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  1. Brand New in Box - Never Opened Monster DNA Noise Isolation Headphones. They are Grey/Tan color and have the Miller Lite Logo on the side. I bought these at a charity auction and don't need them, but wanted to help out the charity. Comes new in box and all accessories. $160 Shipped CONUS, Pay Pal is fine...thanks! Picture is what they look like but have a logo on the side.
  2. A very rare gem. Phase Linear Series II Cassette Deck - Same as pioneer CT-A1. I had this unit serviced last year professionally - still have the receipt - spent over $500 - it was completely gone over and serviced thoroughly and bench tested. Everything works - but I have no manual so I couldn’t figure out how to use the Microscan - so I cannot vouch for that, although it does put test tone on the tape. Since then I have used it approximately 2 hours. Its an awesome deck. I just don’t use it anymore. Real Heavy Deck - shipping I assume will be around $75-$100 If you use PayPal - please add 3% Connectivity ◾2 Mono Microphone Inputs ◾Headphones ◾RCA Input/Output Connectors Head Configuration ◾3 Head Design ◾4 Track / 2 Channel Display ◾4-Digıt Digital Counter ◾Peak Hold ◾Digital Peak-Reading Meters ◾Display Brightness Adjustable ◾Multi Color Peak-Reading Meters ◾Meters Peak / VU Switchable Calibration ◾Auto Bias Calibration ◾Auto Equalizer Calibration ◾Auto Level Calibration ◾Bias Fine Tune ◾Tape Calibration Memory Store Transport ◾Auto Stop ◾Dual-Capsŧan Transport ◾Direct Drive (Capsŧan) ◾Mechanical Tape Loading ◾Direct Loading Tape ◾Chrome Tape Capabılity ◾Ferro-Chrome Tape Capability ◾Normal Tape Capabılity ◾Metal Tape Capabılity ◾Manual Tape Type Selection Noise Reduction ◾Dolby-B Noise Reduction ◾MPX Filter Preamplifier ◾Output-Level Control ◾Individual Input Level Controls ◾Individual Output Level Controls ◾Microphone Level Adjust (Left/Right) Operation ◾Timer Recording/Playback ◾Memory Play ◾Memory Repeat ◾Memory Stop ◾Pitch Control ◾Real-Time Tape Monitoring ◾Record Mute Exterior ◾Front Loading ◾Orientation Left ◾Silver Finish Speed ◾1⅞ ips - 4.76 cm/s
  3. I bought this unit new and hooked it up...works great but I don't find myself using it that much anymore. This is a competitor to the Sling Box. Allows you to watch your TV and any shows you have recorded on a DVR at home and play them on any PC anywhere. You can do a google search and get more details. Comes complete. $25 Shipped CONUS, Paypal is fine or Dwolla
  4. These allow you to connect the IPOD or IPAD to a TV or stereo system....so ye sit could be used instead of an ipod dock...thx
  5. Classic Yamaha Receiver - R-100 Model with Wood enclosure. Comes with Remote and Manual. 100 Watts per channel. Has MM/MC Phono selection. Preset Tone Selection and Spatial Expander. Very nice receiver. $130 Shipped CONUS - Pay Pal or Dwolla is fine. Thanks!
  6. In very nice shape. Has seen minimal use. this is a 3 head, 4 motor deck. One of the high end decks in the 90s. Top of the line unit. All functions work. $155 Shipped CONUS - paypal or dwolla.... Thanks! Noise Reduction Dolby-B Noise Reduction Dolby-C Noise Reduction Double Dolby NR Circuits MPX Filter Dolby HX Pro® Head Configuration 3 Head Design 4 Track / 2 Channel Calibration Bias Fine Tune Display 4-Digit Digital Counter Linear Tape Counter Digital Peak-Reading Meters Remaining Time Exterior Front Loading Orientation Left Black Finish General Stereo Operation Timer Recording/Playback Real-Time Tape Monitoring Record Mute Full Logic Transport Control Music Scan
  7. I have 2 of these I am selling....no packaging but they are new and have never been used....$20 Each shipped CONUS...Paypal is fine or if you have Dwolla. This has the 30 pin connector for an Ipad or Ipod, USB connection, and 2 Audio/1 Video
  8. Really depends on condition...I've seen them as low as $1000 and up to $2000....
  9. Have Sams, Costco, and Bjs all near me...have membership to BJs and Costco. We buy just about everything we need grocery wise at these two places..plus their licquor prices are lowest around. We just shop at grocery store for small items..Costco has a great return policy and its very hard to beat these stores on price.
  10. Biggest reason why I only have an ATM card with no VISA logo on it instead of a debit...that ensures that if its lost or stolen no one can use it without my pin#. If it had a VISA logo on it, could be used like a credit card which hits your checking account for funds...
  11. Hey Joe - if you go to the audiokharma forum they have a tape area. Lots of techs hang out there and answer service questions. I'm sure one of them might be near you or provide details of whom they might recommend...
  12. Good choice on your 905. Great price/performance and all the reviews I've seen have been positive. I recently bought the 906 model - had a coupon and the MS live cash back deal made it too good to pass up. Enjoy the new Hi-Fi toy!
  13. I bought a Conquest over the summer from Epik. Your best bet is to call them. Chad usually picks up or he will call you back. The guy wiill spend time with you over the phone and help you make the right subwoofer decision. They arent very good with emails or their web site because they are busy...Best part is the stuff is made in the USA except for the amps which are made in Canada.
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