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  1. Well his handle is “Mental Patient”
  2. I don’t think I’d even begin to have the knowledge as to how to ship them safely unfortunately.
  3. Sold! Very nice pair of Forte in walnut with new Crites crossovers. These are the full crossovers not the upgrade kit. This is the first pair I’ve ever had that have been upgraded and wow is all I can say! $750 located North of Boston.
  4. Works great, sounds great! Has a quarter sized scrape on the top, it came to me that way but never bothered me or the music. $80. Located north of Boston.
  5. Super nice Marantz PM5005. This is the Euro version so it’s silver faced. It requires a power converter here in the US but I have one that is included and is even a perfect match for it. $300 for it all. I’m located north of Boston.
  6. Great condition and awesome sounding Music Hall Trio. This thing does it all. Integrated/tuner/cd player/DAC/ subwoofer output and all in one pretty package. 50wpc. The internet can probably tell you much more about this but I’m happy to answer any and all questions. $325. I’m located just north of Boston
  7. Found me a silver one so if you’re looking for a black one let me know.
  8. If I can ever find a silver pro-Ject speed box or speed box s, my black one will be available.
  9. Wondering if anyone has an Music Hall integrated amp (a25, maven, mambo or something of the sort) they’d like to part with?
  10. Sorry no original boxes.
  11. Duh price?? What a dumbass I am. $400 takes it all. Individual pieces, feel free to make me an offer.
  12. Selling my Teac A-H500 Integrated amp. Along with the matching 7 disc CD changer, stereo tuner and cassette deck. This is a highly respected “mini system”. Certainly plenty of reviews and specs online. Price is for everything but if you are interested in a certain piece or two just let me know as I’m willing to break it up. Pics are below.
  13. SOLD Selling a beautiful pair of Klipsch Chorus I in WALNUT. They are consecutive serial numbers, look and sound great.I’m located North of Boston. Sorry no shipping of these.How about SOLD for the pair. As always I’m unable to post pics to this site because they are too large. Which is too bad because they look so nice. I can email or texts pics. Thanks,R
  14. This has been sold. Thank you all for the interest.
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