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  1. if I didnt have 3 R2Rs already this is a good deal......good luck with the sale but the pre recorded tapes and metal reels go for big $$ so this is a bargain...one of my R2Rs is initially slow on the rewind and FF but then goes full speed....just figured its a safety feature so that the tape doesnt break....
  2. Ok so i got a 504C last week - and have been doing some A/B testing... I cant tell them apart.. the both sound awesome! the 504C fits better aesthetically....the Heresy doesn't fit in the mix due to space...re running Audessy and getting the room set up really got my Academy rocking....I believe I had the Academy too high before and now that I changed the set up it sounds so much better....I wanted to thank everyone for their input...Im testing the waters of selling the Academy...if it doesn't sell Ill keep it and return the 504C....or reuse the Academy elsewhere...thanks again!
  3. Testing the waters to see if any interest in my Klipsch Academy. I bought it new and am original owner. I got a good deal on a Klipsch 504C center and have been doing A/B testing between the Academy and the 504C. Candidly I couldn't tell them apart - they both sound great....Aesthetically the 504C works better in my new set up. I live outside of Knoxville TN - happy to meet someplace within 2 hours of Knoxville if that helps...this thing is heavy so shipping might be costly...but can ship...if it doesnt sell then I may return 504C - still have time or use the Academy as my center for a Fisher 500 Tube amp I have...thanks for looking! $275
  4. All great suggestions - I have LaScalas in another room and another belle or lascala for center wouldn’t work due to space limitations and furniture. My theatre room is a bit cramped given I have klipschorns behind my belles for my 2 channel set up. I have a spare set of heresy’s but plan on selling those. Hence why I was looking at 504c for center for space and aesthetics to possibly replace my academy. I watch movies and shows with my HT set up and for music I have my 2 channel set up. Thanks for all the great input!
  5. $95 shipped - in nice shape, I moved so I can’t use them in new house. I also have the mounting hardware. I will also include outdoor covers for them as well to protect them. Can send more pictures if needed thanks
  6. Thanks for the input I just read up on ferro fluid and how to change seems straightforward enough. Outside of changing the fluid - any opinions on one Vs the other? I know two different series and make up… but if you heard both - one over the other?
  7. I have a Klipsch Academy center right now and wondering if some of the newer centers out there now are better? Was looking at 504c and curious of any experiences or opinions. For some movies it doesn’t seem like the academy plays the dialogue as clear as I would like…
  8. Brand New in Box - Never Opened Monster DNA Noise Isolation Headphones. They are Grey/Tan color and have the Miller Lite Logo on the side. I bought these at a charity auction and don't need them, but wanted to help out the charity. Comes new in box and all accessories. $160 Shipped CONUS, Pay Pal is fine...thanks! Picture is what they look like but have a logo on the side.
  9. A very rare gem. Phase Linear Series II Cassette Deck - Same as pioneer CT-A1. I had this unit serviced last year professionally - still have the receipt - spent over $500 - it was completely gone over and serviced thoroughly and bench tested. Everything works - but I have no manual so I couldn’t figure out how to use the Microscan - so I cannot vouch for that, although it does put test tone on the tape. Since then I have used it approximately 2 hours. Its an awesome deck. I just don’t use it anymore. Real Heavy Deck - shipping I assume will be around $75-$100 If you use PayPal - please add 3% Connectivity ◾2 Mono Microphone Inputs ◾Headphones ◾RCA Input/Output Connectors Head Configuration ◾3 Head Design ◾4 Track / 2 Channel Display ◾4-Digıt Digital Counter ◾Peak Hold ◾Digital Peak-Reading Meters ◾Display Brightness Adjustable ◾Multi Color Peak-Reading Meters ◾Meters Peak / VU Switchable Calibration ◾Auto Bias Calibration ◾Auto Equalizer Calibration ◾Auto Level Calibration ◾Bias Fine Tune ◾Tape Calibration Memory Store Transport ◾Auto Stop ◾Dual-Capsŧan Transport ◾Direct Drive (Capsŧan) ◾Mechanical Tape Loading ◾Direct Loading Tape ◾Chrome Tape Capabılity ◾Ferro-Chrome Tape Capability ◾Normal Tape Capabılity ◾Metal Tape Capabılity ◾Manual Tape Type Selection Noise Reduction ◾Dolby-B Noise Reduction ◾MPX Filter Preamplifier ◾Output-Level Control ◾Individual Input Level Controls ◾Individual Output Level Controls ◾Microphone Level Adjust (Left/Right) Operation ◾Timer Recording/Playback ◾Memory Play ◾Memory Repeat ◾Memory Stop ◾Pitch Control ◾Real-Time Tape Monitoring ◾Record Mute Exterior ◾Front Loading ◾Orientation Left ◾Silver Finish Speed ◾1⅞ ips - 4.76 cm/s
  10. I bought this unit new and hooked it up...works great but I don't find myself using it that much anymore. This is a competitor to the Sling Box. Allows you to watch your TV and any shows you have recorded on a DVR at home and play them on any PC anywhere. You can do a google search and get more details. Comes complete. $25 Shipped CONUS, Paypal is fine or Dwolla
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