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  1. Hi everyone,

    I am considering buying a used pair of speakers (RF-62) and I was wondering what I should look for, any way I can check for abuse.

    I am upgrading from Quintets so I’m sure anything at the moment will sound better so is there any nuances I should look for?

    I know I should bring familiar music as a demo, but besides that I’m lost how else I can check for quality degradation.

    I plan on keeping these speakers for a long time so is it better to just buy new?

    Any advice would be appreciated.



  2. Hay guys I’m going to be making a pair of speaker stands at home and I was wondering if you would be able to post some pictures of your speaker stands.

    It doesn’t matter if they are home made or store bought, I would just like to get some possible ideas.

    I’m thinking of making them from Oak or MDF since I’ve heard that it’s better to use a denser material.

    The stands will be for medium sized bookshelf units that will be used in a 2 channel/home theater application.

    Thank you in advance.


  3. Hello everyone the time has come for me to upgrade my Quintets to something better, and I could use some input into what speakers to buy next.

    I have really started to enjoy 2 channel music, mostly Pink Floyd and the Doors (classic rock?) Something the Quintets couldn’t reproduce at anything other then low volumes, and they still didn’t sound good.

    I also enjoy movies and video games but from what I understand that the center channel is key to both not the mains, I will get what ever center speaker matches the mains.

    I am looking at a bookshelf speaker because of size and WAF. I already have a Sub-12 so I guess I am looking for mid and hi range capabilities. I am considering the RB-51 or RB-61 models.

    My room size is 12x10 so I assume bookshelf speakers will be ok.


  4. A few subs back I owned the PS-1000, it was a great sub.

    This was the first sub I listened to that really played low enouph to feal not just hear. I ended up returning it do to many noise Complaints (I should have just turned down the gain) I ended up with the PDR series instead.

    I only had the sub for a week but it rocked, the only draw back was its size, it was bigger then my first TV.

  5. Roaddog its coming together very well, are you going to stain it or leave it natural? It looks like you have a nice work shop at home.

    How many anchor spots do you have for it? When you get to that stage please let me know, I would like to see how you secure it to the wall.

    Keep up the great work.[:D]

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