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  1. the torque on the volume knob would be enormus! :
  2. for a dvd player i would think he would want the ability to play dvd's
  3. i have the same problem and i think my monitor has been permanantly damaged because of it.
  4. being a nuclear engineer myself and after reading the long version of that article (15 pages of crap) i can assure you guys that it was utter bs. total fiction.
  5. ok now i am really really pissed. i bought my v2.400s in december for $250 and a cp-1 for $60. i am pissed off that: 1) 4.1s with better midrange came out just a few weeks after i bought mine 2) 5.1s just came out now which i would really like 3) you just got the speakers i bought for $100 less maybe i can sell mine on ebay and buy 5.1s
  6. how did you get the v2.400's for $150? GRRR!!!!
  7. are you trying to just split the inputs together so the front and rear speakers sound the same, or are you trying to actually connect both pairs of speakers to the same channel in the amp? i don't think the latter would work, because the speakers probably aren't designed to take 130 watts (maybe peak, but not RMS). even if it did work, the sound would be really imbalanced because the midrange and treble would be a lot louder then the bass.
  8. i already have the multi channel version. also, i just noticed my front speakers aren't working at all now! i tried changing the control panel for digital 4.1, 4 speaker, front/rear, nothing works. i think preamp is broken!
  9. hi, i just got a turtle beach santa cruz, and i don't think 4 speaker surround sound is working in windvd 2.4. it sounds like the back channels are the same as the front ones. i'm currently using the 4-speaker mode in the control panel (not digital 4.1 or 5.1). anyone know how to fix this? btw, using win2k
  10. damn you klipsch! cheated me again! I bought the v2.400's in december. when they announced the 4.1's, I was like "DOOH! " So I went out and bought the CP-1 just so I would feel better. Now that you announce the 5.1's just 5 months later, I'm like "DOOOOOOOoH : " Why can't you be a good little corporation and announce upcoming projects like everyone else??
  11. found it on best buy's website. hehe
  12. do you have a vortex2 soundcard? their drivers don't support 4 speaker mode in windows 2000 correctly .
  13. if you are running win2000, you are out of luck. the drivers in win2000 don't support 4-speaker mode if you are running 98 however, you need to download the latest drivers from www.vortexofsound.com , and make sure you have the little control applet running in your tray. there is an option there to set 4-speaker mode and a little button to test the balance and fade. i had a vortex 2, i loved the a3d 2.0 in half life, but after installing win2000, and finding out it didn't work at all, i went out and bought a turtle beach santa cruz for $80, and i'm very happy with it. edit: fixed link This message has been edited by CatKnight on 05-30-2001 at 02:24 PM
  14. hmm just noticed that the buzz is gone since i moved home. maybe there was some sort of magnetic interference? i had the same problem with my bass guitar. in my room if i tried to turn the tone knob up at all it would just buzz really loudly, but it works fine everywhere else.
  15. shilly newbie thinks he knows what he's talking about
  16. let me reiterate that i have NO ROOM to move ANYTHING around. it's really cramped in here and the wires don't reach far anyway. i need ways of improving bass sound without having to rearrange my entire room.
  17. Nope no where I can move it to, no walls, nothin. I was thinking about going to Home Depot and buying some lumbar to build a wooden enclosure around it (or atleast under it) so that atleast some of the sweet sweet bass would get to my ears.
  18. it doesn't. i have the sattellites set up well enough, but the carpet still absorbs 90% of the bass, and it sounds awful
  19. i just moved outta my dorm and back to my rent's basement. anyway, the sound in here is just awful...first of all there is plush think carpeting which seems to absorb all the bass. everything thats not absorbed goes to the rest of the house and not to my ears. if i turn my speakers up just a bit everyone complains even though i cant hear it in here. also, i dont have any corners i can put the sub in. any suggestions on how to improve sound?
  20. quote: From Headwize forum: the sad part is, that mass market companies created dum-basses and now they must cater to their creation. they tell people that lots of bass is good, and people just believe it. people will buy what they're told is good, even if the guy telling is the same guy that's selling. perhaps i should tell people that speakers with lots of resonances are good, then sell them crappy speakers with lots of resonance. wait... bose already did that. i thought this was too funny so i just had to post it here.
  21. quote: Quote by myself: also, the cp-1 adds quite a bit of buzzing sound. this is bad. any way to fix that? i have the cp-1 volume control most of the way down and my windows volume up high. reversing the two seems to make no difference whatsoever. as a matter of fact, the buzzing is there even when both volumes are set to 0 and muted! i bought the cp-1 soley for the headphone jack/amp. unfortunately it apparantly sucks.
  22. If I plug in my headphones to the headphone jack on my pc-1 and then change the surround mode on my mx300 control panel to headphone mode, will a3d sound work correctly? or do i have to plug my headphones directly into the soundcard (i think into input 2, the channel for the rear speakers)? also, the cp-1 adds quite a bit of buzzing sound. this is bad. any way to fix that? i have the cp-1 volume control most of the way down and my windows volume up high. reversing the two seems to make no difference whatsoever. as a matter of fact, the buzzing is there even when both volumes are set to 0 and muted!
  23. hey i had the same problem too guys. i even measured and compared the two control pods, and the cp-1 IS bigger. i managed to get it in though, took about an hour of extremely hard pushing. just put all your weight into it and brace the speaker against something soft so it doesn't break, and it'll go in fine. i guess they made it tighter so it wouldn't vibrate...
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