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  1. Hey? I see you have a Denon DL103. Is this like my DL30P? It seems they are beginning to get cult status. I'm running mine with the bellari pre and blue point evo II. Some time the Sure 97x. So quiet this machine!!!!
  2. Best 20 I ever dropped. After living with these little jewels for 2 day's, Well nice. As I see it, the horn itself is worth 20! So, They certainly cant keep up with my Corns. Solution: I placed them atop my M&K subs that I modified with Focal 12 drivers and Nakamichi Electronic crossover. Ran them with the McIntosh MC 2105 and the subs with there own 1000 watt class a/b amps. I have to see a plastic surgeon this afternoon to get the smile off my face. Still, no mach for the depth and imaging of the Cornwall or my own designs for that matter but, what a fun hobby we have. "VIVA Le HORNS" As for living in Hawaii. Yea, Not bad. Unfortunately, after checking on the shipping for a set of Jube's, I might have to move back to Texas. Hmmm, Jube's or Kailua beach? I'll get back to ya on that....
  3. Just paid $20.00 for the 50's... You will like them. LIKE them. You won't love them. Good for surround or center though.
  4. Wow! I'm back guy's! Just picked up a pair of Tangent 50-WO's from a church in Honolulu. PAID $20.00!!! Took about 30 min. to blow off the dust. Plugged them into a MC 2105 and fired them up! No comparison to my Corns but, will be a great pair for my center channel. I plan to lay them down on there side with the horns in the center. The idea of 6 8" drivers and two horns for dialog sounds fun. They could also be a good surround hanging from the ceiling. Love this hobby and a wife that understands!!!!!!
  5. Hey, I bought 2 980-HD machines when the first came out and left that plastic on till it fell off on it's own. It was like letting the umbilical fall off by itself. Or a bar mitzvah!!!!
  6. I'll get two tommaro, one on friday and I'm waiting for a reply for 4 for more......YEEE-HAAAA This will go great with my CW II's and subs..... Shhhhhh- don't tell my wife yet.......
  7. Aloha yall!!!!! just ran accross several sets of Forte II's in wallnut. excellent condition and they are all asking $300 a pair. Is this fair? I also found a single for $150. Perfect for a surround system!!!!! Should I move? Ahhhhhh!!!!!!! Squash
  8. OH!!!! If you make it out, Do look me up!!! I would be happy to give you the scoops on some fun stuff to do!!! Better than ride'n round on a bus with stinky ture groups. Local-kine-stuff!!! Good music too!!! And my chili!!! Aloha yall...
  9. You bet! The HF extention in the three way system was Awsome! The only drawback was the Halcro amps. THEY are rolled off a bit to much. With BAT amps they sing! I'm partial to Lamm and KT-88's though. In my case I will run my MC 2105 amps, most likely. They really move me, powering My Cornwall II's. And KG 2.2 surounds. The swaping of the drivers you guy's are doing may just be the ticket though. (or lower the "Ticket" price) The info I have been getting from yall has been invaluable!!!!! I just like haveing the option of the extra drivers and horns to experiment with in this eviroment. Hmmm... My wife said she would rather have the LaScala II. "WHAT????? COME ON!!!!!!" "PLEASE HUNNY?" They are sweet though!!! "HOW BOUT BOTH???"" "PLEASE!!!" "LOVE YOU!!!" "PALADIUM?" ("well talk in the morning hun") "OUCH..." Thanx again folks!!!
  10. OH YEA!!!! I'm on TV!!! Check it out Coytee!!! Video http://www.khnl.com/global/story.asp?s=8781180 Aloha [ip] Squash
  11. Man, I'm still tired. That was one heck of a BBQ. The chili was amazing and Ooooo-EEEE! Ribs, ribs, ribs!!!! Smoked with pineapple and mango. After, we hit the club in Honolulu, for some danceing. To bad the system was, well, lets just say, "No highs?, no lows?, must be Bose!" Back to the casa for some "real" music at 4:00am. Love my wife!!!!!!!!!! Thanx for the suggestions Coytee. Currantly I am running Mc's. I was planning to run more already. The Crown idea may just make this afordable though. Look, We are silly purists and listen hard. 2 channel, HI-REZ and multi channel SACD and HDCD fans. (detail, detail, detail, imageing, imageing, imageing, 3-d, 3-d, 3-d) The argument from the group is that, we will not get the HF extention we are looking for from the 2 way option you speak of. Some how, I think you know what your talking about though (PWK as well). As far as "ear-bleeding" levels? BRING IT ON!!! As long as it is perfect. I will look into the options you have utilized in your wonderful system. I'm waiting to hear back from KLIPSCH guys. Sam will be in town for October. What brings you out to HI.? I have sent him to the forum and hope he logs in with pics and such of his rediculous system. Also, Thanx for the ref. to your pics. WOW! Love the system. So good to see the construction. I would love to see your X-Over designs posted as well. I tried to find them on the forum, SO MANY POSTS, SO LITTLE TIME... Man this is cool. Thank you....Tell me where to send that chili!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ribs too!!!!! Squash-O-tronic
  12. Thanks Coytee! They were 3 way systems. Aperantly they had been removed from a larger venue on the mainland and lugged to his room last year. The house is still under construction so, I'm sure they will be moved around quite a bit to get the proper voicing and such. Sitting on the cold slab in the room now, they are a bit bright. possibly bad synergy with Halcro amps. I Kinda like it that way. Halcro alway's seemed a bit clinacal to me with a HF rolloff that can seem vailed. With the extra horn, it helps. Avanguard and Halcro is a better match. I am recomending BAT or LAMM tubes for these, What do you think? I'll get more info from him in the next week or two. He's from japan and fly's back and forth alot. When on Oahu, he loves to play though. Hope we can coordinate it. Time to get ready for the BBQ!!!! My wife and I Love to cook!!!!! You should try my chilli!!!! OH,OH! Can someone tell me when the next adventure to Hope will be? When I was 14, I begged my mom to take a side trip to see the factory. My family thought I was silly. All I got to see was the little museum. Still cool for a growing audiophile. We were heading to a some lake called Grears Ferry? or something. The watterskiing was really good. The neighbor had a blue VW hith horns for a back seat! The back windshield had a "Meet me where theres music" sticker from Klipsch! Must have worked there or, just as crazy as us!!!! Aloha
  13. Aloha Duke!!! I'm in Hawaii Kai Currantly. I have lived in Kailua Oahu for 9 years though. Love it. Originally from SanAntonio TX. Love it too!!!!!!! Haveing a BBQ tommarro! Come on out!!! Plenty good tunes to go round!!!! Aloha!
  14. Shure!!!! For my art you can go to www.joshuawmilesdesigns.com Click on art, then Canvas/Lacquers to see some of the wood work I am putting into my Cabinates!! I will be putting some of my sonic creations on this site in the comming days. Stay tuned! Aloha
  15. JW He is a cliant of mine. I build speakers and art for recording studios and colectors. I mostly build transmission line cabinates. They are finneshed in 30-100 coats of lacquer with imbedded pocelain and air brushed metalics and oxides. Much like the painting I do for galleries. Lately Granite. They are my sculptures, and they sing. The drivers I use are usually Scanspeak or HI-VI. Allways looking for better though. Some are small monitors, others large floorstanding monsters. We have the greatest hobby of all... Aloha
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