers in so the cost will not be insignificant. Is it really all that different from good 7.1 or should I just buy more LPs Probably do it since Im itching to do something stereo related for the first time in ten or more years.
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