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  1. I am restoring a pair of Heresies and I want to paint the motorboards and the backs of each speaker. I tried some flat black paint but it is a terrible match for the original factory black paint. It seems like the original paint might be a satin or semi-gloss. Not sure. Does any know of some paint that will match the original factory black on the motorboards/backs of the speakers? Thanks!
  2. No, the ones on chairs are nailed in with 1 to 2 inch nail. The ones on the Heresies don't have a nail protruding out of them. Rather, they have these claws which extend from the button foot. When you hammer them in they only go into the wood about a quarter of an inch but since each foot has four claws they form a very stable mount.
  3. I am missing some of the old button feet on my original Heresies. Does anybody know where to get these? I would like to use the original style if possible. I searched google but couldn't find an exact match.
  4. Hi Islander, How do you like your H3s? I really like my Heresy Is so I'm just wondering what a pair of 3s sound like in comparison. Thanks. Anybody know where I can hear them in the Santa Cruz/San Jose area? There's no dealers nearby that carry them.
  5. I think they were oiled but the finish was so deteriorated I really couldn't tell. It doesn't matter though, the Restor-a-Finish will work on either. BTW, does anybody know if these are oak or walnut?
  6. I know. So I think I'm going to get really drunk tonight and then leave my beer bottles on top of the cabinets. That way I'll get some fresh water stains and that bachelor pad look once again.
  7. I soaked a piece of superfine steel wool with the Restor-A-Finish and rubbed it on the surface until the old finish liquified. I kept rubbing until all the watermarks and/or other imperfections were gone and then I buffed the slowly hardening surface with some very soft cotton cloths until the finish was done reamalgamating. I then waited about 20 minutes and then began rubbing in the wax with a cotton cloth. I did that until little bits of the cloth began to get caught in the grain. I let the finish sit a little longer and then I began buffing the wax into the finish with my bare hands. It worked like a champ. With the hand rubbing, the grain really took on some added depth. Don't ask me why. It just did.
  8. The pics actually reside on my Photobucket site and I simply created links within the forum page that refer back to Photobucket.
  9. Here's a link to some pics of the chip repair and refinish job I did last night: http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/p/115410/1163435.aspx#1163435
  10. I spent a couple of hours yesterday working on my new old Heresy I speakers. I got the speakers about 3 days ago. I fixed a chip in the veneer and then reconditioned the finish using Howard's Restor-A-Finish and then Feed-n-Wax. Before: see the water stains, chip and other flaws in the finish. The old finish was about 30 years old. After: this is what they looked like after 2-hours of work. No more water marks. No more chip. The next phase: new crossovers, tweeters, and internal dampening and sealing. Can't wait! I didn't know about half this stuff before joining the forum. Thanks for everyone's input on how to bring a pair of speakers back to life!
  11. OK, glued it with contract cement. I glued it up about half an hour ago. I just wanted to thank all you guys! What a great forum this is. How long should I wait to putty up the very small cracks? They are hard to see in pic below.
  12. Thanks! Tough question. Even though they are both horn speakers, they couldn't sound more different and I haven't decided which one I like best yet. I was actually surprised at how good the Heresies sounded. They are not as transparent as the Fostex horns; nor are they as fast and articulate. But there is something about the sound of the Heresies that I really like. They have a warm smoothness that is addicting and they are a match made in heaven with my 2A3 tube monoblocks. I recently built the Fostex speakers and the drivers aren't completely broken in yet so the jury is still out on the Fostex. They sound a little bit shrill in the upper midrange right now and so I'm hoping that will smooth-out with more break-in.
  13. Just bought a pair of original Heresies. They came with the chip but the previous owner saved the chip. I just wanted to get some advice on how to best reapply the piece of veneer. I tried laying the piece on the chipped portion but it is not a perfect fit. Should I clean out all the old glue and small wood slivers that are still attached to the plywood substrate? Which glue? See pics below. Thanks!
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